Chapter 1927 - The Birth Of The Evil God

Chapter 1927 - The Birth Of The Evil God

“If you have the skills, then come at me,” As Chu Feng gave his all to defend against the YinYang Immortal’s attacks, he shouted at the YinYang Immortal.

“Hahaha, if I wish to kill you, I can do so at any time. But I insist on toying with you,” the YinYang Immortal said with a strange smile.

Earlier, the YinYang Immortal had been utterly disgraced in his match of world spirit techniques against Chu Feng. As such, he felt extremely depressed.

However, now, the YinYang Immortal had regained absolute confidence and his sense of superiority with his martial power and martial cultivation. This sort of sensation made him feel very rejuvenated.

“You’re shameless and despicable! You are simply unqualified to be a senior! So much for being an Immortal! You are simply dog shit!” Chu Feng insulted him.

“Senior? Is being a senior capable of feeding you? Immortal? Is being an immortal capable of really giving you immortality?”

“Those are merely false reputations. This old man never cared about them to begin with. What I care about is strength and power.”

“Truth be told, toying with other people is utterly boring.”

“However, when toying with a genius, especially a demon-level genius like yourself, I feel extremely refreshed. It is truly a great pleasure of my life. Hahahaha!!!” The YinYang Immortal burst into loud laughter. His laughter was truly shameless.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll pierce your heart with ten thousand arrows! I’ll shatter your soul and destroy your body!” Chu Feng was angered by the YinYang Immortal. His Heavenly Immortal Sword Technique grew fiercer and fiercer. However, his aura grew very unstable.

Although Chu Feng’s attacks were growing more and more ferocious, and he was gradually closing in on the YinYang Immortal, the YinYang Immortal felt that Chu Feng, when acting like this, was even less of a threat, for he had lost his ability to reason.

“Hahaha, you are my plaything now. I can toy with you however I wish,” Seeing that Chu Feng had lost his reasoning, the YinYang Immortal’s laughter grew even louder.

“Heh…” Suddenly, a cold smile emerged on Chu Feng’s face that was covered with anger. Then, his eyes grew blood-red, and he shouted, “Profound Firmament Annihilation!!!”



Once Chu Feng shouted those words, a vast crimson gaseous substance started to be emit from Chu Feng’s body. In an instant, it sealed off this region of space. The YinYang Immortal was sealed within it.

“Crap!” At that moment, the YinYang Immortal’s expression changed. He had already sensed that he was in fatal danger.

At that moment, his previous carefreeness, his arrogance and conceit all disappeared. The reason for that was because he felt as if he was treading on very dangerous ground. The dangerous aura that Chu Feng was emitting caused even his breathing to become hurried.

Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted, “Die!!!” Then, his Profound Firmament Annihilation unleashed its enormous killing intent. As if capable of toppling mountains and overturning seas, that frightening killing intent began to sweep toward the YinYang Immortal from all directions. Chu Feng was planning to kill the YinYang Immortal.

It turned out that the anger Chu Feng had revealed earlier was all merely a disguise. He had done so precisely so that the YinYang Immortal would become careless and he could catch him off-guard.

Right at that moment, the YinYang Immortal shouted, “Break for me!!!” and an item was held up high in his hand.

That item radiated with brilliant light and unleashed intense emperor’s might, like a volcanic eruption, which began to spread all around. In the end, like the descent of a divine weapon, the golden-bright and dazzling emperor’s might actually managed to forcibly disperse Chu Feng’s Profound Firmament Annihilation.

“Damn it!” At that moment, Chu Feng clenched his fists in anger. He had nearly managed to succeed.

Imperial Armament! The YinYang Immortal had been saved by that Imperial Armament.

“That Imperial Armament,” After seeing that Imperial Armament, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. The reason for that was because that Imperial Armament possessed a very particular appearance.

It was a large blade. The body of the blade was like that of an alligator. From the open mouth of the alligator extended a sharp blade. That was the Ximen Imperial Clan’s, Ximen Baiyuan’s, Imperial Armament, the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade.

‘Why would Ximen Baiyuan’s Imperial Armament be with him?’ Chu Feng pondered in his heart.

Even though the YinYang Immortal had managed to withstand Chu Feng’s attack with the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade, his current state was not very optimal at all.

Not only was he panting for air and covered in sweat, there was also blood running down the corners of his mouth, his nose and his ears. Even though he had managed to withstand Chu Feng’s attack, he had still been injured in the process.

“Brat, you are truly powerful. I really cannot afford to be careless,” the YinYang Immortal said.

Even though the killing intent in the YinYang Immortal’s eyes did not decrease in the slightest, the gaze that he looked to Chu Feng with had changed. He now possessed admiration for Chu Feng.

A member of the younger generation, a rank three Martial Emperor, had nearly managed to kill him. Most importantly, Chu Feng’s cultivation of rank three Martial Emperor had been obtained by increasing his cultivation temporarily through a special technique. His true cultivation was only that of a rank one Martial Emperor.

Thus, to be more precise, the YinYang Immortal, as a rank six Martial Emperor, had been forced to such a state by Chu Feng, a mere rank one Martial Emperor. This caused him to have no choice but to feel admiration for Chu Feng.

“If we were of the same cultivation, no… there’s no need for us to have the same cultivation. If your actual cultivation right now were that of a rank two Martial Emperor, then, after you unleashed all of your abilities, I would be no match for you. I’ll admit… that I am inferior to you. It is not only me; instead, even if we include everyone in the Holy Land of Martialism, there would not be anyone alive who possesses abilities on par with you.”

“However, it is precisely because of that that I must kill you. Chu Feng, if you continue to live, you will become the greatest hidden danger to our Dark Hall.”


Once the YinYang Immortal said those words, the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade in his hand began to emit an overwhelming oppressive might once again. Suddenly, this region was no longer surging with black clouds. Instead, golden light filled the entire area. Within that dazzling light appeared a faintly visible yet enormous alligator. That alligator possessed a humongous golden body, and gave off the sensation of a ruler overlooking the world with contempt.

Abnormal sign! It was an abnormal sign created by that Imperial Armament’s overwhelming power.

“I will no longer hold back against you. I will be going all-out to kill you,” the YinYang Immortal pointed the Ancient Alligator Body Piercing Blade at Chu Feng as he said those words. He had truly become serious.

“Since that’s the case, then let us to fight to our hearts’ content,” Chu Feng put his Heavenly Immortal Sword away. Then, following a flash of crimson light, another long sword appeared in his hand.

It was a crimson long sword that seemed to have been cast from countless amounts of blood.

Once that sword appeared, ghost-like wailing sounds and wolf-like howling sounds immediately rang out. Furthermore, a crimson vortex appeared in the golden sky.

Ghosts with lingering grievances filled that crimson vortex. Those ghosts were screaming miserably, and uttering and emitting overwhelming evil tendencies. The evil tendencies which they emitted caused even the abnormal sign, the enormous golden alligator, created by the Imperial Armament to become affected.

The might of that crimson vortex was even more frightening than Chu Feng’s Profound Firmament Annihilation. It was as if an Evil God was about to be born.

Evil God Sword. It was the legendary demon sword, the Evil God Sword.

The Evil God Sword possessed a demonic nature, and would attempt to devour Chu Feng’s life. Normally, Chu Feng could not use it, nor did he dare to use it.

However, in this moment of life and death crisis, Chu Feng had no time to consider that anymore. Even though the Evil God Sword was a taboo, he still had to use that taboo to save himself.

“Evil God Sword, is that the legendary Evil God Sword?”

“It is surely extraordinary, and truly outstanding,” Upon seeing the Evil God Sword, the YinYang Immortal’s eyes shone.

The reason for that was because the might of the Evil God Sword was truly not something that ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armaments could compare with. The might revealed by Chu Feng’s Evil God Sword was actually on par with the might revealed by his Imperial Armament.