Chapter 2133 - What Happened Back Then

Chapter 2133 - What Happened Back Then

“Next, I’ll tell you about our clan, the Chu Heavenly Clan,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng listened even more earnestly; he was very curious about his clan.

“The Chu Heavenly Clan originated from the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm. I believe you already knew about this.”

“And now, the Chu Heavenly Clan is a clan that possesses a certain amount of status in the Outer World. I believe you should have realized that too.”

“What I’m going to tell you is about two grand individuals that have appeared in our Chu Heavenly Clan in its history.”

“The first is called Chu Yetianhong.”

“The other is called Chu Hanxian.”

“Chu Yetianhong is an Ancestor-level character to our Chu Heavenly Clan. He is the one that brought our Chu Heavenly Clan out of this Lower Realm to the Ordinary Realm. Furthermore, he is also the one that lead our Chu Heavenly Clan to battle our way into the Upper Realm and seize the status of ruler.”

“However, even though tens of thousands of years have passed since then, the Chu Heavenly Clan still remains an overlord of an Upper Realm. From this, it can be seen how powerful our Ancestor Chu Yetianhong was. His great contribution to our Chu Heavenly Clan is something that no one can compare to.”

“Chu Hanxian is the person with the greatest talent after Chu Yetianhong. His strength has even surpassed that of Chu Yetianhong. He was the hope of the Chu Heavenly Clan to ascend to become a ruler of a Starfield.”

“Unfortunately… Chu Hanxian entered another Starfield. Ever since then, our Chu Heavenly Clan has never received any news from him.”

“Although what happened to Chu Hanxian was regretful, the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan all deeply remembered all that he had contributed to our Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“That is especially true for you. You should remember him. The reason for that is because Chu Hanxian is my father, your grandfather,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Grandfather?” Chu Feng had thought his father to be someone amazing. Never had he ever expected that his grandfather was even more amazing than he had imagined.

“Father, is there really no news of my grandfather? Has he died?” Chu Feng asked in a deeply concerned manner. Without mentioning how powerful his grandfather was, merely the fact that it was his grandfather caused Chu Feng to deeply hope that his grandfather was alive.

“I searched for him before. However, I did not manage to find anything. Unfortunately, everything seems to indicate that your grandfather is most likely no longer alive.”

“You do not have to concern yourself with matters regarding your grandfather, nor do you need to meddle in them yourself,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart trembled. Even though his father did not say it explicitly, Chu Feng was able to tell that there was most definitely some sort of secret to his grandfather’s disappearance.

“Chu Feng, what you need to know now is that our bloodline is a single bloodline in the Chu Heavenly Clan. Your grandfather only had a single son, me, and I also only have a single son, you.”

“Us father and son should have been enjoying endless glories and honors in the Chu Heavenly Clan. Not mentioning the contributions your grandfather made toward our Chu Heavenly Clan, I am also not a nobody.”

“However… we have been reduced to being punished in this place, this forbidden area that devours one’s cultivation,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Father, exactly what happened back then? Please tell me,” Chu Feng asked again. He truly wanted to know the truth about what happened back then.

“Back then, the one who caused the two of us to be driven out from the Chu Clan and sent to this forbidden area was I, your father.”

“As for all of this, it was caused by a rule of the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“When a child is born to our Chu Heavenly Clan, they will undergo a test of talent. That test is very important, because it determines one’s future treatment in the Chu Heavenly Clan, which in turn will decide one’s fate.”

“As you are my son and Chu Hanxian’s grandson, not to mention the people from the Chu Heavenly Clan, even people not of the Chu Heavenly Clan paid special attention to your talent. That test of one’s talent could be said to be widespread news known to everyone.”

“Furthermore, in order to taunt their might, the Chu Heavenly Clan even invited a vast amount of guests so that they could publicly test your talent before all those people.”

“Unfortunately, the result of the test was not satisfying at all,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Father, how was the result of my test?” Chu Feng asked curiously. As this concerned him, Chu Feng was naturally very curious.

“If your test results were ordinary, it would be decent. If your test results were better than ordinary, then it would have been excellent. If your test results were worse than ordinary, it would mean that you were inferior. However… your test result was none of the three,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“None of the three?” Chu Feng revealed a surprised expression.

“In other words, it meant that you did not possess our Chu Heavenly Clan’s bloodline, that you did not possess any talent,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“I… I am actually such trash?” At that moment, Chu Feng was filled with astonishment.

While Chu Feng was deemed an exceptional genius in the Eastern Sea Region and the Holy Land of Martialism, he was actually trash that did not even possess any talent in his own clan.

Chu Feng found it somewhat difficult to accept such a disparity.

“Father, something’s amiss. If the result of the test was true, then I should not possess any Inherited Bloodline. But…” Chu Feng tried to explain.

“But you actually do. However, the result of the test from that time was precisely like that. It is also true that… you did not possess our Chu Heavenly Clan’s Inherited Bloodline at that time.”

“In other words, you can consider it as being evidence of your test from back then being tampered with by someone. At the very least, I am firmly certain that your test was tampered with.”

“At that time, I demanded that we test you again. Merely…” Chu Xuanyuan suddenly stopped and sighed.

“Father, what happened?” Chu Feng hurriedly asked.

“Back then, although your grandfather was renowned for his ability in the Upper Realm, he had also created many enemies. There were also enemies present that day. Seeing that you did not possess a heaven-defying Inherited Bloodline, some among them started to publicly insult you.”

“You are my son, thus, how could I possibly tolerate you being insulted by others? Thus… your father ended up killing all those that dared belittle you.”

“Our enemies were enraged by my actions, and demanded an explanation for my actions. Furthermore, it just so happened that there were many people who disliked me in the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“While being attacked by others doesn’t matter, our fellow clansmen from the Chu Heavenly Clan actually also started to attack me. That was the most frightening aspect.”

“Thus, in the end… we father and son were banished from the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“Strictly speaking, we father and son cannot be considered to be members of the Chu Heavenly Clan now,” Chu Xuanyuan said with a wry smile.

“We… are people that have been banished from the Chu Heavenly Clan?” Chu Feng revealed a shocked expression.

Earlier, he had been proud to be a part of the Chu Heavenly Clan. Never would he expect that he was already no longer a part of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Chu Xuanyuan smiled lightly. Then, he pointed at Chu Feng’s forehead and lightly poked at it. Chu Feng felt that his forehead became somewhat warm.

Then, Chu Xuanyuan took out a mirror and handed it to Chu Feng. He said, “Feng’er, remember this symbol. This is the humiliation that the Chu Heavenly Clan, our clan, have inflicted upon us.”

Upon seeing the mirror, Chu Feng’s heart immediately tightened. His expression took a huge change. Then, overflowing amount of indescribable anger surged out from his heart.

On his forehead was a character. That word seemed to be a brand. The character read ‘trash.’ [2. Chinese characters → word.]

“We father and son are people that have been expelled from our clan,” As Chu Xuanyuan spoke, his forehead started to shine. Then, the character ‘trash’ also appeared on his forehead.

“That is the brand that the Chu Heavenly Clan placed on us father and son. That branding is on our souls. It is impossible to be erased.”

“Even if that brand is capable of being erased, the humiliation that the Chu Heavenly Clan inflicted upon us is ineradicable,” Chu Xuanyuan said.

“Damn it.”

Seeing the character ‘trash’ on Chu Xuanyuan’s forehead, the anger in Chu Feng’s heart surged by many times over. He became much more furious than when he saw the character ‘trash’ on his own forehead.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s heart felt much more complicated.

Back then, his father had unleashed a massacre just because someone insulted him. Although this moved Chu Feng, this also caused Chu Feng to feel greater self-blame.

There was no need to mention how much his father loved him. However, if his talent wasn’t so weak, if his weakness hadn’t been taken advantage of by others, they would not have ended up in their current state.

At that moment, Chu Feng truly realized that what the Old Ape said back then was actually true. His father had indeed been deprived of his honor by him.

Everything was caused by him.

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