Chapter 2130 - Re-entering The Heavenly Road

Chapter 2130 - Re-entering The Heavenly Road

“Why?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng actually felt that the Moon Immortal’s nature was not evil. Although she had forcibly seized Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies, Chu Feng felt that she should have her own difficulties that she found hard to mention.

Thus, even if the Azure Dragon and the others had not requested it, he still did not plan to harm the Moon Immortal.

However, since the Azure Dragon and the others pleaded for leniency for the Moon Immortal, Chu Feng felt that there should be a special reason.

“We promised Qing Xuantian that we would not tell anyone about his relationship with the Moon Immortal.”

“As such, we can only tell you that Qing Xuantian and the Moon Immortal possessed an extraordinary relationship.”

“Thus, Chu Feng, could you please give us face, give Qing Xuantian face, and not bring harm upon the Moon Immortal?” The Azure Dragon pleaded.

At that moment, Chu Feng came to an understanding. It turned out that the Azure Dragon and the others were pleading for the Moon Immortal because of Qing Xuantian.

Even though Chu Feng already knew that the Moon Immortal possessed a relationship with Qing Xuantian, he had not expected it to be an extraordinary relationship.

“If the Moon Immortal is willing to return Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies, I will naturally not harm her. However, if she refuses, my hands will be forced.”

“After all, Su Rou and Su Mei are my beloved women,” Chu Feng did not speak too inflexibly.

Regardless of whether the Moon Immortal was good or evil, it remained that she had forcibly seized Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies. If she refused to return their bodies, Chu Feng would not be polite with her just because she had saved him before.

After all, those were Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies.

“If the Moon Immortal refuses to hand over Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies, even if you are willing to spare us, the four of us would absolutely not let her get away with it,” The Azure Dragon said.

The Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise and White Tiger also nodded at the Azure Dragon’s words. They had expressed their viewpoints.

Seeing that, Chu Feng smiled lightly. He felt joy in his heart. Although the Four Great Divine Beasts had pleaded for the Moon Immortal for Qing Xuantian, they had not forgotten him, their new master.


Eastern Sea Region. At a sea called the Heaven Sea. Countless people were already gathered in that place.

The reason all those people had gathered was because that was the place where the Heavenly Road would open every year.


As rumbles began to be heard, waves began to surge above the sea. Then, an enormous whirlpool began to appear.

As the whirlpool spun, the waves grew even more ferocious. The size of the whirlpool began to expand unceasingly. In the end, countless enormous whirlpools practically covered the entire sea. It was truly a magnificent sight.





Suddenly, many thick beams of light began to shoot out of the whirlpools explosively. After being shot out from the whirlpools in the sea, the beams of light gathered together in the sky and formed a golden-bright and dazzling grand formation.

That grand formation was enormous. The top of it reached the clouds, whereas the bottom entered the sea. It looked like a tall, golden wall that separated the world. At the same time, it looked like a bright sun that stood between heaven and earth

In that sort of situation, an entrance soon appeared in the center of the formation.

“It’s here.”

At that moment, deafening shouts sounded from the vast crowd. Everyone was filled with excitement.

The reason for that was because they all knew that it meant that the Heavenly Road had officially opened.

Merely, although the crowd was filled with excitement from the opening of the Heavenly Road, none of them dared to actually set foot into it.

The reason for that was because everyone knew that while the Heavenly Road was capable of bringing them to the legendary Holy Land of Martialism, the Heavenly Road was also extremely and frighteningly dangerous.


Right at that moment, space suddenly started to tremble. Everyone felt that the world seemed to be trembling violently. In fact, those with lower levels of cultivation directly fell from the air and into the sea down below.

“What’s going on?”

At that moment, many people started to panic. Even the old senior-level characters revealed expressions of panic.

Although the sensation they felt lasted for merely an instant, it was like the arrival of doomsday. As such, everyone felt lingering fears in their hearts.

Merely, no one knew that the trembling from before was caused by the sonic boom created through rapid movement.

At the moment when everyone present was alarmed, Chu Feng, the blind old man and the Four Great Divine Beasts had successfully entered the Heavenly Road.

The first thing they were met with after entering the Heavenly Road was pitch darkness. They felt as if the place was a bottomless pit. However, as they continued onward, light soon appeared before them. It was a deep blue glimmer. That glimmer was created by some sort of floating object.

That deep blue object emitting light was the size of a watermelon. Furthermore, more deep blue objects could be found throughout that vast world as far as the eye could see. That place did not resemble an isolated space at all. Instead, it seemed more like a starry sky. It was very beautiful and mysterious.

As they continued onward, horrifying anguished wailing soon began to be heard. Following close behind that were many vengeful spirits seeking their lives.

Everything was exactly the same as the first time Chu Feng stepped onto the Heavenly Road. All of these were things that one must experience after setting foot onto the Heavenly Road.

Merely, back then, Chu Feng had felt uneasy after seeing those things. However, now… he was completely calm.

Even if there were truly dangers on the Heavenly Road, there would rarely be anything capable of causing harm to Chu Feng given how powerful he was at the moment.

Furthermore, the blind old man, a rank five Half Martial Ancestor, was with him.

Most importantly, Chu Feng felt that… his father would know that he had entered the Heavenly Road.

The reason for that was because he would never forget who it was that dispatched that powerful guardian statue to save them when he and Tantai Xue were met with difficult opponents.

It was the Old Ape. However, Chu Feng knew that the Old Ape must’ve acted per his father’s instructions.

‘Father should know that I’ve come to find him, right?’

‘Will father be willing to see me this time?’

Recalling the scene from the past, Chu Feng became even more excited and nervous.

He was excited because he wanted to see his biological father. He was nervous because he was afraid that his strength would be insufficient, and that his father would end up refusing to see him again.

With that sort of nervousness filling his heart, Chu Feng finally arrived before that magnificent gate.

That gate appeared exactly the same as before. It was wide open.

However, differently from back then, two guardian statues were standing on either side of the gate now. They appeared very impressive.

At that moment, Chu Feng stopped before the gate and cast his gaze to one of the two guardian statues. With a smile, he said, “It was you that saved me back then.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng set foot into the gate.

Everything was the same as it was back then. After entering the gate, they were met with pitch darkness. Even though Chu Feng was a rank seven Martial Emperor and a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, his techniques were still unable to accomplish anything in that place.

Like a blind person, he could only continue onward toward the faint light that he could see ahead. Chu Feng and the others moved toward that light.

When they finally managed to arrive before the light, Chu Feng grew even more excited.

It was the light of a fire. There was a bonfire there. However, that was not the important aspect. Most importantly, sitting beside the bonfire was an extremely thin ape wearing shabby looking clothes.

That… was the Old Ape.

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