Chapter 2017 - Undying And Indestructible

Chapter 2017 - Undying And Indestructible

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at the moment when everyone felt that Chu Feng had failed in his assimilation of the Five Elements Secret Skills and died, a violent gale suddenly appeared.

The gale was so strong that even the many experts present were feeling enormous pressure. Those with lower levels of cultivation were blown back repeatedly by the wind.

Furthermore, soon, five energies appeared within the violent gale. They began to mix with the wind. It was extremely domineering.

They were the five elemental energies of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

Like a vortex, the five energies gathered in one location. Soon, they turned into the form of a person. As the facial appearance of that person began to appear before the crowd, they were all astonished.

The reason for that was because that person was Chu Feng!!!

“Chu Feng, it’s truly you?”

“You didn’t die?!!!!”

The crowd were overjoyed to see Chu Feng. One by one, they rushed toward him and began to carefully inspect him. They didn’t believe their eyes. After all, Chu Feng had indeed disappeared earlier. It was not only his physical body that had disappeared, his aura had also disappeared without a trace.

“Seniors, I’ve made you all worry. However, it’s all fine now,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Exactly what happened? Didn’t you disappear earlier? Furthermore, your physical body…” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal wanted to ask why Chu Feng’s physical body would be formed through the condensation of the five elemental energies of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

“Senior, you meant… this?” As Chu Feng spoke, his body suddenly split into the five elemental energies of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Soon, the five elemental energies took humanoid forms.

They were the Gold Immortal Profound Technique, the Wood Immortal Profound Technique, the Water Immortal Profound Technique, the Fire Immortal Profound Technique and the Earth Immortal Profound Technique; the Five Elements Secret Skills.


Soon, the Five Elements Secret Skills fused with one another and returned to the appearance of Chu Feng.

“This!!!” The crowd were even more astonished to see this with their own eyes.

Exactly what was going on here? How could Chu Feng turn into the Five Elements Secret Skills?

Most importantly, Chu Feng had managed to unleash Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, all five of the Five Elements Secret Skills. Could it be that Chu Feng had successfully assimilated the Five Elements Secret Skills?!

“I think that the Five Elements Secret Skills have been upgraded. As long as I wish for it, I am able to change into the Five Elements Secret Skills. Likewise, I am also able to coexist with the Five Elements Secret Skills.”

“In other words, the Five Elements Secret Skills are not just offensive abilities; they are also an ability to protect me. Unless I am up against someone with a cultivation much higher than my own, my body is now like the Five Elements Secret Skills, undying and indestructible,” Chu Feng said.

“Heavens, they’re actually this amazing?!” Hearing those words, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and Baili Xuankong revealed even greater astonishment and joy.

“Wait a moment,” Right at this moment, the Immeasurable Immortal suddenly spoke. He asked, “In that case, you have successfully assimilated the Five Elements Secret Skills?”

“Mn,” Chu Feng smiled and nodded. He had indeed succeeded. That was why his current mood was extremely good.

“My god! Chu Feng, you brat, you have truly made this Immortal have a whole new level of respect for you,” Hearing those words, the Snow-haired Immortal hugged Chu Feng. As for the others, they were also overjoyed.

The Five Elements Secret Skills had existed in the Holy Land of Martialism since the Ancient Era. There had never been anyone who had managed to contain all five of the Five Elements Secret Skills even after so much time had passed. Even the Five Emperors, the five overlords that ruled over five different eras, were unable to accomplish that feat. [1. Well, Qing Xuantian couldn’t have attempted all five secret skills since the Fire Immortal Profound Technique was lost before his appearance due to the Poison Demon.]

Yet now, Chu Feng had actually succeeded. As such, how could they not be overjoyed?

“Chu Feng, you are truly my pride,” At that moment, Baili Xuankong, this man who had lived for close to ten thousand years, was actually so emotionally moved that glistening teardrops appeared in his eyes.

Back then, before Chu Feng had matured, before Chu Feng became strong, he had viewed Chu Feng as their Cyanwood Mountain’s hope, and staked his all to support Chu Feng. In fact, he had not even feared making enemies of the Four Great Imperial Clans.

And now, not only had Chu Feng not disappointed him, he had even surpassed his expectations by far. That sort of sensation was something that only he understood. He was truly feeling proud of Chu Feng.

In fact, it was not only him. Practically everyone present felt proud of Chu Feng. They were feeling proud of having helped Chu Feng before.

“Chu Feng, in that case, exactly what sort of secret is contained in the Five Elements Secret Skills? Exactly what sort of treasure is it?” The Immeasurable Immortal asked.

“I am also uncertain to what sort of treasure there is for now,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“How could that be? Could it be that the legend of the Five Elements Secret Skills was only a scam?” Hearing those words, the crowd were all shocked.

“It’s very possible. After all, a lot of the Holy Land of Martialism’s legends are fake,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal said.

“The fact that the Five Elements Secret Skills cannot coexist in a single body is true. For that treasure, countless people braved the dangers of the Five Elements Secret Skills only to end up losing their lives. Exactly who is it that spread that false rumor? They have simply caused harm and deaths,” The Snow-haired Immortal said angrily.

“No, it is absolutely not fake. The legend of the Five Elements Secret Skill must be real. Chu Feng, carefully think again. Did you really not manage to obtain any new information?” The Immeasurable Immortal asked.

In response, the others said, “That’s right. Chu Feng, carefully arrange the information in your mind. See if you missed anything.”

Even though Chu Feng had successfully assimilated the Five Elements Secret Skills, it remained that he had braved fatal danger. As such, none of them wished for Chu Feng to come out of this empty-handed.

“Seniors, it is as I said. I do not know about it right now. However, I believe that I will soon know what the treasures are,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he added, “Seniors, follow me.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he began to proceed toward the Cyanwood Mountain’s Ancient Era’s Remnants, and the others followed him.

After entering the Ancient Era’s Remnants, Chu Feng set up a spirit formation. That spirit formation was very simple. Not to mention Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, even Gold-cloak World Spiritists would be able to easily set up that spirit formation.

However, after such a simple spirit formation was set up, it formed a giant wave in the Ancient Era’s Remnants.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

At that moment, many bodies of energies visible to the naked eye began to gather from all around the Ancient Era’s Remnants and into that spirit formation.

This scene stunned everyone present. Even though the bodies of energy did not possess berserk offensive natures, they were still no small matter.

Furthermore, after the bodies of energies stopped gathering, a symbol-like item appeared in the spirit formation Chu Feng had set up.

Upon seeing that symbol, everyone started to hold their breath. No one recognized that symbol. Although the symbol appeared to be very unremarkable, it contained a dense amount of ancient aura.

Chu Feng took the symbol out and said to the crowd, “After obtaining four more of such symbols, I will be able to solve the mystery contained in the Five Elements Secret Skills.”

“That… that symbol is actually able to solve the Five Elements Secret Skills’ mysteries? But… why would it appear in our Cyanwood Mountain?” Baili Xuankong was very shocked.

The Cyanwood Mountain have had control over this Ancient Era’s Remnant since the founding of the Cyanwood Mountain. Yet, they had never noticed anything related to the Five Elements Secret Skills here.

“Chu Feng, in that case, do you know where the other four symbols are located?” The Immeasurable Immortal asked.

“I do,” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he said the locations of four places:

“Golden Armor City!”

“Jadewater Temple!”

“Firerain Hall!”

“Cursed Soil Sect!” [2. Soil and Earth use the same character.]

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