Chapter 1596 - Cursing Without Obscenity

MGA: Chapter 1596 - Cursing Without Obscenity

The crowd did not know what Chu Feng was thinking. At this moment, they were focused on who possessed more rings of light. After all, the more rings of light a person had, the better that person’s talent for martial cultivation would be.

After observing the rings of light, the crowd soon came to a conclusion.

The people here were all elites among the current Holy Land of Martialism’s younger generation. Thus, practically everyone was capable of creating rings of light as per the method taught to them by Baili Xinghe.

Among them, the weakest would trigger a single ring of light, while the majority of the crowd would trigger two rings of light. There was also a small portion of people that triggered three rings of light. As for those capable of creating four rings of light, they were extremely few. These sorts of people were capable of being considered to be true geniuses.

A thing worthy of being mentioned was that Nangong Baihe, the young miss of the Nangong Imperial Clan, triggered five rings of light.

As for Nangong Ya and Beitang Zimo, they both triggered six rings of light.

There was another person that triggered six rings of light like Nangong Ya and Beitang Zimo. It was a woman. She possessed an alluring body, a lovely face and a sexy appearance.

In the water, her silhouette appeared even sexier as she was illuminated by the rings of light.

However, many of the men present did not dare to have delusions about this woman. That was because this woman was not human. She had a sharp horn on her forehead. She was a monstrous beast. She was the strongest genius of the King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s younger generation present.

Other than these three, the super genius of the Nangong Imperial Clan, Nangong Moli, caught even more attention. That was because she was actually able to trigger seven rings of light. It was an amount that surpassed those of Nangong Ya and Beitang Zimo.

However, at this moment, the focus of the crowd was not on Nangong Moli. Rather, it was Tantai Xue, someone that they never would have expected.

Tantai Xue had actually managed to trigger more rings of light than Nangong Moli. She had triggered a total of eight rings of light.

Furthermore, the people who were attentive had noticed that Tantai Xue’s current cultivation had changed. She was no longer a rank two Half Martial Emperor, but had become a rank three Half Martial Emperor. She had actually reached a breakthrough while training in the Immortal Cultivation Lake.

“Amazing! Never would I have imagined that the person with the best talent for cultivation among us would be that young lady.”

“What’s that young lady’s name? Which power did she come from? How could her talent for martial cultivation be this high?”

“This lady’s appearance is extremely beautiful, akin to that of a celestial fairy. I already knew that she would not be someone ordinary. However, never would I have expected her to be this powerful.”

“It would be one thing if she were more talented than Nangong Ya and Beitang Zimo. However, her talent actually surpasses that of the Nangong Imperial Clan’s super genius, Nangong Moli.” At this moment, the crowd had burst into an uproar. They were all stunned by Tantai Xue’s performance.

“She actually triggered eight rings of light? Never would I have imagined that this lady by the name of Tantai Xue would be this powerful. Young Island Master, how many rings of light are you able to trigger in the Immortal Cultivation Lake?” someone from the Immortal Island asked curiously.

“Same as her, eight rings of light.”

“That person by the name of Tantai Xue is truly extraordinary. She actually possesses talent on par with my own. However, one’s talent in martial cultivation will not always remain the same. While her talent is very good right now, that does not mean that her talent will remain this good in the future.”

“Furthermore, talent is not the only thing that determines whether or not one will become powerful. While one must absolutely put forth effort; the most important thing still remains that one must encounter opportunities to change. If one cannot encounter any opportunity, no matter how talented one might be, it will all be a waste.”

When Baili Xinghe said these words, he was actually indirectly mocking Tantai Xue. He was mocking how Tantai Xue possessed very good talent, but not a good life. He was mocking how she had not obtained the opportunities that he had. In other words, he was stating that Tantai Xue was inferior to him.

After all, Baili Xinghe had managed to encounter the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, and had ended up being accepted as a personal disciple by him. This was a chance opportunity. In the Holy Land of Martialism, this was an enormously grand opportunity that only he had received, something that countless people yearned for in their dreams without being able to obtain.

However, Baili Xinghe was actually a bit lacking in confidence when he spoke those words. That was because only he himself knew that the number of rings of light he could actually trigger was not eight. Rather, like Nangong Moli, it was seven.

If this method to determine one’s talent was absolutely accurate, then Baili Xinghe’s talent was actually inferior to Tantai Xue’s.

“To have a talent on par with Young Island Master, she would be an exceptional genius. However, other than that young lady called Tantai Xue, the three people from the Nangong Imperial Clan, the several from the Beitang Imperial Clan, as well as the several King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else with outstanding talent.”

“Indeed, it would appear that what Young Island Master said is correct. The reason why the energies in the Immortal Cultivation Lake are rapidly decreasing is not because there is a genius with excessively heaven-defying talent within it. Rather, there must have been a problem with the Immortal Cultivation Lake itself.”

At this moment, many people began to trust what Baili Xinghe said. After all, the truth was before their eyes. Even though Tantai Xue possessed extremely astonishing talent that was on par with Baili Xinghe’s, it remained that she was only on par with him. Her talent was not capable of absorbing this much energy from the Immortal Cultivation Pond in a period of six hours, to the point of nearly drying it up.

“Hey, hey, hey. What’s that brat by the name of Chu Feng doing? Could it be that he does not even have the courage to use the method to test his talent?”

Suddenly, a sharp and unkind voice sounded from the crowd. It was Beitang Zimo. He had been paying attention to Chu Feng the entire time. Thus, he discovered that Chu Feng had not trained with the hand seals.

Thus, he thought that Chu Feng’s talent should be extremely bad. Perhaps he might not even be able to trigger a single ring of light. He determined that the reason why he did not dare to use the hand seal was most definitely because Chu Feng feared humiliation.

As Beitang Zimo was someone who hated Chu Feng enormously, he would naturally not just watch as Chu Feng dodged his humiliation. Thus, he publicly exposed Chu Feng for the sake of making him suffer humiliation before everyone.

“That’s true. Brother, why aren’t you using the method taught to us by Young Island Master to test your talent?” After Baitang Zimo mentioned this matter, many people took note of Chu Feng. Like Beitang Zimo, many people began to suspect Chu Feng.

“Talent is something that cannot be changed. What meaning is there in revealing it or not?” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“Yoh, what arrogant words you say,” Beitang Zimo sneered.

“Arrogant? I merely do not wish to know about my own talent. How is that arrogant?” Chu Feng calmly replied.

“How isn’t that arrogant? It’s not that you do not wish to know about your own talent, but rather, that you feel that your talent surpasses ours enormously, isn’t that right?” Beitang Zimo asked.

“I’ve never thought that,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Never thought that? Enough of your nonsense! You think that you’re better than us just because you passed the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s trials and decided to not place any of us in your eyes. That is definitely what you’re thinking of, isn’t that right?” Beitang Zimo spoke loudly.

“I, Chu Feng, have never had such a thought. Brother Beitang, why are you attacking me, Chu Feng, like this? However, I’ve heard that people will generally think others to be the same sort of people as themselves.”

“For example, a broad-minded individual will think others to be the same as him, as people that do not bother about trifles.”

“However, a selfish and narrow-minded individual will think others to be as vile as him.”

“Brother Beitang, for you to think of me, Chu Feng, as such a vile individual, it would seem that you are the latter of the two,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. He was cursing at Beitang Zimo without using any obscenity.