Chapter 2110 - See Your Performance

Chapter 2110 - See Your Performance


Once the Incomplete Ancestral Armament appeared, layers of golden gaseous flames were emitted from within the bracelet.

As the golden gaseous flames surged forth, the bracelet began to hover forward.

Soon, with the Incomplete Ancestral Armament as the center, the golden gaseous flames turned into a giant monster.

It was a golden giant. It was a thousand meters tall, and wore golden armor. Covered with dazzling golden light, it looked like a golden god of war.

Although its entire body was filled with light, the oppressive sensation that it emitted was much more frightening than that of the Emperor Taboo Martial Skill the Dark Hall’s Hall Master used previously.

“Quickly, set up formation!”

In that sort of situation, even though the crowd were all hidden in the Transmogrification Gate, they still rushed to set up a defensive formation to withstand the oppressive might.

Else, merely that oppressive might would’ve been enough to slaughter them.

It was only with the combined efforts of the Elf King and the Heaven Reaching Immortal that they managed to block the oppressive might that had managed to enter the Transmogrification Gate. However, even though the two of them were working together, they were still placed under enormous pressure.

“What formidable power. Exactly what is that?”

At that moment, the Heaven Reaching Immortal was frowning. As the master of the gate, he knew how powerful the Transmogrification Gate was.

Even though the Transmogrification Gate was incapable of blocking all powers, it was capable of blocking the majority of them. As such, the people from the Transmogrification Gate should be safe from harm.

Yet, at that moment, the oppressive might that managed to invade the Transmogrification Gate was already enough to strangle the people in the Transmogrification Gate. If they had not set up formation immediately, there would likely have been a great amount of casualties.

They truly never expected that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master would be so powerful. At that moment, they felt fear from the Dark Hall’s Hall Master from the bottom of their hearts.

“Chu Feng, today… I will broaden your horizons and let you gain knowledge. I shall let you know exactly what that is,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master pointed to his Incomplete Ancestral Armament and spoke proudly.

“Isn’t that just an Incomplete Ancestral Armament?” Chu Feng interrupted him.

“You... you actually know what an Incomplete Ancestral Armament is?” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master revealed an expression of shock.

“Not only do I know that it’s an Incomplete Ancestral Armament, I also know that you should have just subdued that Incomplete Ancestral Armament,” Chu Feng said.

“Your eyesight’s pretty good. That’s right… The reason why I sat motionless when my clones were fighting against the Moon Immortal was precisely because I was using my world spirit formations, as well as my other methods, to subdue this Incomplete Ancestral Armament.”

“Logically, it is simply impossible for Martial Emperors to subdue Incomplete Ancestral Armaments.”

“The reason for that is because subduing an Incomplete Ancestral Armament is much more difficult than learning an Emperor Taboo Martial Skill,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master said. He was immensely proud of himself as he said those words.

He had said all those things so that he could tell everyone that his talent was incomparable to ordinary people, that Chu Feng could not be placed on par with him.

“I can tell that you’ve spent meticulous effort in order to subdue that Incomplete Ancestral Armament.”

“Unfortunately, that Incomplete Ancestral Armament is the same as the Emperor Taboo Martial Skill you used earlier. Like before, you are simply unable to completely grasp it,” Chu Feng said.

“Bullshit!” Seeing that Chu Feng had actually dared to disregard the results of his efforts, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master cursed out at him.

“Heh…” However, Chu Feng was not enraged by the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s curse. Instead, he laughed lightly and then said, “If you insist on deceiving yourself, there is nothing I can do about it.”

“You don’t even have an Incomplete Ancestral Armament, yet you dare to criticize me?! Who the hell do you think you are?!” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master continued to rain curses upon Chu Feng. It was like the Elf King said, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was extremely conceited, and could not tolerate others insulting his talent.

“Haha…” Chu Feng did not answer him, and instead chuckled. However, his chuckle was filled with contempt and mockery. It was as if he simply did not place the Dark Hall’s Hall Master in his eyes at all.

“You are truly someone who will not tear up until you see your own coffin! I’ll let you know how powerful this Hall Master is right away!” As the Dark Hall’s Hall Master spoke, he pointed his hand at Chu Feng.


Suddenly, the golden god of war that stood before the Dark Hall’s Hall Master raised its enormous arm.

As the arm was raised, an enormous sword extended from its palm. Then, it aimed its palm at Chu Feng and hacked down. Immediately, the sword’s blade was filled with light as it sliced through the void and toward Chu Feng.

The speed was so fast that the sword was simply going to cleave Chu Feng in two from head to toe in an instant.


However, at this moment of imminent peril, Chu Feng remained completely calm. Suddenly, he raised his arm, and a huge fiery red sword appeared above him.


The sound of a metallic collision was heard as golden light scattered all over. When the golden light began to weaken, the crowd members were all tongue-tied by the scene before them.

The enormous sword that should have been unstoppable was actually blocked. It was blocked by that fiery red sword.

“That aura, it’s not at all inferior to that Incomplete Ancestral Armament.”

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng he… he actually also possesses an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.”

Sensing the mighty aura emitted by the fiery red sword, the crowd members were all pleasantly surprised.

They were no fools. Merely by the might of the fiery red sword, they were able to tell how powerful it was.

If the Dark Hall’s Hall Master’s bracelet was an Incomplete Ancestral Armament, then Chu Feng’s fiery red sword should definitely also be an Incomplete Ancestral Armament.

“Chu Feng, how many more methods do you possess that we do not know of?” At that moment, the Elf King’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Today, the techniques and methods that the Dark Hall’s Hall Master used had all surpassed their imagination. Yet, Chu Feng was able to calmly respond to them in succession.

As matters stood, he finally realized why Chu Feng was so calm and confident. It turned out that he possessed many cards up his sleeve.

[1. Xima: More like an entire deck of cards!!!]

“How could this be? You also possess an Incomplete Ancestral Armament?! No… that's impossible! How could you possess an Incomplete Ancestral Armament?! How could such a desolate place possess an Incomplete Ancestral Armament?!”

The Dark Hall’s Hall Master was filled with astonishment. His expression was extremely ugly. His cheeks were shivering. He had revealed to everyone that he was unable to accept the fact before him.

In reality, what he was most unable to accept was not the fact that Chu Feng possessed an Incomplete Ancestral Armament. Rather, it was that Chu Feng was actually also capable of using his Incomplete Ancestral Armament, because this had completely trampled the last bit of superiority that he possessed.

“Dark Hall’s Hall Master, I truly never expected that you would force me into such a state. However, since you’ve already forced me into such a state, it is time to end this battle.”

“Have you made your preparations?”

“The preparations to die,” Chu Feng looked to the Dark Hall’s Hall Master with a beaming smile on his face.

“Bastard! You dare to use that sort of mocking tone to speak to me?! I’m going to kill you!” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master shouted angrily. That golden god of war turned into a ray of light that flew toward Chu Feng.

This time around, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master was not holding back in the slightest. He had gone all-out to kill Chu Feng. As matters stood, he had realized that he underestimated Chu Feng.

He could not hold back. Else, he might end up becoming the person that was defeated today!!!


Seemingly sensing the determination of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, that golden god of war let out an ear-piercing roar.

It’s killing intent was overflowing, and filled the entire region. It’s killing intent was so chilly that even the crowd in the Transmogrification Gate started to shiver.

“It’s time to see your performance. Don’t let me down.”

With a smile on his face, Chu Feng gently caressed the Magma Emperor Sword he held in his hand. Then, seemingly as if the Magma Emperor Sword had realized Chu Feng’s intentions, it turned into a ray of flame as it charged forth toward the golden god of war.

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