Chapter 2114 - Can Only Wait For Death

Chapter 2114 - Can Only Wait For Death


Suddenly, Chu Feng started to move. He turned into a ray of light and entered the Realm of Gods that no one dared to enter.

Upon entering the Realm of Gods, Chu Feng was able to sense the aura of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Thus, Chu Feng did not proceed randomly. Instead, he followed the aura of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

One thing worthy of being mentioned was that Chu Feng did not feel any danger upon entering the Realm of Gods.

Instead, the Realm of Gods was completely different from how he had imagined it to be. This place was not desolate and barren. Instead, there were lush amounts of plants. Furthermore, they were all plants that Chu Feng had never seen before.

Even the water flowing in this place was extra sweet. The reason why Chu Feng knew was because he had been bold enough to drink the water out of curiosity.

In short, everything in the Realm of Gods was very beautiful. This place was so beautiful that it resembled a land of Immortals, a paradise.

Forbidden area? That term seemed to be completely unrelated to this place.

The forest was very dense. It stretched for several hundred thousand miles. For ordinary people, they would not be able to walk through such a forest.

However, Chu Feng was able to rapidly pass through it. After passing through the forest, he entered a vast desert.

“Thump, thump~~~”

After he entered the desert, Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline suddenly throbbed twice.

“It’s this feeling.”

Chu Feng stopped and grabbed the sand on the ground. Even though it was the first time that he had touched this sand, he felt a feeling of familiarity from it.

Even though Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline was no longer throbbing, the blood in his entire body was rolling intensely over and over.

It was boiling over. This was the sensation of one’s blood racing.

“This place is most definitely related to my Inherited Bloodline.”

“But, exactly what is it? Who would be able to tell me the answer?”

As Chu Feng looked to the desert as far as the eye could see, his gaze started to tense up.


Suddenly, Chu Feng moved again. Like a wild dragon galloping through the desert, his speed was not only extremely fast, but he also gave rise to two streams of violent sand smoke that fluttered about in all directions.

Chu Feng continued to chase after the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Soon, he reached the depths of the desert.

At that moment, Chu Feng gasped at how vast the Realm of Gods was. It truly surpassed his imagination.

Most importantly, his Inherited Bloodline would, from time to time, end up throbbing twice.

That sort of sensation seemed as if it were reminding Chu Feng that this place… was his home.

“No longer moving?”

Suddenly, Chu Feng started to frown. He was able to sense that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was no longer moving. Instead, he'd stopped somewhere.

However, even with that being the case, Chu Feng did not slow his pace. As matters stood, he had no choice but to continue onward.

After traveling some more, Chu Feng used his Heaven’s Eyes to observe the place before him. Immediately, his expression turned sluggish.

Astonishment filled his face. Chu Feng was truly shocked. It had been a very long time since Chu Feng had been so intensely shocked. It was a feeling as if all of the pores in his body were opened.

A large amount of palaces appeared before him. Their numbers were magnificent, and simply boundless. They could not be described with the word ‘city.’ Instead, they would be better described as a ‘country.’

The buildings in that place were all very imposing and domineering, each possessing their own unique charm.

Not to mention that the palaces were impregnable, merely by looking at their physical appearances, one could tell that they were not things that ordinary people were capable of designing. Before Chu Feng had arrived before those vast palaces, even he would not have been able to design palaces like them.

Chu Feng felt that the people capable of designing those sorts of palaces were most definitely extraordinary individuals.

Furthermore, Chu Feng discovered that while the palaces were ancient, they did not emit any Ancient Era’s aura.

It meant that those palaces should have been constructed after the Ancient Era.

More importantly, when Chu Feng saw those palaces, his Inherited Bloodline started to throb more intensely.

Although that state did not persist for long, it was the most intense reaction his Inherited Bloodline has had since he’d entered the Realm of Gods.

“It is time to find the answer. Regardless of whether I live or die, I must know what sort of relationship this place possesses with my clan.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng once again started to move onward. Passing through the various palaces, Chu Feng finally arrived before a vast gate, and discovered a familiar figure.

It was the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“You actually managed to find me?”

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master revealed a shocked expression upon seeing Chu Feng.

“I will not let you get away this time around,” Chu Feng said.

“Hahaha, Chu Feng, you are truly amusing.”

“You actually dare to still threaten me in this place? Could it be that you don’t know whose territory this Realm of Gods belongs to?” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master spoke proudly.

“Could it be that this is your territory?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. I am the master of the Realm of Gods. This place… is ruled by me.”

“Although I do not know how you managed to find me, but since you’re here, it will save me the trouble of going to find you.”

“Seniors, please show yourselves. Help me eliminate this arrogant and conceited man!” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master shouted.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s body trembled. He was able to tell that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master didn’t seem to be joking around, nor did he seem to be trying to scare him. Instead, it seemed like he was truly calling for something.

Merely, were there even people in the Realm of Gods? Or… could it be that this place was occupied by his accomplices? Could that be the reason why he said this place belonged to him?


At the moment when Chu Feng was pondering, the gate behind the Dark Hall’s Hall Master suddenly opened.

At the moment when the gate was opened, Chu Feng’s expression immediately turned stiff.

There were several thousand silhouettes inside the gate. They stood behind the gate in orderly rows.

Those people were not wearing clothes. Instead, they wearing armor weaved with special straw over their naked bodies.

Although those suits of armor did not appear to be domineering, they were emitting a special sort of power. They seemed to be a sort of special treasure.

Furthermore, the parts of those people’s bodies that were not covered by their straw armor were tattooed with special veined patterns. Those patterns were strange. It seemed that they could increase their battle power.

In other words, they were spirit formations; a special sort of spirit formation that not even Chu Feng could grasp.

However, most importantly, those several thousand people were all Martial Emperor-level experts. Furthermore, the great majority of them were peak Martial Emperors.

Moreover, over a hundred of them were Half Martial Ancestors, actual Half Martial Ancestors.

Lastly, the three old men that lead them possessed exceptional auras. Even Chu Feng felt absolutely suppressed when before them.

This meant that those three old men were not only Half Martial Ancestors, they should also be rank three Half Martial Ancestors. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to bring forth such an oppressive sensation upon Chu Feng.

“I have truly entered the tiger’s den.”

At that moment, Chu Feng laughed wryly. Even though he had anticipated something like this to begin with, even he felt a sense of despair after actually seeing the accomplices of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

After all, his opponents were too powerful. Faced with those opponents, Chu Feng would not be able to escape even if he wanted to.

“Hehe…” Seeing the despair on Chu Feng’s face, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s mouth rose into a smile. He felt extremely pleased.

Other than trampling Chu Feng the first time he met him, he had been suppressed by Chu Feng in every other encounter.

Especially the final battle. He was even defeated by Chu Feng. That made him, someone who felt himself to be a genius, someone who was extremely conceited, feel extremely unreconciled.

This time around, he was finally able to win against Chu Feng again. He was finally able to suppress Chu Feng again.

At that moment, he had decided to not give Chu Feng the chance to escape and become stronger. He was determined to kill Chu Feng right here.

Thinking about that, coldness flashed through the eyes of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. He pointed at Chu Feng and shouted, “Kill him!!!”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

After the Dark Hall’s Hall Master gave the order, the thousands of people all flew out from the gate uniformly and surrounded Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng closed his eyes. He was not someone who was fond of waiting for death. However… he knew that when faced with so many rank two Half Martial Ancestors and even three rank three Half Martial Ancestors, the only thing he could do was wait for death.

“We pay our respects to master!!!”

However, those people seemed to not plan to kill Chu Feng. Instead, they seemed to have kneeled and saluted the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

“You all are truly…”

At that moment, Chu Feng opened his eyes. He was furious. He had clearly prepared himself to be killed. Yet, they actually did not kill him. That sort of sensation of being ignored made him feel extremely displeased.

“This???” However, when he saw the scene before his eyes, his eyes shrunk, and his expression changed enormously.

In surprise, he discovered that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had the same expression as him. The mouth of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was opened even wider than his own. It was as if he had received an enormous shock.

The reason for that was because the thousands of people were not kneeling to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Instead, they were kneeling to Chu Feng.

Those thousands of powerful existences were kneeling to Chu Feng.

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