Chapter 2117 - Mountain-like Paternal Love

Chapter 2117 - Mountain-like Paternal Love [1. Mountain-like → enormous.]

“My father?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s body trembled. A sensation that he had never felt before filled his entire body.

“Logically, us servants are not allowed to leave this place. It was Lord Xuanyuan who found this old servant and ordered this old servant to protect you. It is only because of that that an exception was made and this old servant was allowed to leave this place.”

“While Lord Xuanyuan had ordered this old servant to protect you… he had also ordered that I must not interfere unless I absolutely must.”

“Lord Xuanyuan said that, for certain trials, you must experience them personally. Only by personally experiencing them would you be able to truly mature.”

“Thus, this old servant naturally could not tell you that he has been protecting you the entire time. The reason for that was because Lord Xuanyuan said that if you are to find out that you had someone protecting you the entire time, you would become overly confident. At that time, regardless of what sort of enemy you faced, regardless of what sort of calamity you faced, you would not be scared.”

“In truth, this old servant has never actually gone out to save you. It could be said that… master’s current level of progress is completely unrelated to this old servant. Master, you have gotten this far by relying on yourself.”

“I think that this is also what Lord Xuanyuan wanted,” The blind old man said.

Hearing those words, the sensation that filled Chu Feng’s entire body grew even more intense. In fact, Chu Feng’s eyes had grown somewhat red.

At that moment, he felt a sensation that he had never felt in his entire life.

It was paternal love. Paternal love from his biological father.

In the past, Chu Feng had thought that he had caused his father to be driven out of the Chu Clan and suffer in the Heavenly Road because he was lacking in talent.

Chu Feng felt that he had let his father down, that he could not expect anything from his father. Even when he entered the Heavenly Road, Chu Feng did not get the chance to see his father.

Chu Feng had not blamed his father. He only blamed himself. He blamed himself for being too weak, so weak that he brought harm upon his parents.

As such, Chu Feng had never thought that his father would do anything for him.

However, today, after hearing what the blind old man said, Chu Feng came to know the truth.

Chu Feng realized that he had not met this blind old man, this grand benefactor of his, by coincidence. Instead, it had been arranged by his father.

It turned out that his father had not abandoned him. On the contrary, he had the blind old man watch over him and protect him from the shadows the entire time.

Even though Chu Feng had suffered quite a bit and received quite a bit of humiliation over the years, and the blind old man had not appeared to help him during those times, it remained that the blind old man had been watching over him.

If Chu Feng had truly faced death, the blind old man would have acted to save him.

Most importantly, it was per his father’s orders that the blind old man had protected Chu Feng this entire time.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked with a serious expression, “Blind Uncle, you said that it was my father that came to find you?” The reason for that was because he had a plan?.

“That is indeed the case,” The blind old man nodded.

“When did that happen?” Chu Feng asked.

“It was after you were brought out of the Heavenly Road by Huangfu Haoyue,” The blind old man said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was startled once again.

Logically, the Heavenly Road was the Chu Clan’s Forbidden Area. That place should have been a prison for Chu Feng’s father.

Chu Feng believed that his father and the Old Ape were both enduring torment in that forbidden area. Else, it would be impossible for their cultivations to be decreasing.

Furthermore, it seemed that the Chu Clan had people monitoring that forbidden area the entire time. That was the reason why they were unable to leave.

Logically, Chu Feng’s father should not have been able to leave the Heavenly Road’s forbidden area.

However, it would appear that he had been mistaken. Chu Feng’s father had clearly left that forbidden area before. Else, how could he have found the blind old man and had him protect him?

Merely, since that forbidden area was incapable of trapping his father, why would his father not escape with the Old Ape?

Wouldn’t their cultivations decrease by staying in the forbidden area? If they were to stay there for too long, they would become cripples!

Or, could it be that the person guarding his father was extremely powerful? So powerful that even his father could not escape?

Or, could it be that Chu Feng’s father was willing to accept the punishment, that he had decided not to escape even though he was able to?

All sorts of questions hovered in Chu Feng’s mind. Merely, even after thinking about it for a very long time, Chu Feng was unable to think of an answer.

“Due to Lord Xuanyuan’s order, this old servant was unable to help you too much. I needed to allow you to mature by yourself.”

“However, I managed to see the affection you possessed toward Miss Zi Ling and the others, as well as the determination that they had in helping you.”

“Thus, I took them as my disciples. Using my abilities, I helped them increase their cultivations. It could be said that I have, on your behalf, helped them accomplish their cherished desires.”

“However, their foundations are truly too weak. No matter how this old servant helped them, they were still unable to actually catch up to you, much less help you.”

“In the end, those two boys Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi ended up having master help them instead,” When mentioning that matter, the blind old man started to smile. It was a self-mocking smile. It was as if he was declaring that his disciples were still no match for Chu Feng.

“But, as for Zi Ling…” When the blind old man said those words, his expression changed. He wanted to say something, but ended up hesitating.

Chu Feng realized that something was wrong and immediately stood up to ask, “Blind Uncle, what happened to Zi Ling?”

“Back then, you were being hunted by the Four Great Imperial Clans. Due to being unable to help you, Zi Ling and the others were feeling extremely pained.”

“Furthermore, as I inadvertently mentioned a taboo technique to Zi Ling before, Zi Ling started to have an idea at that time.”

“Later on, when I went to visit them, Zi Ling started to beg me to use that taboo technique to increase her power.”

“Originally, I refused her. After all, that taboo technique is extremely dangerous. However, Zi Ling insisted on attempting it. She said that if she could not share life’s joys and sorrows with you, master, then she would be your woman in vain. That she would rather be dead than alive.”

“When I heard those words, this old servant truly realized the feelings Miss Zi Ling has toward you.”

“In the end, I was unable to win against her, and ended up using that taboo technique,” The blind old man said.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt pain in his heart. He had thought the entire time that it had been good for Zi Ling and the others to stay with the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

He had not expected that having them stay with the Weaponry Refinement Immortal would cause them such great pain. That was something that Chu Feng had overlooked.

As matters stood, he put himself in their shoes and was able to feel the pain that Zi Ling and the others felt. The more he thought about it, the more pained he felt. Chu Feng felt that he had truly wronged Zi Ling and the others enormously.

“Blind Uncle, what sort of taboo technique is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“It is a taboo technique beneficial to Divine Bodies. That taboo technique originated from the Ancient Era. It was originally one of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s secret techniques.”

“However, that secret technique is useless for the people of the Chu Heavenly Clan, though there would occasionally be Divine Bodies born among us servants. The Chu Heavenly Clan was very fond of us servants. As such, they taught us that secret technique.”

“After using that secret technique, a Divine Body will be able to gain complete mastery over their Divine Power, fusing into one with it. With that, their talent would increase enormously.”

“However, it is also extremely dangerous. Furthermore, one would have to endure pain so great that it is nearly unbearable.”

“Many people have died to that taboo technique due to being unable to endure the pain. Their bodies would explode, and their souls extinguished.”

“As that forbidden technique is incapable of stopping once it is used, one will either come out alive or die while using it.”

“Thus, even for us, we would not dare to use that forbidden technique,” The blind old man said.

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