Chapter 2115 - Deemed To Be God

Chapter 2115 - Deemed To Be God

“Hey! What are you all doing?! Have you all gone mad?! Do you not even know who your master is?!” The Dark Hall’s Hall master shouted emotionally.

However, right at that moment, one of the three old rank three Half Martial Ancestors shouted back at him, “Shut your mouth!”

His oppressive might immediately sprung up everywhere with his words. Like a scarecrow, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was knocked flying before firmly smashing into one of the distant walls.

Blood sprayed out of his mouth as the sound of bones cracking was heard nonstop.

Merely a single attack had caused the Dark Hall’s Hall Master to be seriously injured.

Then, that old man pointed to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and shouted, “Men! Capture that arrogant man!”

After that old man spoke, several tens of people rushed over. Using special ropes, they ruthlessly tied up the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. They were so fierce and brutal that they simply did not treat the Dark Hall’s Hall Master as a human. Rather, they were treating him like an animal.

“What is going on? Exactly what is going on?! Why are you all treating me like this?!”

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master had gone mad. He was truly confused by the scene before him.

He had thought himself to be the master of this place the entire time. Even if the people here refused to comply with his orders, they should still protect him.

Yet, what was this? He, their grand master, was actually tied up by them. As for Chu Feng… he was actually being worshipped by those people.

“Master, welcome home.”

Suddenly, the three kneeling men spoke in unison.

“Master, welcome home!!!”

After those three old men said those words, the thousands of experts kneeling to Chu Feng repeated their words in unison.

Regardless of their cultivation, their tones were all filled with respect and happiness as they said those words.

It was as if Chu Feng was truly this place’s master, that they were truly waiting for Chu Feng’s return.

“You all… this is?” In fact, even Chu Feng was puzzled.

He had firmly thought that the mysterious experts were the accomplices, the backing, of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Yet, based on the situation now, it seemed to definitely not be the case. Instead, without an exception, they had all gone against the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. It was as if they were his, Chu Feng’s, backing instead.

“Master, we know that you are still confused.”

“However, please follow us. We will bring master to see a certain person. At that time, master will naturally understand everything,” The old man in the lead stood up and pointed to the gate. After that, he began to lead the way for Chu Feng.

Seeing that, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and followed them inside.

Guided by the crowd, Chu Feng entered the depths of the vast country.

Chu Feng suddenly gained a whole new understanding of that place. On his way, Chu Feng was able to see many mighty guards with Imperial Armaments guarding the various junctions. Merely by their appearance, he was able to tell that they were very well trained.

After passing through the various guarded junctions, Chu Feng seemed to have entered the living area of the country. He was able to see children playing, as well as women and other passersby.

However, regardless of whether it might be the guards, the children or the women, their bodies were all covered with special veined patterns, and they were all wearing special straw clothes. They were extremely different.

Most importantly, when they saw Chu Feng, they all half knelt to the ground and bowed to Chu Feng respectfully. Then, they would respectfully say the same words: “We pay our respects to master.”

In fact, Chu Feng was even able to sense that for the people with a young age, or those with similar ages as Chu Feng, they would become so emotional that their bodies started to tremble when they saw Chu Feng.

It was as if they were all longing for the day, longing for Chu Feng’s appearance.

Even though he felt it was very inconceivable, Chu Feng faintly felt that those people felt great adoration for him.

It had already surpassed the degree of ‘master.’ It was as if, in their hearts, Chu Feng was a ‘god.’ That was the reason why they held Chu Feng in such reverence.

“Could it be that I am truly this place’s master?”

Chu Feng started to have that sort of way of thinking. The reason for that was because he was certain that these people here were definitely not his clansmen.

It was a feeling that he had, a feeling that he felt from his first glance at these people. Although these people were extremely respectful toward Chu Feng, Chu Feng was certain that they were not his clansmen.

In that sort of situation, Chu Feng became even more determined to know the truth. He wanted to get to know this place.

Finally, Chu Feng arrived before the entrance of a grand palace. When they reached the gates, everyone stopped.

“Master, please go ahead,” The old man leading the crowd pushed open the gate. However, he did not plan to enter. Instead, he indicated for Chu Feng to enter by himself.

Chu Feng first used his spirit power to run over the palace. After discovering that there was no one in the palace, he looked to the people surrounding him. They were all standing around him with heads lowered in a very humble manner. It was as if they did not dare to look Chu Feng in the face.

Their current appearance did not seem to indicate that they were afraid of Chu Feng. Instead, it seemed like more of an act of respect toward Chu Feng.

Thus, at that moment, there was only a single person looking Chu Feng head-on. That person was the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master was looking at Chu Feng with a gaze filled with hatred and killing intent. In fact, Chu Feng was even able to hear the sound of his teeth grinding against one another.

It was clear that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master felt enormous hatred for Chu Feng.

“Hey hey hey, what’s going on with you? Didn’t you say that you were going to kill me?” Chu Feng looked to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and mocked him with a smile on his face.

“Fuck yo...” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master cussed at Chu Feng.


However, before he could finish cussing out at Chu Feng, a powerful palm landed onto his face.

It was that old rank three Half Martial Ancestor. He had arrived before the Dark Hall’s Hall Master out of nowhere.

“Pa, pa, pa~~~”

After the first slap to the face, that old man unleashed successive slaps on the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. His slaps caused the Dark Hall’s Hall Master to waver left and right. After that, his cheeks were completely mutilated, and his facial bones were shattered.

“My master is not someone that you can insult,” After ferociously slapping the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, that old man spoke fiercely.

The gaze which that old man currently possessed was truly frightening. It was as if he could devour someone alive with only his gaze. Even the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was frightened speechless by that gaze.

However, when that old man turned around to look at Chu Feng, a smile filled his face. Very respectfully, he pointed to the palace and said to Chu Feng,” Master, please go ahead.”

Chu Feng stopped hesitating. He nodded at that old man, then proceeded to enter through the gate.

Right after Chu Feng walked through the gate, the gate immediately closed.

After the gates were closed, Chu Feng was unable to see the situation outside even when using his Heaven’s Eyes. This meant that the palace possessed an isolating effect.

“Master, go ahead and have a seat. As you’ve returned, there’s no need for you to be so restrained,” Right at that moment, an old man’s voice suddenly sounded.

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng was immediately startled. It was clear… that there was someone in the palace.

Furthermore… the master of the palace was extremely powerful. He was even more powerful than the three old rank three Half Martial Ancestors outside.

Else, it would be impossible for Chu Feng to still be unable to determine the location of the person who had spoken earlier even after they spoke.

“Rank four Half Martial Ancestor?” At that moment, Chu Feng’s heart was filled with astonishment.

Rank three Half Martial Ancestors were extremely powerful already. Yet, this place actually had a rank four Half Martial Ancestor. In fact, it might even be possible for the person that spoke to possess a cultivation that surpassed rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

At that moment, an enormous wave emerged in Chu Feng’s heart.

This Realm of Gods truly possessed a numerous amount of experts. They were so unimaginably powerful.

One must know that before the appearance of these people, the Elf King was the strongest expert in the Holy Land of Martialism. However, his cultivation was only that of a peak Martial Emperor.

Yet, in this place, there were many Half Martial Ancestor-level experts. As for peak Martial Emperors, they were even more numerous. The strength of the power here truly astonished Chu Feng.

Most importantly, such a formidable power actually addressed Chu Feng as master, and treated him so respectfully.

The respect that they had shown Chu Feng was simply as if they were viewing him as a god.

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