Chapter 2111 - Unbelievable

Chapter 2111 - Unbelievable


The fiery sword pierced through the vast sky. Its power was filled with dominance.

Even though many people were unable to see the scene of the fiery sword piercing through the skies, they were able to sense the might it emitted. It was even more fierce than before.


A shocking scene appeared. The golden war of god extended its hand and directly grabbed the Magma Emperor Sword.

“Hahaha, is this your so-called Incomplete Ancestral Armament? The way I see it, it is nothing more than a bluff. This Incomplete Ancestral Armament of yours is a fake, isn’t it?” Seeing that his own Incomplete Imperial Armament had obtained victory with a single strike, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master burst into loud and proud laughter.

“Fake? Lord Chu Feng’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament is a fake?”

After hearing what the Dark Hall’s Hall Master declared, suspicion rose in the hearts of many people in the Transmogrification Gate.

It was not that they did not believe in Chu Feng. Merely, as they were both Incomplete Ancestral Armaments, how could there be such an enormous disparity?


However, the very next moment, that golden god of war’s hand suddenly exploded.

At the same time, a soaring and blazing flame burst forth. In an instant, it completely swallowed a range of ten thousand meters in the sky.


At the moment when the crowd were all confused, that golden war of god’s enormous body had fallen to the ground.

Furthermore, an enormous leg covered with flame was stepping on its body. It turned out… that it had been trampled to the ground by someone.

Upon closer inspection, the complexions of the crowd all turned pale. Their eyes and mouths were wide open. They were struck dumb.

At that moment, a fiery giant stood on the thousand-meter-tall golden god of war’s body. That flame giant was thousands of meters tall, much larger than the golden god of war.

“Motherfucker! If this Emperor doesn’t show you his might, you’d take me as a diseased cat, eh?”

Most shockingly, that flame giant actually spoke.

As the Magma Emperor spoke those words, he lifted his foot and then stomped it down ruthlessly.


A loud explosion was heard. Even the crowd hiding inside the Transmogrification Gate felt an enormous trembling.

As for the outside of the Transmogrification Gate, it was filled with dispersing golden light, and energy ripples that wreaked havoc all around. That golden god of war had been shattered by the stomp.

“No, this is impossible! This is absolutely impossible!!!”

At that moment, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was grabbing his head with his hands. Disbelief filled his face. He was simply on the verge of collapse.

He felt that everything before him was so very unbelievable. It was not because the Magma Emperor Sword was very powerful. Rather, it was because the Magma Emperor Sword was actually capable of speaking.

He knew very well that Incomplete Ancestral Armaments that could speak were actual Incomplete Ancestral Armaments. Furthermore, it was only after an Incomplete Ancestral Armament was completely subdued by its master that it could fight with its own awareness and be able to speak.

And that… was something that he could not accomplish.

Yet… what he had failed to accomplish was accomplished by Chu Feng.

He finally realized that Chu Feng’s insults toward him were not because he was overly arrogant and conceited. Instead, it was Chu Feng possessing the qualifications to insult him.

“Everyone, look, that golden giant is gone. It completely disappeared.”

“Lord Chu Feng won! Lord Chu Feng has won!!!”

“Amazing! Lord Chu Feng is truly unrivaled!”

Although the Dark Hall Hall Master’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament had crumbled apart, the hundreds of millions of people inside the Transmogrification Gate were cheering.

They were all able to tell that the battle was going to end. Chu Feng had defeated the Dark Hall’s Hall Master that even the Moon Immortal had failed to defeat.

“No, how could this be?! How could this be?!”

At the moment when the crowd were all cheering, the expressions of the Heaven Reaching Immortal and the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Grand Elders all changed enormously. Deep fear filled their eyes.

Even the Elf King who would always remain calm and collected had a pale complexion just then. Even his body was trembling slightly.

“Royal Father, what’s wrong?” Sensing that something was amiss, Xian Miaomiao and Princess Lingyue hurriedly supported their father. They had never before seen their father acting in such a manner.

“That is the Magma Emperor, the Magma Emperor that nearly destroyed our Holy Land of Martialism ten thousand years ago,” The Elf King said.

“What? The Magma Emperor? Where? Where?” Hearing those words, the people in the Transmogrification Gate all started to panic. To a greater or lesser degree, fear emerged on the faces of everyone in the crowd.

Even though the Magma Emperor was only a legend, and very few people had actually seen it, to them, the Magma Emperor remained an existence even more frightening than the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Xian Miaomiao looked around and then asked, “Magma Emperor? Royal Father, what are you talking about? Didn’t the Magma Emperor die long ago? Why would the Magma Emperor be here now?”

“That is the Magma Emperor, that over there is the Magma Emperor,” The Elf King pointed to the Magma Emperor with flames rising from its body.

“Impossible, t-t-t-that is actually the Magma Emperor? Isn’t that Chu Feng’s Incomplete Ancestral Armament? Why would it be the Magma Emperor?”

“Exactly what is going on? Could it be that Lord Chu Feng is controlled by the Magma Emperor?”

Hearing what the Elf King said, the crowd all started to panic. Originally, there were people that thought that the Elf King was joking. However, upon seeing the huge monster with flames blazing from its body, they realized that it greatly resembled the legendary Magma Emperor.

Furthermore, the power that it emitted made it very possible for it to be the legendary Magma Emperor.

At that moment, Chu Feng suddenly said, “You can return now. Your job here is done.”

“Damned brat, how could this Emperor possibly listen to your orders and be controlled by you?” The Magma Emperor let out an angry snarl. It turned around and planned to attack Chu Feng.



However, before the Magma Emperor could do anything, it let out a miserable scream. Its body began to rapidly decrease in size. Soon, the several thousand meter-tall enormous body had turned into the Magma Emperor Sword that was covered in blazing flames.

“So disrespectful. It would seem… that I will have to properly teach you a lesson again.”

Chu Feng extended his hand and then made a grabbing gesture. The Magma Emperor Sword immediately flew into his grasp. Then, Chu Feng flicked the Magma Emperor Sword, causing it to let out a strange motion.

“Bastard, stop!” The Magma Emperor let out a scream again. This time around, the scream sounded even more miserable.

“You dare to continue to address me as bastard?” Chu Feng raised his hand and flicked the Magma Emperor Sword again. This time around, the motion was even stronger.

“I got it, this Emperor understands, okay? Quickly, stop,” The Magma Emperor let out another miserable scream. However, that time around, it admitted defeat.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled complacently.

If the Magma Emperor had not fused with the Incomplete Ancestral Armament, Chu Feng would really not be able to sort it out.

After all, it was a fellow that did not fear death. To people that were not afraid of death, how could one possibly make it fear anything else?

However, the Magma Emperor had turned into an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Furthermore, it was being controlled by Chu Feng. As such, Chu Feng possessed many means to take care of it.

Earlier, Chu Feng had only flicked the sword lightly. Yet, that had caused the Magma Emperor incomparable pain.

Most importantly, the Magma Emperor was unable to die even if it wanted to. It could only endure that sort of pain.

Furthermore, that pain was simply unbearable. Regardless of how tough someone might be, they would not be able to endure that pain.

As such, it could only give in to Chu Feng. Even though it was extremely unwilling to do so, it could only obey Chu Feng’s order.

Even if it was still unreconciled, there was nothing it could do to Chu Feng as the Incomplete Ancestral Armament had already been subdued by Chu Feng. As for it, it was only the Incomplete Ancestral Armament’s soul.

Chu Feng would still be able to use the Incomplete Ancestral Armament without its help. However, it would have to endure that sort of pain inflicted by Chu Feng forever. Thus, when weighing the pros and cons, it naturally decided to submit to Chu Feng.

“Am… am I seeing things?”

At that moment, the people in the Transmogrification Gate that were filled with fear earlier were standing with mouths wide open as they stared at Chu Feng. They appeared to have been petrified.

They had all born witness to the scene of Chu Feng teaching the Magma Emperor a lesson. Merely… they felt it to be too unbelievable.

After all, it was the renowned Magma Emperor that Chu Feng was tormenting earlier.

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