Chapter 2075 - Stairway To Heaven

Chapter 2075 - Stairway To Heaven[1. Xima:]

Hearing what the elder outside said, Qiushui Fuyan’s petite body trembled. What she didn’t wish for the most had happened. Furthermore, it had happened so quickly.

“They actually arrived this fast?” Huangfu Haoyue abruptly stood up. He dressed himself and began to walk outside. However, when he arrived before the door, he stopped. He turned around and looked to Qiushui Fuyan with a serious expression.

“Fuyan, you cannot let Chu Feng know that the Blood Qilins are attacking us. If Chu Feng is to leave the Immortalization Road, you must bring him away using the teleportation formation.”

After saying those words, Huangfu Haoyue revealed a pleading expression. He added, “Absolutely nothing must be allowed to happen to Chu Feng. His battlefield is the Holy Land of Martialism. He can no longer participate in the matters of the eastern Sea Region. Fuyan, I know that having you do this will be extremely painful for you. But…. please!”

After saying those words, Huangfu Haoyue revealed reluctance to part. However, he did not allow Qiushui Fuyan to see that reluctance. Instead, his body shifted, and he disappeared.

Currently, the entire Misty Peak was in an utter mess. They had been caught unprepared by the sudden arrival of the Blood Qilin’s army.

However, although that was the case, the military strength gathered in the Misty Peak all started to rush outward. They were prepared to guard the Misty Peak with their lives.

However, at such a time, not only did the master of the Misty Peak, Qiushui Fuyan, not rush out first, she instead proceeded toward the Immortalization Road.

She did not wish to go against Huangfu Haoyue’s desires. At the same time, she also did not wish for anything to happen to Chu Feng. Thus, she decided that she would guard the Immortalization Road during this time when the others were fighting with their lives on the line. After Chu Feng exited the Immortalization Road, she planned to bring him away using the teleportation formation.

Chu Feng was inside the Immortalization Road.

The Immortalization Road was very peculiar. After one entered through the gate, one would arrive at a very vast and expansive road. The road itself was formed with crystals that emitted a dazzling golden light.

Furthermore, it was not only just a vast and expansive road. On either side of the road were different sceneries.

Merely, that scenery was somewhat strange. They were very beautiful, stunningly and fascinatingly dazzling.

Furthermore, the further in one proceeded, the more beautiful the scenery became. The reason why it was strange was because there were countless bones of the dead on either side in addition to the beautiful scenery. Those were not only human bones; there were also many different monstrous beast bones.

The number of bones was too numerous. In some places, they piled up to a small mountain.

Most importantly, the scenery on either side was actually all fake. It was simply impossible to set foot into those places. The only actual thing here was the Immortalization Road.

Chu Feng felt that there was some sort of special message in the strange scenery on either side of the road. He felt that it was implying that the Immortalization Road was formed through piling up countless bones, that it was very difficult to become an Immortal, and one would die should one take a wrong step.

However, one thing worthy of mentioning was that the Immortalization Road did contain a special sort of power. It was as Qiushui Fuyan said, that power was not only helpful towards martial cultivation, it also possessed a special sort of nourishment property for one’s spirit power. Merely, to the current Chu Feng, the beneficial effects were very insignificant.

Thus, Chu Feng had already arrived at the Immortalization Road’s depths. In other words, he had arrived at the place where Qiushui Fuyan and the others did not dare to enter.

Why was he certain that he reached the place where Qiushui Fuyan and the others did not dare to enter? That was because enormous heaven-reaching trees had appeared to either side of the Immortalization Road. There were vines on the trees that dangled downward, decreasing the size of the Immortalization Road.

Most importantly, not only were the vines indestructible, they were also poisonous. Furthermore, the vines would move about irregularly. As long as one came into contact with the sharp thorns on the vines, one would undoubtedly be killed.

However, Chu Feng possessed a body immune to poisons. Thus, the vines’ poison would naturally not stop Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng continued to rapidly move onward. Ignoring his body's immunity to poisons, those vines were simply unable to even reach Chu Feng after Chu Feng covered his body with a layer of spirit formations.

“Ya Fei, Yan Ruyu, Murong Wan, the three of you must be alive.”

However, the further Chu Feng went, the more uneasy he felt. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had been probing his surroundings with his spirit power the entire time. However, not only did he not discover any remains from Ya Fei and the others, he was unable to sense the auras of the three women either.

If Ya Fei and the others were to truly have disappeared from the Immortalization Road, then it would mean that they had yet to die. Even if they were dead, it was only possible that they had died in the depths of the Immortalization Road.

Chu Feng truly did not wish for Ya Fei and the others to die.

Furthermore, the three of them were not hot-headed people. There would be no reason for them to charge into a place as dangerous as the Immortalization Road’s depths.

Finally, Chu Feng walked out of the area filled with tree vines. At that moment, the Immortalization Road became wider. However, Chu Feng started to frown.

Although the sides of the Immortalization Road were no longer covered with the enormous heaven-reaching poisonous trees, enormous sculptures appeared on either sides of the Immortalization Road.

These sculptures were wearing armor and holding weapons. Each and every one of them reached a hundred meters tall. They looked extremely domineering.

At the moment when Chu Feng appeared, all of those sculptures actually turned their heads toward him. They looked at him with fiendish eyes. Those sculptures actually possessed intelligence.

Most importantly was the auras that those sculptures emitted. They were actually all peak Martial Emperors.

“What is this?”

At that moment, Chu Feng started to panic. He was panicking not because he was afraid of those sculptures. Rather, it was because he still found no trace of Ya Fei and the others even after reaching this place.

With the strength that Ya Fei, Yan Ruyu and Murong Wan possessed, it was impossible for them to pass through those sculptures. In other words, even if the three of them had managed to pass through the poisonous trees, this would be the furthest they could go.

However, there was no trace of Ya Fei and the others here either. Not even their remains could be found. This made Chu Feng extremely puzzled. Exactly where had the three of them gone to?


Right at that moment, a shocking scene occured. At the beginning, the sculptures had been looking at Chu Feng with fierce gazes. It was as if they would execute Chu Feng should he take another step forward.

However, now, not only were those sculptures no longer looking at Chu Feng with fiendish gazes, they had also turned their heads around. Although they still emitted the auras of peak Martial Emperors, they did not reveal any traces of hostility toward Chu Feng.

“What is this? Could it be trap?!”

Chu Feng started to frown. He was confused as to what was happening. However, he still continued to proceed onward. Since he had arrived here, Chu Feng was determined to thoroughly investigate this place.

Furthermore, even if these sculptures were peak Martial Emperors, Chu Feng, with his current level of strength, might not necessarily be destined to be killed. While he would not be able to defeat them, he might still be capable of fleeing from them.

As he continued onward, Chu Feng discovered that those sculptures did not make any other movements at all. It seemed that they really did not plan to attack him.

Although Chu Feng did not know what was going on with those sculptures, Chu Feng’s originally cautious footsteps soon started to increase in speed.

The reason for that was because the Immortalization Road was extremely long. If he wished to investigate it, he had to hasten his pace. Else, if he were to proceed at the speed of ordinary people, he would not be able to reach the end even after walking for several tens of years.

Once Chu Feng increased his speed, he started to travel like light. In a flash, he traveled ten thousand miles!!!

Finally, Chu Feng saw the end of the Immortalization Road. Even though he was still very far away from the end, he was able to see an altar-like item at the end of the Immortalization Road.

“Stairway To Heaven?”

After Chu Feng arrived before the altar, he began to inspect the altar carefully. He discovered that there was nothing special about the altar. It seemed to be composed of ordinary stones. There were many cracks in the stones. However, the altar emitted a dense amount of Ancient Era’s aura. Furthermore, there was an stele erected on top of the altar. On the stele were the words ‘Stairway To Heaven.’

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