Chapter 1923 - YinYang Immortal

Chapter 1923 - YinYang Immortal

Lil Red did not know why her clansmen treated her so badly. Furthermore, she was also very perplexed because she was indeed somewhat special when compared to her clansmen.

For example, her speed was something that none of her clansmen possessed. She was capable of passing through the energies that protected the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers, whereas the rest of her clansmen were unable to do so.

In the same manner, her clansmen possessed cultivations, whereas Lil Red did not. Even though Lil Red possessed a speed that even her clan chief could not catch up to, she did not possess any cultivation.

After hearing what Lil Red said, the gaze with which Chu Feng looked to Lil Red became even more amiable. He felt that he wanted to protect Lil Red from the bottom of his heart. This was the feeling of being close to one another, being family.

The reason for that was because Lil Red’s experiences resembled his own enormously. The only difference was that back when Chu Feng was in the Chu Family, he, at the very least, still possessed an adoptive father, an older brother, and his older sister Chu Yue, who were very good to him.

As for Lil Red, she simply didn’t possess anyone that was good to her. Even her so-called parents had only been using her.

Thus, compared to Chu Feng from back then, Lil Red was even more pitiful. However, even though the Royal Spirit Insects treated Lil Red that badly, Lil Red still felt enormous affection toward them, and even wanted to die alongside them in order to avenge them.

This made Chu Feng feel that even though Lil Red possessed a very shameless and despicable personality, she was actually very loyal and true.

After he finished listening to Lil Red’s story, Chu Feng suddenly said, “Lil Red, I’m going to tell you something that might make you feel sad. However, I must still say it.”

“Great sir, go ahead and say what you want to say. My endurance is extremely strong. After all, I have grown up being bullied,” Lil Red said with a beaming smile. Her two little black eyes narrowed into two little crescents. Looking at it, although she was ugly in appearance, she appeared to be quite adorable at that time.

“In my opinion, you are not a Royal Spirit Insect. It is precisely because you are not a Royal Spirit Insect that you were pushed aside by your clansmen,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah? Great sir, why do you say that?” Lil Red was surprised to hear what Chu Feng said. Evidently, she had never thought about that.

However, this cannot be blamed on her. After all, there were only two living creatures in the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. The first was the Blood Devouring Insects. They were creatures that only possessed a low level of intelligence. As for the other one, they were the Royal Spirit Insects.

Although Lil Red was special, her appearance greatly resembled that of Royal Spirit Insects. As such, she would naturally believe that she was a Royal Spirit Insect without the slightest bit of doubt.

However, Chu Feng believed that Lil Red was most definitely not a Royal Spirit Insect. Thus, he said, “Didn’t you mention all the differences that you had with your clansmen and that, other than you, all of the rest of your clansmen were the same? That is sufficient to illustrate that you are not a Royal Spirit Insect.”

“Then what am I?” Lil Red asked. It did not feel sadness. Instead, it merely wanted to know exactly what it was.

“I am unable to ascertain what you are. However, you should be very powerful, much more powerful than Royal Spirit Insects,” Chu Feng said,

The reason Chu Feng said those words was because he wanted Lil Red to know that she was not a Royal Spirit Insect. As the Royal Spirit Insects had treated Lil Red badly, this would also alleviate some of the pain Lil Red was feeling from their deaths.

“Really?” Sure enough, after hearing what Chu Feng said, Lil Red immediately became spirited, and was no longer as depressed.

“Even though Lil Red is a big liar, I am not a liar,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Great sir, Lil Red will never lie to you again,” Lil Red said with a serious expression.

“You must keep your word then,” Chu Feng said.

“Pinky swear,” Lil Red raised its little tail and actually wanted to pinky swear with Chu Feng. [1. Pinky swear basically means ‘pulling hooks,’ in chinese. So… it doesn’t especially means pinky but is generally used with pinky.]

Chu Feng extended his finger with a smile on his face and pinky swore with Lil Red’s tail.

Time passed rapidly. In the blink of an eye, three days time had passed. Over the course of those three days, Chu Feng could be said to… have been on edge the entire time.

The reason for that was because even if the people from the Dark Hall did not find them, the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts could be released at any moment. If the Ancient Era’s ferocious beasts were released, Chu Feng and the others would enter a crisis. After all, those were a bunch of beasts from the Ancient Era that only knew about killing.

Fortunately, there was Lil Red, this mischievous thing, with him. Lil Red had eased the tension of Chu Feng’s nervous mind greatly.


Right at that moment, space itself suddenly started to tremble. The enormous trees that reached the skies in the distance also started to sway back and forth violently.

All of a sudden, a very dangerous aura suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Chu Feng sensed that the situation was bad, and immediately held Lil Red in his hand. Then, with a nervous expression, he looked to the area ahead of him and shouted, “Who is it?!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, and this old man was wondering who it was that actually killed my ten talented subordinates. Turns out it was actually you, little friend Chu Feng,” Right at that moment, a figure appeared out of thin air.

Upon seeing this person, Chu Feng immediately started to frown, and revealed an uneasy expression.

The reason for that was because this person was precisely the old man with the black and white hair that had tried to kill him back at the Ximen Imperial Clan. [2. There we go, he’s called YinYang Immortal because he has black and white hair. Most likely split down into two colors from the middle.]

“You are the YinYang Immortal?” Chu Feng asked.

“So you’ve managed to guess my identity?” The YinYang Immortal smiled strangely. He did not deny that he was the YinYang Immortal.

He began to carefully size Chu Feng up again. Then, he revealed an astonished expression and said, “You’ve become an actual rank one Martial Emperor now? I must admit, Chu Feng, you are truly a talent.”

“I am truly reluctant to kill a talent like you. Yet, you have insisted on becoming an enemy of our Dark Hall. As such, I must kill you.”

“It is not I who insisted on becoming enemies with your Dark Hall. Instead, it is your Dark Hall that decided to oppose me in all aspects,” Chu Feng said.

“Clearly a turtle in a jar, yet you still dare to act this arrogant?”

“Chu Feng, could it be that you think that you will be able to contend against this old man as a rank one Martial Emperor?” After saying those words, the YinYang Immortal’s eyes immediately shone with coldness. A boundless oppressive might swept toward Chu Feng. Instantly, his oppressive might covered the entire region.


Chu Feng immediately unleashed his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings to increase his cultivation to rank three Martial Emperor. Faced with the YinYang Immortal’s oppressive might, Chu Feng was forced back repeatedly.

A rank six Martial Emperor was truly too powerful. If Chu Feng were to truly fight against the YinYang Immortal, he would definitely not be able to defeat him.

“YinYang Immortal, as an Immortal, why did you decide to work for the Dark Hall? Exactly what benefits are there for you?” Chu Feng asked loudly.

“Benefits? Did you think that obtaining stronger power and being able to live for even longer are not benefits?” The YinYang Immortal said.

“Exactly who is the Dark Hall’s Hall Master, and what is he planning to do?” Chu Feng asked.

“Haha… you’re already at such a state, yet you still want to obtain answers from me?”

“Little friend Chu Feng, you are truly underestimating this old man. You should know that you are not even qualified to speak with me right now. The reason for that is because your little life is already in this old man’s grasp.”

As the YinYang Immortal spoke, thunder exploded in the sky above, and black clouds began to surge, covering the earth in pitch blackness. At the same time, his fatal oppressive might grew even more powerful. From that oppressive might, Chu Feng felt a very strong aura of death.

At this moment, Chu Feng clenched his fists tightly. He could not resign himself to fate. Even though he knew that he was no match for the YinYang Immortal, he must still give his all to fight.

If he were to fight, there would still be hope. If he didn’t fight, he would undoubtedly be killed.

“Sure enough, you’re really weak,” Seeing Chu Feng, who was shivering after being engulfed by his oppressive might, the YinYang Immortal revealed a very complacent gaze.