Chapter 2018 - A Whole New Level Of Respect

Chapter 2018 - A Whole New Level Of Respect


“It’s actually the Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Cursed Soil Sect?”

After hearing those four powers’ names, everyone was shocked.

“Those four powers…”

“I understand now,” Baili Xuankong was stunned for quite some time. Then, after he managed to calm himself, he sighed and said, “While I do not know about the Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Cursed Soil Sect…”

“...I have heard my master mention that the founder of our Cyanwood Mountain had named this place the Cyanwood Mountain for a special reason.”

“Furthermore, as far as I know, of the Nine Powers, only our Cyanwood Mountain and those four other powers possess Ancient Era’s Remnants.”

“Merely, I did not expect for all of this to not be a coincidence, that five of our Nine Powers hid an Ancient Era’s treasure deposit,” At that moment, Baili Xuankong was extremely excited. All of this truly surpassed his imagination. However, after coming to know about it, he came to a sudden realization.

“That’s true. No one would have thought that the Nine Powers would be related to the Five Elements Secret Skills. Moreover, the Nine Powers are so far away from one another,” At that moment, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others were also extremely astonished.

“Chu Feng, how are we to acquire those four symbols?” The Immeasurable Immortal asked.

“It’s simple. Seniors, did you all manage to remember that spirit formation that I set up earlier?” Chu Feng asked.

“That spirit formation is truly simple. I have remembered it just by seeing it once,” the Snow-haired Immortal said.

“Chu Feng, is it like this?” Nangong Longjian set up a spirit formation. It was exactly the same as the spirit formation that Chu Feng had set up earlier. Even though his world spirit techniques were inferior to those of Chu Feng and the others, and he was not a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, it remained that he was also a Royal-cloak World Spiritist. As such, that spirit formation Chu Feng set up would not cause him any difficulty.

“That’s right. That is the spirit formation,” Chu Feng said.

“There’s no need for anything else? Merely this, is enough?” Nangong Longjian asked.

“There’s no need for anything else. As long as one enters the Ancient Era’s Remnant and sets up that spirit formation, the Ancient Era’s Remnant will condense a symbol,” Chu Feng said.

“That is quite simple. In that case, let’s move about separately and proceed for Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Cursed Soil Sect respectively,” the Immeasurable Immortal said.

“But, the Ancient Era’s Remnants are forbidden areas. We cannot just enter them, no?” the Snow Blade Mad Demon said. Even though he acted very aggressively, he was actually a very reasonable person.

“It’s actually very simple. The relationship the Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and Cursed Soil Sect have with our Cyanwood Mountain is already different from before. As such, our Cyanwood Mountain possesses some authority over them.”

“As long as I write a letter to them, they should be willing to allow us to enter their Ancient Era’s Remnants,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Then you should write the letters now,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

In response, Baili Xuankong started to write the letters. Furthermore, he prepared special Cyanwood Mountain title plates.

After that, it was decided that Nangong Longjian, the Snow Blade Mad Demon, Baili Xuankong and Dugu Xingfeng would proceed for Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Cursed Soil Sect respectively to obtain the special symbols.

As for why Chu Feng, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and the others did not go, it was because the journey was very far, and would require some time. Chu Feng did not wish to waste time, as he needed to quickly set up the defensive spirit formation capable of withstanding attacks from peak Martial Emperors around the Cyanwood Mountain to protect it.

Before leaving, Nangong Longjian asked one last time, “Chu Feng, do we really only need to set up that spirit formation in the Ancient Era’s Remnants to obtain the symbols?”

“That is correct,” Chu Feng verified.

“In that case, does that mean that the secret of the Five Elements Secret Skills would be solved upon gathering those five symbols?” The Snow-haired Immortal asked.

“It would only be solved after those symbols assimilate with my body,” Chu Feng said.

“So that’s the case,” The crowd nodded in ease.

If one could solve the mystery merely by obtaining the five symbols, it would be too undependable.

After all, Chu Feng only possessed the Cyanwood Mountain’s symbol in his hand, and not the other four.

They felt much more at ease after knowing that only Chu Feng could solve the secret to the Five Elements Secret Skills. After all… even if an accident were to happen that caused the other four symbols to end up in the hands of others, they would not be able to solve the secret of the Five Elements Secret Skills. As such, those symbols would be useless to them.

“Since that’s the case, let’s set off,” Nangong Longjian said.

“Senior Nangong, please wait a moment,” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out four Imperial Armaments. Those four Imperial Armaments were the spoils of war he had obtained from the Heavenly Law Palace.

That day, the Heavenly Law Palace and Mortal King Palace had handed over a total of thirteen Imperial Armaments. Originally, twelve of them had belonged to the Underworld Palace and the other five powers that had come to assist Chu Feng and the Cyanwood Mountain. However, they insisted on sharing them with Chu Feng, and had each handed Chu Feng an Imperial Armament. Thus, Chu Feng had six additional Imperial Armaments.

Of those six Imperial Armaments Imperial Armaments, Chu Feng gave one to Baili Xuankong and one to Dugu Xingfeng. After all… neither of them possessed Imperial Armaments.

As for the remaining four Imperial Armaments, they were all with Chu Feng.

Now, Chu Feng gave the four remaining Imperial Armaments to Nangong Longjian, Snow Blade Mad Demon, Baili Xuankong and Dugu Xingfeng respectively.

“Chu Feng, what is your intention with this?” Nangong Longjian asked in a confused manner.

“Those four symbols belong to Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Cursed Soil Sect respectively.”

“Although you would not be able to obtain those symbols, and would not be able to have any use for them even if you did, I still do not wish to take them for free.”

“These Imperial Armaments could be considered my compensation for them,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, is there really a need for that? With how small and weak Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Cursed Soil Sect are, they would give us the symbols should we ask for them. As such, is there really a need to use such precious Imperial Armaments in exchange?”

“That is simply too unworthy, no?” The Snow-haired Immortal shook her head repeatedly.

The Imperial Armaments were extremely precious things that none of the Nine Powers possessed.

In fact, even for the grand characters present, Imperial Armaments were also extremely precious items. After all, not all of them possessed an Imperial Armament.

“Senior, we are not bandits. As such, how could we threaten others to hand things to us? Just give it to them. Only by doing this would I feel at ease,” Chu Feng said.

“What little friend Chu Feng says is very true. I agree with him,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

“As do I,” Baili Xuankong also voiced his opinion. Afterward, practically everyone other than the Snow-haired Immortal expressed their approval of Chu Feng’s action.

They also knew that what the Snow-haired Immortal had said was a fact. After all, the Cyanwood Mountain was currently much more powerful than Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Cursed Soil Sect. Before the Cyanwood Mountain, they were existences akin to shrimps, small fry. They simply did not even possess any authority to speak of. If the Cyanwood Mountain wanted anything from them, they could just take it from them directly.

However, what Chu Feng said was even more true. If they were to snatch the symbols from them, they would be akin to bandits. As such, what difference would there be between them and the Dark Hall?

Therefore, they all approved of Chu Feng’s way of handling things. Furthermore, when Chu Feng was willing to use such precious Imperial Armaments to compensate Golden Armor City, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall and the Cursed Soil Sect, those powers that were currently extremely small in their eyes, the crowd felt a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng.

This time around, their respect towards Chu Feng was not towards his talent. Rather, it was towards his manner of conduct; his personal character.

Before Chu Feng grew in strength, countless people had tried to beat down on him. The Cursed Soil Sect had been one of them.

Yet now, after Chu Feng had matured in strength, which power in the Holy Land of Martialism would dare to not give Chu Feng face?

Yet, Chu Feng did not use his strength to bully others. That was something very rarely seen in this world of martialism, where the strong ruled.

Likewise… this was something extremely praiseworthy.

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