Chapter 1928 - The Might Of A Demon Armament

Chapter 1928 - The Might Of A Demon Armament

“However, Chu Feng, an Incomplete Imperial Armament will always remain an Incomplete Imperial Armament. No matter how powerful your Evil God Sword might be, it will not be a match for my Imperial Armament, let alone with me having a cultivation above yours.”

After the YinYang Immortal said those words, he slashed at Chu Feng. The moment he attacked with the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade, golden light surged forth alongside a strange roar that made the surroundings tremble. It was a roar from the Ancient Alligator. That Ancient Alligator seemed to want to consume all living things.

“We’ll have to fight it out first in order to determine which is actually stronger,” Chu Feng was not at all afraid of the YinYang Immortal’s attack. Holding the Evil God Sword in his hand, he charged to face the YinYang Immortal.


Chu Feng waved his Evil God Sword. Immediately, a crimson blade ray that carried ghost-like wails and wolf-like howls with it swept across the sky. As it sliced through the sky, many bloody crimson clouds appeared in the sky. Those bloody clouds were very unstable, and shooting off lightning all around. Those crimson lightning bolts began to hack down from the sky and into the golden alligator in the sky.

Faced with the many crimson lightning bolts striking down on it, the golden alligator could only allow itself to be thrashed without the ability to unleash a counterattack.

“How could this be?”

“Exactly what is going on?”

At that moment, the YinYang Immortal was completely stunned. Chu Feng’s crimson slash was extremely powerful. It was so powerful that it could contend against his own attack.

That by itself was already an extremely astonishing feat. After all, what Chu Feng possessed was an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Logically, it should not be able to contend against his Imperial Armament.

Yet, exactly what was going on with the scene before him? The abnormal sign created by the Evil God Sword was actually capable of suppressing the abnormal sign created by the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade.

Weapons were, when all was said and done, weapons. They needed others to use them. However, Chu Feng’s Evil God Sword was different. It seemed as if it possessed its own awareness. It seemed that it could, without needing Chu Feng’s control, attack its opponent by itself.

“This is not the time to daydream,” Chu Feng unleashed another attack at the YinYang Immortal. Furthermore, this attack was even more ferocious than his previous attack.

Since Chu Feng had already unleashed the Evil God Sword, he did not care about the consequences anymore. It was either victory or death. There was already no other choice now.

“Come, come, come! I refuse to believe that I, a grand rank six Martial Emperor, will not be able to defeat you, a mere rank one Martial Emperor; that my grand Ancient Era’s Imperial Armament would not be able to defeat your mere Incomplete Imperial Armament!”

The YinYang Immortal was unconvinced that he would lose. He grasped his Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade and once again confronted Chu Feng.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

The Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade and the crimson Evil God Sword collided nonstop. The two of them could be said to be equally matched. Even though the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade held the upper hand in their clashes, it was not by much.

However, although the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade possessed a slight superiority over the Evil God Sword in the fight between Chu Feng and the YinYang Immortal, the battle in the sky was completely different. The abnormal sign created by the Evil God Sword grew more and more ferocious. Not only were the blood clouds and crimson lightning that filled the sky growing larger and larger in size, they even completely overshadowed the abnormal sign created by the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade.

In fact, an enormous crimson hand had actually stretched out from the blood clouds. This crimson hand was shaped like bones. Its crimson color seemed to indicate that it had been stained by countless amounts of blood. Especially those sharp fingernails; they were like blades. The hand grabbed onto the enormous golden alligator’s head and pierced its nails into the alligator’s eyes.

The crimson skeletal hand actually impaled the golden alligator’s eyes.


Although it was only an abnormal sign, and did not possess any intelligence, the golden alligator actually let out a miserable roar.

“Damn it! Exactly what is that? Exactly what is that?!!!”

Even though the YinYang Immortal was equally matched with, and even possessed a slight advantage over, Chu Feng, he grew more and more nervous. What Chu Feng was using simply did not resemble a weapon. Rather, it resembled a demon.

In fact, it was not only the YinYang Immortal; even Chu Feng himself was trembling with fear. Even though Chu Feng had already known that the Evil God Sword was a nefarious weapon after experiencing the pain of backlash from it before, he did not expect the Evil God Sword’s nefariousness to be this extreme.

Even though it was clearly only an Incomplete Imperial Armament, everything that it had shown thus far was extremely abnormal. It was most definitely not an ordinary weapon. Rather, it was a very frightening demon. Chu Feng was currently using a demon to fight.

After being shocked, Chu Feng gripped the Evil God Sword tightly and shouted, “Come. Regardless of what you are, I hope that you will lend me a hand and help me kill that despicable and shameless Immortal!”


Following a slash from Chu Feng, the many crimson lightning bolts in the sky actually suddenly struck down from above. They were aimed at the YinYang Immortal.

“Damn it!”

In the moment of crisis, the YinYang Immortal unleashed his world spirit power to ward off the incoming crimson lightning bolts.


However, the crimson lightning bolts were even more ferocious than he had imagined. They actually directly blew apart his spirit power and continued to attack him.

“Damn it! Exactly what the hell is that?! Exactly what the hell is that?!!!”

With no other choice, the YinYang Immortal ended up having to withstand both Chu Feng’s incoming sword strike and the crimson bolts of lightning hacking down from above.

However, the descent of the crimson lightning bolts was no mere coincidence. With every slash from Chu Feng’s Evil God Sword, the YinYang Immortal would have to suffer attacks from the crimson lightning bolts as well.

In an instant, the YinYang Immortal, who had previously held the upper hand in the fight against Chu Feng, was forced into a disadvantageous situation. Furthermore, he was forced to retreat repeatedly.

As for all this, it was all because of the Evil God Sword. The power of the Evil God Sword was truly too enormous. It managed to completely suppress the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Sword with absolute dominance.

“Damn it! Damn it!!! I refuse to believe this! I refuse to believe this!!!”

The YinYang Immortal was forced so far into a corner that he was nearly driven mad. He began to shout in disbelief nonstop. However, his shouting was of no use. It was incapable of changing anything at all.


Suddenly, another miserable scream sounded from the skies. This time around, that miserable scream was even more ear-piercing, and sounded even more heart-tearing and lung-splitting.

Turning their heads up to look, not only was the YinYang Immortal deeply shocked, even Chu Feng was deeply shocked. At that moment, another enormous crimson skeletal hand had appeared amidst the bloody clouds and crimson lightning.

At that time, there were two enormous crimson hands in the middle of the sky. They were like the hands of god.

No, that was most definitely not a god’s hands, for a god’s hands would not give off such a ferocious and nefarious sensation. They were a demon’s hands, the devil’s hands.

Suddenly, the two enormous crimson skeletal hands grabbed the golden alligator by its head and tail. They were pulling that golden alligator apart.

Their pulling shattered even the void itself. As for the golden alligator, it was emitting miserable screams nonstop. It was as if it were begging for forgiveness. However, when before a demon, would begging for forgiveness be of use?


Suddenly, a sound several times louder than a thunderclap exploded in the sky. Then, the sky started to tremble violently. Even the earth itself started to tremble.

That enormous golden alligator whose body had covered the entire sky was actually ripped apart. Its body was forcibly torn to shreds by the two enormous crimson skeletal hands.

“This!!!” upon witnessing that scene, the YinYang Immortal was completely stunned. The reason for that was because this was simply too extraordinary, unbelievable and strange.

However, this was reality. After the enormous golden alligator’s body was ripped to shreds, the golden light that covered the sky began to slowly dissipate. In fact, the ferocious emperor’s might emitted by the YinYang Immortal’s Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Sword had weakened greatly. It was no longer as overbearing as before.