Chapter 2051 - Not Needing Help

Chapter 2051 - Not Needing Help


Suddenly, another loud sound was heard. As that sound was heard, a magnificent spark began to fly about in all directions like a torrential storm.

It was the Elf King. He had attacked. The Elf King held an Imperial Armament blade in his hand as he hacked down at the head of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master.

However, his attack was blocked by the Dark Hall’s Hall Master with a dagger. That dagger was silver in color. Even though it was not shining brightly with light, it was extremely exquisite and emitted a dense Emperor’s might. From that, everyone was able to tell that it was no ordinary Imperial Armament. Instead, it was a top quality Imperial Armament.

“Did you really think that you could defeat me? Earlier, I was only fooling with you. If I become serious, you will not necessarily be a match for me,” The Dark Hall’s Hall Master smiled coldly.

Then, he continued to attack. The dagger in his hand turned into many cold rays as he hacked at the Elf King nonstop.

“Humph,” However, the Elf King snorted coldly at the ferocious attacks of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. He had an extremely mocking smile on his face.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Then, the Elf King brandished his blade and collided with the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, fighting blade against dagger.

At that moment, cold rays shot out all over. Their oppressive might was overwhelming. The reason for that was because the two men were not only using Imperial Armaments to fight. In addition to their Imperial Armaments, they were unleashing Martial Skills in continuous succession. Furthermore, all of their Martial Skills were Taboo Martial Skills that contained overwhelming power.


Suddenly, another loud explosion was heard. As that explosion sounded, a vast and mighty Emperor’s might spread forth.

The body of the Dark Hall's Hall Master moved back explosively. He was knocked away by the Elf King.

At that moment, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had a very unsightly expression on his face. Even though he had been boasting earlier, everyone was able to tell that the Elf King held the upper hand in their fight.

“Come, again.”

After taking the upper hand in their battle, the Elf King unleashed his attacks once more. The blade in his hand looked like a ferocious beast. Every time it streaked across the sky, ear-piercing whistles would be heard, and fatal attacks would be unleashed.

“Damn it!”

Sensing that the situation was bad, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master hurriedly turned around. Light flashed under his feet. He was trying to escape.


However, before he could get far, a bird’s cry sounded from the direction in which he was escaping. Then, a strong wind filled with snowflakes descended upon him as a two hundred meter-tall Icesnow Phoenix flew toward him with its giant mouth wide open.

“Damned bastards, you all are truly bullying me intolerably.”

“Today, this Hall Master shall let you all know that I am not someone that you, a bunch of trash from the lower realm, can contend against.”

Seeing that his path for retreat had been blocked, the Dark Hall’s Hall Master no longer continued to flee. Instead, he flew into a rage out of humiliation and shouted angrily. Then, he flipped his wrist and took out another Imperial Armament dagger. He was actually using two identical Imperial Armaments simultaneously.

These two Imperial Armaments were capable of communicating with one another. Thus, after the second Imperial Armament dagger appeared, the strength of the Dark Hall’s Hall Master increased greatly. He actually managed to contend against both the Elf King and the enormous Icesnow Phoenix by himself.

In the end, that enormous Icesnow Phoenix was only the embodiment of a treasure. Although it was undying and indestructible, it was no match for the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, and would oftentimes be beaten back by him.

On the other hand, the Elf King’s strength was outstanding. With him here, even though the Dark Hall’s Hall Master had increased his battle power, he was still left in a disadvantaged state.

“As expected of the Elf King. He is truly the fully-deserving… Holy Land of Martialism’s number one expert.”

Seeing this match between peak Martial Emperors with their own eyes, the crowd all felt deeply impressed, and began to exclaim in admiration for the Elf King. Even though they were all rank nine Martial Emperors, the Elf King’s strength clearly surpassed the strength of others at the same cultivation level as him.

“You all, have you come here to kill us or have you come here to enjoy the show?”

Suddenly, when the crowd was attracted by the battle between the Dark Hall’s Hall Master and the Elf King, a mocking laugh suddenly sounded. It was Xue Ji. Xue Ji was standing extremely close to the Alliance Army.

“We have naturally come to eliminate you!!!”

At that moment, Du Wanwu attacked again. The person that he wished to kill the most was not the Dark Hall’s Hall Master. Instead, it was that Xue Ji.

“Not bad, that’s more like it.”

However, when faced with Du Wanwu’s attack, that Xue Ji was smiling. Then, her body shifted and, like the wind, she dodged Du Wanwu’s attack.

“That woman!!!”

Seeing that Xue Ji was actually able to dodge Du Wanwu’s attack, the expressions of the crowd all changed. Even though she had not revealed her cultivation yet, the fact that she had managed to dodge Du Wanwu’s attack was enough to show that she was a peak Martial Emperor.

“If she’s a peak Martial Emperor, why did she escape from the territory of the Ancient Era’s Elves that day?”

“Could it be that she had already detected that the Elf King was arriving?”

At that moment, Chu Feng was frowning deeply. He was unable to understand why Xue Ji, with how powerful she was, would decide to escape when he had led the stone army to provide assistance to Xian Miaomiao.

After all, no matter how powerful his stone army was, they would still be no match for a peak Martial Emperor.


The very next moment, the Icesnow Phoenixes unleashed their attacks. They were followed closely by the Ancient Era’s Elves and the others. Together, they surrounded the people from the Dark Hall to kill them.

As for the Dark Hall, they possessed the greatest amount of Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts at their headquarters. Furthermore, all of them possessed very high levels of cultivation. There were even several that were at the level of rank eight Martial Emperors.

Those Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts advanced bravely. They charged toward the incoming Alliance Army and began to battle them. They had managed to block all of the top experts among the Alliance Army.

However, the Alliance Army possessed a numerous amount of people. Furthermore, there were the Icesnow Phoenixes. Even though their numbers were not great, each and every one of them possessed powerful strength. They charged into the Dark Hall’s army and began to rain death upon them.

At that moment, battle erupted everywhere. Blade rays and sword silhouettes were all covered by violently surging energy ripples. War cries and anguished wailings were interweaved together. Following that, an overwhelming amount of blood began to splatter from the sky.

“Little friend Chu Feng, we meet again.”

Right at that moment, a cold and dark laugh sounded from behind Chu Feng.

Turning his head, two figures appeared behind Chu Feng.

They were the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master and the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master. These two rank eight Martial Emperor-level experts had actually not gone to fight against the Alliance Army, and instead came to attack Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you have nowhere to escape to today.”

Right at that moment, another cold and dark voice sounded. At the same moment as that voice was heard, an extremely strong killing intent assailed Chu Feng.

Chu Feng turned around once again. This time, he discovered that it was actually the World Devastator Immortal.

The Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master, the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master and the World Devastator Immortal, these three rank eight Martial Emperors had actually joined hands to come and take care of Chu Feng.

It could be seen that they had planned this in advance. They all knew how important Chu Feng was to the Alliance Army. Thus, they planned to capture Chu Feng, and then use Chu Feng to threaten them.

“Damn it!!!”


Right at that moment, angry shouts sounded from the fighting armies.

They were from the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Four Grand Elders. They all noticed that the situation for Chu Feng was bad. Thus, they wanted to rush toward Chu Feng to help him.

However, it was clear that the Dark Hall was prepared. Those Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts that they were tangled with simply did not allow them the chance to break free. Overwhelmed with anger, they ended up cursing out loud.

“Chu Feng, do you see this? There’s no one to save you now,” The Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master stared at Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

At the same time, the Mortal King Palace’s Palace Master and the World Devastator Immortal also revealed ugly smiles on their faces. They were looking at Chu Feng like he was an ant that they could crush to death at anytime.

After hearing what the Heavenly Law Palace’s Palace Master said, Chu Feng also revealed a slight smile. Then, he said, “Who said I needed help?”

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