Chapter 2052 - Settlement

Chapter 2052 - Settlement


Hearing what Chu Feng said, and seeing Chu Feng’s confident expression, the three rank eight Martial Emperors’ expressions all turned sluggish. Involuntarily, a burst of chilliness rose from the bottoms of their hearts.


Right at that moment, a flash of lightning shone in Chu Feng’s eyes.

As the lightning flashed past, Chu Feng’s Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings emerged simultaneously.

At that moment, Chu Feng revealed a cultivation of rank six Martial Emperor.

As Chu Feng stood in the sky, he gave off a powerful sensation, the feeling of a supreme ruler.


Sensing Chu Feng’s cultivation of rank six Martial Emperor and his boundless aura, the three men’s expressions immediately changed enormously. At that moment, they were actually panicking and at a loss as to what to do.

They knew of the matters concerning Chu Feng extremely well. When he was a rank two Martial Emperor, he was able to increase his cultivation to rank four Martial Emperor through a special method, and even managed to seriously injure the Immeasurable Immortal, a rank seven Martial Emperor.

And now, Chu Feng had increased his cultivation to rank six Martial Emperor. As such, even though they were rank eight Martial Emperors, they would still be no match for Chu Feng.

“Heaven Taboo: Dao Light Seal!!!”

Sensing that the situation was bad, the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master actually began to move backwards. At the same time, his body started to shine with golden light. Then, a square-shaped golden seal appeared on his palm.

Immediately after he formed the seal, he smashed his palm toward Chu Feng and shot that golden seal at him.


After that golden seal left his hand, it began to rapidly increase in size. In a blink of an eye, it became as large as a palace. As that golden seal shot forth, it shattered even space itself, leaving it a complete mess.

Chu Feng recognized that martial skill. When he had fought against the Heavenly Law Palace’s number one disciple, Leng Yue, she had also used that same Heaven Taboo: Dao Light Seal. Merely, the one unleashed by the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master was many times more powerful than the one Leng Yue had used.

“Heaven Taboo: Mortal King Slash!!!”

At the same time as the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master unleashed his attack, the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master also unleashed his attack at Chu Feng. It was also an extremely powerful Heaven Taboo Martial Skill.

These two of humanity’s strongest experts unleashed their attacks together. Furthermore, they used Heaven Taboo Martial Skills from the get-go. This caught the attention of many people. They all wished to know how Chu Feng was going to block those attacks.


At the moment when the two Heaven Taboo Martial Skill containing devastating power were about to reach Chu Feng, a bird’s cry sounded from Chu Feng’s body. It was a special sort of bird’s cry that belonged to the Icesnow Phoenixes.

Following that bird’s cry, a special sort of coldness swept forth from Chu Feng’s body and covered Chu Feng.



The two Heaven Taboo Martial Skills landed on Chu Feng and exploded. However, the energy ripples from their explosions were instantly frozen by the chilliness Chu Feng emitted. They were unable to unleash their actual power, unable to cause the slightest bit of harm to Chu Feng.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly shouted.

“Heaven Taboo.”

“Icesnow Phoenix Breaker!!!”

Then, the coldness that Chu Feng emitted started to tremble violently.


Suddenly, the ear-piercing bird’s cry sounded once again. Merely, this time around, it was no longer just a single cry. Instead, countless cries sounded in unison.

At the same time as the bird’s cries sounded, cold rays shot forth from Chu Feng’s body in succession. As they left his body, they rapidly increased in size.

Those were… Icesnow Phoenixes. Even though they were only images, they were all a hundred meters tall, and contained frightening might. At that moment, several thousands of Icesnow Phoenixes were flying toward the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master and the Mortal King’s Palace’s Palace Master.


Seeing this scene, the expressions of the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master and the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master changed enormously. The two of them flipped their palms and both took out Imperial Armaments.

This was the first time that anyone had seen those two Imperial Armaments. However, they contained extremely frightening ancient auras. Likely, the two of them should’ve just obtained those two Imperial Armaments. It was very possible that they had been given to them by the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

Once those Imperial Armaments were taken out, the two men’s battle power increased greatly. However, they didn’t unleash counterattacks at Chu Feng. Instead, they began to hurriedly use defensive Heaven Taboo Martial Skills to block Chu Feng’s attack.

Like many forts, the two Heaven Taboo Martial Skills completely covered the two men. Their defenses were extremely strong.

It would seem that the two of them had realized that Chu Feng’s attack was so strong that it was simply impossible for them to meet it head-on, and it was also impossible for them to escape from it. In that sort of situation, the only thing they could do was withstand it with all their might.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

When the thousands of Icesnow Phoenix images shot into the two defensive martial skills in succession, they emitted ear-piercing rumbles and dazzling energy ripples. When all of that was done, the crowd were shocked to discover that not only had the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace Palace Master’s martial skills shattered, the two of them were also nowhere to be found.

There was not even a single bit of the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace’s Palace Masters remaining. Even their auras were completely gone.

However, they had most definitely not escaped. Instead, they had been killed. The reason for that was because their Imperial Armaments were still floating in midair.

Furthermore, their Cosmos Sacks were also floating in midair.

Dead. They were most definitely dead. They had been killed by Chu Feng. As for the reason why their Imperial Armaments and Cosmos Sacks remained unscathed from all that, it was because Chu Feng had deliberately kept them intact.

With merely a single attack, Chu feng had killed both the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master and the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master.

“Heavens! What happened earlier?! Those were Icesnow Phoenixes!”

At that moment, the crowd were filled with astonishment. Everyone was able to tell that Chu Feng had unleashed a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill. Furthermore, they were able to sense that Chu Feng’s current battle power should only be that of a rank eight Martial Emperor, the same as the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master and the Mortal King’s Palace’s Palace Master.

However, Chu Feng had killed the two Palace Masters with his Heaven Taboo Martial Skill.

Most importantly, Chu Feng’s Heaven Taboo Martial Skill was evidently a technique of the Icesnow Phoenixes. Chu Feng had actually managed to learn an Icesnow Phoenixes’ Heaven Taboo Martial Skill. As such, how could the crowd not be astonished?

“Could that be what little friend Chu Feng meant…?” At that moment, not to mention the others that didn’t know the truth, even the Icesnow Phoenixes’ Clan Chief revealed a shocked appearance.

Even though Chu Feng had already mentioned to him that he had managed to learn a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill from that pearl, even he had not expected Chu Feng to have learned a martial skill that even the people of his Icesnow Phoenix Race didn’t know.

The way he saw it, the Heaven Taboo Martial Skill Chu Feng had unleashed earlier was stronger than all the Heaven Taboo Martial Skills that their Icesnow Phoenix Race possessed right now.

Most importantly, merely by looking at it, he was able to tell that the Heaven Taboo Martial Skill Chu Feng had used should have been extremely difficult to learn, even for him.

Yet Chu Feng had managed to master it in merely two hours. This made him have a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

However, the person that was feeling the most complicated right now was none other than the World Devastator Immortal.

The World Devastator Immortal had realized how powerful Chu Feng was. When even the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master and the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master were killed by Chu Feng with a single attack, how could he possibly have certainty in being able to defeat Chu Feng?

Truth be told, he had no certainty of victory at all. However, he could not just give up like this, for he must avenge his son. If he didn’t avenge his son now, there would be even less of a chance for him to be able to avenge his son in the future.

Thus, the World Devastator Immortal mustered up his courage and said, “Chu Feng, let us settle our grudges.” In fact, the normally sissy-sounding World Devastator Immortal actually spoke with a manly voice when he said those words.

As for Chu Feng, he was calmly putting the two Imperial Armaments and Cosmos Sacks away.

Then, he turned around and looked to the World Devastator Immortal, “Indeed, it’s time to settle this,” After saying those words, intense coldness and overwhelming killing intent appeared in Chu Feng’s eyes.


When the World Devastator Immortal’s eyes met Chu Feng’s, his expression suddenly took a huge change. His face turned ashen; it was as if he had received a great terror.

This was not the first time he had seen that gaze. Chu Feng had revealed the same gaze at the Blood Devouring Killing Formation when he had killed the experts of the Ancient Era’s Elves before Chu Feng, when he had killed Xian Miaomiao before Chu Feng, and when he had begun to torment and insult Chu Feng.

At that time, he felt it ridiculous that Chu Feng looked at him with that sort of gaze.

However, now, being looked at by that sort of gaze again, he felt his heart trembling with fear.

At that very moment, he realized that he would be no match for Chu Feng, absolutely no match.

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