Chapter 1595 - Testing Talent

MGA: Chapter 1595 - Testing Talent

“Exactly what is going on? Have we overestimated the Immortal Cultivation Lake or underestimated this bunch of youngsters?” The people from the Immortal Island who remained on the lakeside looked at the Immortal Cultivation Lake with frowns on their faces, gazes of uncertainty and hearts filled with doubt.

The reason why they were questioning what was happening was because they did not know why the energy contained within the Immortal Cultivation Lake would disappear this quickly.

In fact, it was not only them who did not know why that was happening. Even the people inside the Immortal Cultivation Lake who were currently training were confused as to why the energy was disappearing this quickly.

There was only a single person that knew the reason why. As for that person, it was Chu Feng. The speed at which he refined the energies was truly too quick. He, by himself, was able to refine the energies in the lake many times faster than all of the people in the Immortal Cultivation Lake combined.

The reason why the energy in the Immortal Cultivation Lake was rapidly decreasing was because the majority of it had been absorbed by Chu Feng. At this moment, Chu Feng had already reached a breakthrough to rank nine Martial King from rank eight Martial King.

It was not only his cultivation that had reached a breakthrough, Chu Feng’s spirit power had also strengthened. Training in the Immortal Cultivation Lake, in the lake water that contained gentle Dragon Mark royal-level spirit energy, had strengthened Chu Feng’s spirit power. Right now, what he could use was no longer Insect Mark royal-level spirit power. Instead, it had become Snake Mark royal-level spirit power. To be exact, the current Chu Feng was already a Snake Mark Royal-level World Spiritist.

In merely six hours, such an enormous change had happened. Chu Feng had truly advanced by leaps and bounds.

“Sigh, unfortunate, truly unfortunate. They are truly unfortunate to be training together with you.”

Eggy spoke ironically. She was very happy. Even though she was saying those words with her mouth, in her heart, she wished for Chu Feng to be able to absorb all of the energy in the Immortal Cultivation Lake and leave none for those people.

Soon, the two old men who had gone to report to the Weaponry Refinement Immortal had returned. Merely, they were unable to bring the Weaponry Refinement Immortal with them. Instead, they had brought back with them the personal disciple of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, his only disciple, Baili Xinghe.

“How can this be?!”

When Baili Xinghe arrived, he was immediately shocked to see what was happening with the Immortal Cultivation Lake. At this moment, shock appeared in his calm eyes.

He was the only one who had trained in the Immortal Cultivation Lake several times since the Immortal Cultivation Lake had been refined. Even though he did not train there for long, he would be in there for nearly two hours every time.

However, even with his talent, he was still unable to reduce the energies contained within the Immortal Cultivation Lake by much. Thus, he knew extremely well how dense and strong the energies contained in the Immortal Cultivation Lake were.

Yet, at this moment, it had only been a short six hours since Chu Feng and the others had entered the Immortal Cultivation Lake. However, over eighty percent of the energy contained within the Immortal Cultivation Lake was gone. Furthermore, the energy was still disappearing. It was on the verge of drying up. This truly came as a shock to Baili Xinghe.

Could it be that there was someone with even stronger talent than him among the crowd in the lake?

Suddenly, someone asked, “Young Island Master, what exactly is going on?” Even though they all possessed higher levels of cultivation than Baili Xinghe, due to the fact that Baili Xinghe was the personal disciple of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal and also the Young Island Master of the Immortal Island, he knew a lot more about the things in the Immortal Island. Thus, they had to ask Baili Xinghe about a lot of things.

On the Immortal Island, Baili Xinghe was an existence beneath only a single person and above everyone else.

“It might be that some sort of problem happened to the energies contained in the Immortal Cultivation Lake, and that caused it to rapidly decrease,” Baili Xinghe said.

He denied the possibility of there being a genius more powerful than him who was rapidly absorbing the energies contained within the Immortal Cultivation Lake. That was because he did not believe that there was someone with better talent than him among the crowd.

Suddenly, an old man asked, “But, the Immortal Cultivation Lake is something that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal had personally refined. It shouldn’t be possible for it to have a problem all of a sudden. Could it be because of something else? Could there be someone with exceptional talent among that bunch of people there?”

“Are you questioning me?” Hearing those words, Baili Xinghe’s expression instantly became one of displeasure. In fact, his expression had even turned gloomy and cold.

“This subordinate would not dare,” That old man with a cultivation much superior to Baili Xinghe’s acted like a servant who did not dare to be disobedient toward him.

“If you all do not believe me, I can prove it to you all. Master taught me a method to determine one’s own talent in the Immortal Cultivation Lake,” After Baili Xinghe finished saying those words, he looked to the Immortal Cultivation Lake.

Suddenly, Baili Xinghe spoke loudly to the crowd.“Everyone, has your training in the Immortal Cultivation Lake been going well?”

“So it’s the Young Island Master. Very good! This Immortal Cultivation Lake is truly a sacred place to train in. As expected of a formation personally refined by Lord Weaponry Refinement Immortal. It is so good that there is simply nothing that could compare to it.”

“Young Island Master, please inform Weaponry Crafting Immortal that we are extremely thankful to him. If it weren’t for him, we would likely not be able to find such a sacred place to train in throughout our entire lives.”

Once Baili Xinghe asked the crowd how they were doing, the crowd were all woken up by his words and began to flatter him nonstop.

“Everyone. Actually, other than being able to be used for training, this Immortal Cultivation Lake has another function. Using a special method, it is able to detect how powerful your talent is. Everyone, might you all be interested in giving it a try?” Baili Xinghe asked.

“There’s actually such a thing? Young Island Master, what might the method be? I wish to give it a try.”

“I also wish to give it a try. Young Island Master, please tell us the method so that we can test our talents.” After hearing that Baili Xinghe said, the crowd were all excited. Having reached their level of cultivation, it was actually extremely difficult for them to determine how talented they were. To find out that there was actually a method to determine their talent here, the crowd was naturally overjoyed.

Furthermore, many of the people present were the elites of the young generation.

Thus, they all wanted to indirectly compete with one another to see whose talent was better.

“The method is actually very simple. I will teach everyone a hand seal. By using the hand seal and simultaneously refining the energies of the Immortal Cultivation Lake, a motion will occur in the water around your body. If the motion is strong, it will turn into a ring of light.”

“The more rings of light one has around one’s body, the faster one is refining the energies in the Cultivation Immortal Lake, and the greater one’s talent is.”

“Everyone, watch carefully. This is the hand seal,” As Baili Xinghe spoke, he began to move his hands about. With a very slow speed, he demonstrated the special hand seal to the crowd.

This hand seal was very easy to learn. Everyone present was able to learn it instantly after watching it once. Soon, there were people who began to continue training while using the hand seal.

All those who started to train while using the hand seals would cause the water around them to move about and slowly give off light. Furthermore, it was as Baili Xinghe said, the lights began to form rings of light.

“So miraculous. It’s actually real.”

At this moment, everyone began to use the method taught to them by Baili Xinghe. The only exception was Chu Feng. That was because if he were to do it, he would be exposing his talent, and the abnormal speed at which he was absorbing the energies.

He was very certain that the hand seal was real and effective. If he were to make the hand seal, the rings of light that surrounded him would far surpass those of the others. This could cause a grand commotion, as well as unnecessary troubles.