Chapter 2074 - Keep Chu Feng In The Dark

Chapter 2074 - Keep Chu Feng In The Dark

“Chun Wu, what did you just say? You said that Chu Feng has returned?” Hearing what Chun Wu said, Huangfu Haoyue’s expression took a huge change. Overwhelmed with excitement, he grabbed Chun Wu.

“Haoyue, I nearly forgot to mention this to you. Chu Feng has indeed returned. He just returned today,” Qiushui Fuyan said with a smile.

“That’s great. Where is Chu Feng now?” I’ll go see him,” After verifying that Chu Feng had returned, Huangfu Haoyue revealed an overjoyed expression. His appearance was even more excited than when he had reached a breakthrough in his cultivation.

“Little friend Chu Feng found out about what happened to Ya Fei and the others. Thus, he has entered the Immortalization Road to search for clues regarding Ya Fei and the others,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“That, it’s understandable,” After hearing that, Huangfu Haoyue’s smile turned stiff. Not only did he stop smiling, he revealed an expression of worry. He said, “If it is determined that Ya Fei and the others are no longer in this world, little friend Chu Feng will definitely be feeling extremely hurt.”

Hearing those words, many of the crowd all grew silent. They all know that Chu Feng possessed a special relationship with those three women. Furthermore, they were all able to tell that Chu Feng felt guilt toward them.

“Haoyue, this is perfect timing. The banquet that we held for Chu Feng’s return is still here. We’ll go and replenish it so that we can celebrate your breakthrough to Martial Emperor,” Qiu Canfeng said. The other people present also expressed their approval of Qiu Canfeng’s idea.

To them, today could be said to have brought happiness twofold. If they did not enjoy themselves with wine, they would truly have wasted this happy day.

“Everyone, Haoyue just reached a breakthrough. Even though his cultivation has greatly increased, it remains that if the situation is truly as Xue Xiyue said, that the Blood Qilins’ Clan Chief has already broken through to the Martial Emperor realm, they could arrive at our Misty Peak at any moment now.”

“If we were all drunk at that time, it would be very inappropriate,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“What mother says is very true. Furthermore, Haoyue just reached a breakthrough. As such, he must properly rest,” Qiushui Fuyan added.

“That’s true. It would not be too late for us to celebrate after we take care of the Blood Qilins,” Qiu Canfeng and the others nodded.

Thus, the crowd scattered. Although the crowd had scattered, Qiu Canfeng and many others remained. They stood guarding the entrance to the Immortalization Road.

They all had a lot of things that they wished to tell Chu Feng. Furthermore, they were extremely worried for Chu Feng’s safety and state of mind.

However, as they did not wish to disturb Chu Feng, they could only guard the entrance and wait for Chu Feng’s return.

Originally, Huangfu Haoyue had wanted to go there to wait for Chu Feng’s return too. However, as there were already so many people waiting for Chu Feng, and Qiushui Fuyan had told him to rest, he ended up returning to his and Qiushui Fuyan’s residence.

“Haoyue, although you’ve become a Martial Emperor, I am still worried should you fight against that Blood Qilins’ Clan Chief,” Just then, Qiushui Fuyan discarded her usual image and laid herself on Huangfu Haoyue’s bosom lovingly.

Although she was the current master of the Misty Peak and held enormous power, she remained only Huangfu Haoyue’s wife when before him. As such, the only thing in her mind was worry for her husband.

“Truth be told, if the Blood Qilins’ Clan Chief has also broken through to Martial Emperor, it will truly be hard for me to attain certain victory when fighting against him.”

“After all, when I fought against him before, I was unable to attain any superiority in the battle. However, as matters stand, we have no other option. We must fight with our backs to the river,” Huangfu Haoyue said.

“How about we go and call Chu Feng out? With how powerful Chu Feng’s talent is, and how he managed to return from the Holy Land of Martialism, he might also be a Martial Emperor. If the two of you were to join hands, then, regardless of how powerful that Blood Qilins’ Clan Chief might be, he would still be no match for the two of you,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Fuyan, you’ve just said it yourself. Chu Feng might be a Martial Emperor. However, it’s also possible that he might not be a Martial Emperor.”

“If Chu Feng is a Martial Emperor, then it would be great. However, if he isn’t a Martial Emperor, we would be throwing him into this battle that did not originally concern him for no reason,” Huangfu Haoyue said.

“But, Chu Feng is no stranger,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Indeed. Chu Feng treats us like relatives. However, that is precisely why we shouldn’t involve him. If he knew about this matter concerning the Blood Qilins, he would definitely not leave things be. Instead, he would fight alongside us against the Blood Qilins.”

“But, you should know about Chu Feng’s true identity. His identity is extremely exceptional. If something were to really happen to him, and his father were to find out about it, none of us would be able to escape the blame,” Huangfu Haoyue said solemnly.

“If something were to happen to Chu Feng, it would mean that the Blood Qilins would have defeated us. At that time, we would not be alive. When we’re already dead, what responsibility is there to fear?”

“I know that you just do not wish to involve Chu Feng. You are worried about him, no?” Qiushui Fuyan said.

At that moment, Huangfu Haoyue nodded his head. Then, he said, “Chu Feng has already done enough for us. Chu Feng’s contribution cannot go unnoticed in how we were able to defeat the Immortal Execution Archipelago back then and obtain the status of being the overlords of the Eastern Sea Region.”

“And now, Chu Feng has just returned. If he were to find out that our status as overlords was in imminent danger, what would he think of us? Wouldn’t we, his seniors, be too useless?”

“Haoyue, I understand,” At that moment, Qiushui Fuyan finally truly understood what Huangfu Haoyue had in mind. It turned out that while it was true that Huangfu Haoyue was worried for Chu Feng, he felt ashamed to ask for Chu Feng’s assistance right after his return.

After all, this was the Eastern Sea Region. Huangfu Haoyue was the strongest individual in the Eastern Sea Region. As such, he should be the one to personally take care of this matter. He could not rely on Chu Feng since, after all, Chu Feng was only a member of the younger generation.

“It’s all the fault of that bunch of damned Blood Qilins. Exactly where did they obtain that treasure that allowed them to become this powerful in a short few years? Even when our Misty Peak joined hands with the Crippling Night Demon Sect, we are still unable to take care of them,” Qiushui Fuyan said with a frown.

“Their treasure is extremely powerful. It is precisely because of that that we cannot delay this matter. Sooner or later, their strength will surpass our own,” Huangfu Haoyue said.

“But, judging by the time, if the Blood Qilins truly plan to attack our Misty Peak, they should be arriving very soon. Even if we wish to conceal this matter from Chu Feng, we may not be able to do so,” Qiushui Fuyan said worriedly.

“Indeed. Soon, the Misty Peak will become a battlefield. Thus, Fuyan, there is a matter that I wish to request of you,” Huangfu Haoyue grabbed Qiushui Fuyan’s arms. With a very serious tone, he said, “After Chu Feng comes out of the Immortalization Road, regardless of what sort of excuse you must use, you must bring Chu Feng away from here. While we can die, Chu Feng absolutely cannot.”

“But…” Hearing those words, Qiushui Fuyan’s eyes turned moist. Before imminent battle, how could she have the heart to have her husband and relatives go and fight with their lives while she herself survived?

Right at that moment, worried shouts from a Misty Peak’s elder sounded from outside. “Milord, Milady, the situation’s bad!!!”

“Blood Qilins have appeared and surrounded our Misty Peak from all directions. We are unable to determine their numbers. However, it’s an enormous amount.”

“We fear… we fear…”

“We fear that the Blood Qilin’s entire army has arrived to attack us!!!”

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