Chapter 2129 - Don’t Harm Her

Chapter 2129 - Don’t Harm Her

“It would seem that the secret resurrection technique is feasible.”

The Heaven Reaching Immortal’s eyes were shining. When he personally felt the power emitted by the formation, he realized that the secret resurrection technique was most definitely not empty words. Instead, it possessed actual usage.

Merely, after an entire day passed, not a single single spirit body was seen or had formed.

Furthermore, the great world spiritists like the Heaven Reaching Immortal were also unable to sense the appearance of any souls.

That sort of result inevitably caused the crowd to feel somewhat regretful. More and more people began to feel that this secret resurrection technique would not work.

After two entire days passed, Chu Guyu who was sitting in the formation, opened his eyes.

It was only at that moment that he discovered that Chu Zhen, Chu Yue and the others had all already opened their eyes.

Not only were their eyes opened, they also had disappointed and distressed expressions on their faces.

“Is it a failure?”

At that moment, without needing anyone to tell him, Chu Guyu realized that the secret resurrection technique seemed to have failed.

Hearing those words from Chu Guyu, many people present nodded their heads, even though they were unwilling to admit that the secret resurrection technique had failed.

After verifying that it had failed, Chu Guyu revealed extreme sorrow in his eyes.

Even though he never placed too great of a hope in the secret resurrection technique to begin with, they had still placed hope in it.

Thus, even though they knew that it might fail, they would inevitably still feel grief when it actually did fail.

“Little brother,” Suddenly, Chu Guyu’s gaze turned sluggish.

He discovered that while everyone else had opened their eyes, Chu Feng had not. His body was emitting world spirit power that fused into that spirit formation nonstop.

After hearing Chu Guyu’s call, Chu Feng also opened his eyes. He smiled lightly, then said, “Let’s try it again.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng closed his eyes again and continued to operate the secret resurrection technique.

Seeing that, Chu Guyu and the others closed their eyes again too.

Just like that, Chu Guyu and the others persisted for one day, two days, three days...

When there was still no sign of any soul or spirit body on the seventh day, everyone started to give up hope. They felt that the people from the Chu Family would likely not be able to be revived.

However, Chu Feng continued to persist. He continued regardless of who it was that tried to urge him to stop.

“Little brother, I know you want to revive father, grandfather and the others. We too wish for that.”

“But, we must also recognize reality. It is time for you to stop. If you are to continue with this, you will bring harm to your health.”

Chu Guyu stood before Chu Feng and urged him to stop. At that moment… everyone was surrounding Chu Feng.

“I understand. But, let me continue, let me continue for one more day. If it is still useless then, I will give up.” Chu Feng opened his eyes and spoke with a smile on his face.

Although his smile appeared to be very relaxed, his expression was actually slightly ugly.

He had been keeping the formation activated for seven days and nights straight. As such, it was very taxing on Chu Feng mentally. His body was on the verge of collapse.

After all, that formation was different from ordinary spirit formations. Thus, even though Chu Feng’s perseverance was very strong, and his spirit power very powerful, he would likely still collapse if this were to continue.

However, even with this being the case, he still forcibly persisted. As such, he would naturally cause the crowd to become very worried and saddened by his actions.

Right at that moment, Huangfu Haoyue said, “Chu Feng, if you want to persist, we will all approve of it. Merely, I’m afraid that there won’t be enough time.”

“Senior, please rest assured, I can still persist,” Chu Feng said.

“No, I’m not talking about your health,” Huangfu Haoyue said.

“Then?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s the Heavenly Road. Aren’t you planning to enter the Heavenly Road?” Huangfu Haoyue asked.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s pupils immediately shrank. Then, he asked, “The Heavenly Road is about to open?”

“That’s right. If you wish to go there, I’m afraid you must leave immediately,” Huangfu Haoyue said.

At that moment, Chu Feng looked to the secret resurrection technique before him. His heart felt very complicated. He actually knew that he had failed. Merely… he did not wish to give up this easily.

However, it would appear that he now had no choice but to give up. The reason for that was because he must first go and meet his father before entering the Outer World.

However, the blind old man had already used the communication talisman Chu Feng’s father had given him. As such, there was no way to get in contact with Chu Feng’s father.

If Chu Feng wanted to see his father, the only way he could do so was to enter the Heavenly Road, then find the Chu Family’s forbidden area in the Heavenly Road.

As for the Heavenly Road, it only opened once a year. If Chu Feng missed this opportunity, he would have to wait for another year.

“Seniors, please go and rest in the Azure Dragon School for the time being. After I return from the Heavenly Road, I would like to make another attempt at this secret resurrection technique,” Chu Feng said to the crowd.

“Chu Feng, do you really not need us to accompany you?” The Heaven Reaching Immortal asked.

Chu Feng shook his head. He looked to the Four Great Divine Beasts and said, “It would do with the four of them accompanying me.”

After that was decided, Chu Feng and the Four Great Divine Beasts began to fly toward the Eastern Sea Region again.

On their way there, the blind old man that had concealed himself the entire time also revealed himself. After all, their speed would be much faster should he be the one leading the group.

“Isn’t this person?”

Upon seeing the blind old man, the expressions of the Four Great Divine Beasts all changed. They naturally recognized the blind old man. After all, they had experienced everything with Chu Feng.

Merely, the four of them were astonished by the blind old man’s aura.

Even though they had followed Qing Xuantian in the past, they had never met someone as powerful as the blind old man.

As for Chu Feng, he did not conceal this matter from the Four Great Divine Beasts, and instead informed them about the blind old man’s identity.

After hearing about Chu Feng’s identity, the Four Great Divine Beasts were all extremely astonished. None of them had expected Chu Feng to possess such a noble and grand status.

They had not expected such a strong power in the Holy Land of Martialism to only be Chu Feng’s clan servants.

“Master, after you see Lord Xuanyuan later, it would be best that you tell him about the Moon Immortal.”

“Actually, this old servant had originally planned to retrieve Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies from the Moon Immortal after acknowledging my relationship with you.”

“Merely, ever since the Moon Immortal escaped from her battle against the Dark Hall’s Hall Master before the Transmogrification Gate, this old servant has been unable to find any trace of her at all. As such… we can only ask Lord Xuanyuan for his help in the matter.” The blind old man said.

The blind old man knew that Chu Feng and the Four Great Divine Beasts were going to enter the Outer World. In the future, they would be fighting alongside each other in the Outer World. As such, he did not try to conceal anything, and spoke directly before the Four Great Divine Beasts.

“It would be best if my father is willing to help us,” Chu Feng naturally wished to help Su Rou and Su Mei retrieve their physical bodies.

However, after hearing what the blind old man said to Chu Feng, the gazes of the Four Great Divine Beasts all revealed various degrees of change. They looked to one another, and then secretly consulted with one another. Then the Azure Dragon spoke. “Chu Feng, there is a matter that I think it is time for us to inform you about.”

“Senior Azure Dragon, what might that matter be?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s regarding the Moon Immortal,” The Azure Dragon said.

“Moon Immortal?” Chu Feng was startled. However, upon recalling how the four of them had followed Qing Xuantian, he determined that they were likely present when Qing Xuantian came in contact with the Moon Immortal, and should possess a better understanding of the Moon Immortal than him. Thus, he said, “Seniors, please go ahead and tell me whatever it is that you all want to say.”

“Chu Feng, if you are able to capture the Moon Immortal, please don’t harm her,” The Azure Dragon said.

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