Chapter 2118 - Heavenly Bloodline

Chapter 2118 - Heavenly Bloodline

“Then, what about Zi Ling? Did she use that taboo technique?” Chu Feng asked hurriedly.

“She did,” The blind old man answered.

“Then, what was the outcome?” Chu Feng asked hurriedly.

“Miss Zi Ling managed to come out alive. Merely…”

“Merely?” Chu Feng became even more anxious. From the reaction of the blind old man, he sensed that something was amiss.

However, Chu Feng did not reveal his anxiety. He was afraid that the blind old man would blame himself.

“Although she managed to survive it, she received an enormous backlash from it. It is a backlash that even I am unable to suppress,” Speaking those words, the blind old man revealed an expression filled with self-blame.

Suddenly, the blind old man’s knees bent. With a ‘putt,’ he kneeled before Chu Feng.

He smashed his head to the ground and said, “Master, it is all my fault. I should not have had the impulse to have Zi Ling use a taboo technique that even we cannot control, and I ended up hurting her because of it.”

“Master, I know that you deeply love Miss Zi Ling. This is all this old servant’s fault. Master, please punish this old servant severely!!!” After saying those words, the blind old man ruthlessly smashed his head into the ground again. The power of that smash was so strong that the palace hall started to rumble.

“Blind Uncle, please stand up.” Chu Feng hurriedly lent an arm to help the blind old man up. However, he was unable to move the blind old man at all.

“Blind Uncle, please get back up. I merely wish to know how Zi Ling is now, and whether she is still alive. I do not hold any blame towards you,” Chu Feng’s voice became a bit hoarse. He was extremely afraid that Zi Ling would already be dead.

However, Chu Feng could not reveal his worries. The reason for that was because even though he had been very careful when he had asked those questions, the blind old man had still reacted in such a manner. If he were to show his worries, the blind old man would blame himself even more.

“This old servant is uncertain,” The blind old man shook his head.

“Uncertain?” Chu Feng became even more anxious. After all, Zi Ling was truly too important to him.

However, even though his heart was burning with anxiety, he still had to consider the blind old man’s feelings. Thus, he asked gently, “Blind Uncle, exactly what is going on?”

“This old servant was truly powerless to deal with Miss Zi Ling’s situation.”

“Thus, I could only request Lord Xuanyuan for help. After Lord Xuanyuan arrived, he took Miss Zi Ling away.”

“Right now, Miss Zi Ling should be in the Heavenly Road with Lord Xuanyuan.”

“Thus, this old servant truly does not know of Miss Zi Ling’s situation right now,” The blind old man explained.

“Never would I have expected that my father would help Zi Ling,” Chu Feng was very surprised. However, his anxiety had been alleviated greatly.

Even though Chu Feng did not know anything about his father, and although his father was a only fuzzy image in his heart, he also felt his father to be an imposing figure. He felt that if his father was willing to help in anything, that matter would definitely be taken care of.

“Although Lord Xuanyuan is a cold and detached individual, he is most definitely not heartless. Else, he would not have left a communication talisman so that I could contact him when needed,” The blind old man explained.

“Since my father is helping, I believe Zi Ling will be fine. Blind Uncle, please stand up,” Chu Feng tried to help the blind old man up again.

“Please punish this old servant severely for making his own decision without consulting master,” However, the blind old man remained extremely stubborn, and refused to stand back up.

“Blind Uncle, you have helped me enormously. Furthermore, didn’t you only agree to Zi Ling’s demand because you wanted to help her?”

“Actually, even if it was me, I would also have agreed to have Zi Ling using that taboo technique. After all, the path of martial cultivation is a path that goes against the way of nature. If one does not take risks, one will not be able to obtain great accomplishments,” Chu Feng said.

“Master, you truly do not blame this old servant?” The blind old man asked.

“I only possess gratitude toward you,” Chu Feng tried to help the blind old man up again.

However, the blind old man still refused to get up. Instead, he said, “Master, if you are to say it like that, this old servant is even more ashamed.”

“Blind Uncle, is there a need for you to insist on this? Can you not treat me as your master? Can’t you treat me as a junior like you did back then?” Chu Feng asked.

He was actually extremely uncomfortable with the blind old man’s current attitude. He was clearly an extremely powerful existence that surpassed reasonable limits. Yet, he was acting so respectfully toward him, and would even kneel and kowtow to him. Chu Feng was truly unable to get used to it.

Furthermore, in Chu Feng’s heart, the blind old man was a senior that he held great respect for. Moreover, the blind old man was a great benefactor to him.

This way of thinking was already deeply rooted in Chu Feng’s heart. Thus, it was truly difficult for him to change it now.

“This old servant was born a servant. I was born to serve the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“Although the Chu Heavenly Clan left long ago, and this old servant has become the head of the servants, I never dare to forget my identity,” The blind old man said.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s heart felt extremely complicated. He had already discovered that the people in this place were extremely loyal and devoted to the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Merely, it was truly rare for these sorts of people to be so loyal and devoted to the Chu Heavenly Clan after they had left this place for so long.

Chu Feng was able to tell that the blind old man’s loyalty did not seem to be fake. Instead, it originated from the bottom of his heart. This… was truly remarkable.

“Blind Uncle, please stand up. I still have a lot of things that I wish to ask you,” Chu Feng urged again.

“Okay,” This time around, the blind old man did not refuse.

“Blind Uncle, let’s sit and talk,” Chu Feng helped the blind old man to a chair.

“See, this is the way it should be,” After seating the blind old man, Chu Feng revealed a smile.

“Master, this old servant knows that you are still confused about a lot of things. Please go ahead and ask me whatever it is that you are confused about. If this old servant knows the answer to your questions, I will definitely answer them,” The blind old man said.

“Blind Uncle, in that case, what’s the deal with that Dark Hall’s Hall Master?” Chu Feng asked.

When Chu Feng mentioned that matter, the blind old man heaved a long sigh. Then, he said, “The Dark Hall’s Hall Master possessed an Inherited Bloodline that resembled master’s. Back then, he had accidently arrived at this place. At that time, this old servant was not present. Thus, my subordinates mistook him for the master of this place, and were extremely hospitable toward him.”

“It was only later that they found out that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was not someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Although he is from the Outer World, he belongs to the Ying Heavenly Clan,” The blind old man said.

“Ying Heavenly Clan?” Chu Feng’s gaze flashed.

“Precisely. The Dark Hall’s Hall Master is surnamed Ying, and named Chong. His name is Ying Chong.”

“While he is from the Outer World, and possesses a Heavenly Bloodline, he is not someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan. Instead, he is someone from the Ying Heavenly Clan,” The blind old man said.

“No wonder,” Chu Feng suddenly recalled that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master always wore a headdress on his head. On that headdress was the character ‘Ying.’

Furthermore, from what the blind old man said, Chu Feng came to know that their Inherited Bloodline was truly called the Heavenly Bloodline.

Furthermore, his bloodline should be a bloodline above Imperial Bloodlines.

In the Eastern Sea Region, there were many Royal Clans. Those people all possessed Royal Bloodlines.

In the Holy Land of Martialism, there were the Four Great Imperial Clans. The people from the Four Great Imperial Clans all possessed Imperial Bloodlines.

Likely, there were many Heavenly Clans in the Outer World. The bloodlines that the clansmen of the Heavenly Clans possessed should be Heavenly Bloodlines.

When looking at it that way, it was completely reasonable for Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline to be able to suppress Imperial Bloodlines. After all, that was a so-called suppression from a higher level.

After ascertaining that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was not someone from his Chu Heavenly Clan, Chu Feng felt a lot more at ease.

After all, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had done all sorts of evil. If he were someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan, Chu Feng would feel responsible. However, since he was not, there was no reason for Chu Feng to continue to have that burden in his heart.

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