Chapter 1922 - Lil Red’s Past

Chapter 1922 - Lil Red’s Past

“Chu Feng, with how good you are to me, I… I truly do not know how to repay you,” Xian Miaomiao was extremely grateful to Chu Feng. Although she was feeling as if her body was covered with warmth, her starry, beautiful eyes were actually glistening with specks of tears.

“How about you devote yourself to me so that I can become your Ancient Era’s Elves’ son-in-law?” Chu Feng said jokingly.

Originally, Xian Miaomiao was very grateful toward Chu Feng. However, upon hearing what Chu Feng said, she curled her little lips and said, “Sure. However, it won’t be me. Instead, I’ll marry my big sister to you.”

“If it’s your sister, then we can forget about it. I am not fond of older women,” Chu Feng said.

“You actually dare to turn your back on my big sister? Watch as I tell her about it,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. Take into consideration that I’ve helped you and spare me once,” Chu Feng said.

“Fine. I’ll take into consideration the effort you’ve put into helping me and spare you this one time,” Xian Miaomiao placed her hands on her hips and spoke with a very haughty attitude. However, she soon seemed to have recalled something. With a very serious expression, she said to Chu Feng, “Let’s be serious. Chu Feng, I will not have you help me in vain. In the future, I will also help you.”

“It’s okay, don’t continue acting this way with me. This doesn’t resemble your character.”

“No matter what, I am your good friend that has been stabbed twice by you. Is there a need for you to distinguish things this thoroughly?” Chu Feng said in a slightly annoyed manner. He knew that Xian Miaomiao was grateful to him. However, it remained that he had helped her without the intention of reciprocation. Thus, he was not fond of Xian Miaomiao acting like this. [1.]

“Okay then. Since you do not like the emotional and corny me, I’ll stab you twice again,” Seeing that Chu Feng was actually very disapproving of her behavior, Xian Miaomiao revealed a vile smile. Then, she passed her little hands through Chu Feng’s Blood Devouring Armor to tickle him.

“Hey, hey, hey, stop fooling around,” Sensing the two soft and smooth hands touching his skin, Chu Feng immediately started to lose his cool.

“Hahaha, never would I expect that a grand Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist would be ticklish too,” Xian Miaomiao had a complacent expression on her face.

“I’m not ticklish. Merely, I’m afraid that you’ll get a reaction from me. If by chance I am unable to contain myself, I might finish you on the spot,” Chu Feng said.

“Finish me on the spot?” Xian Miaomiao’s beautiful eyes were flickering nonstop. Originally, she was slightly confused as to what Chu Feng meant by that. However, soon, her little face grew red and she shouted at Chu Feng, “Damned rogue!” Then, she swaggered off.

At that time, the vile and shameless Lil Red asked with a puzzled expression, “Hey, hey, hey, beauty, why is great sir a rogue? He clearly didn’t do anything to you, and it was you who was teasing him. Even if it’s harassment, shouldn’t the harasser be you?”

“I… I… I…” Being questioned in such a way by Lil Red, Xian Miaomiao wanted to explain. However, after thinking for a long time, she was unable to think of a way to explain herself.

Thus, Xian Miaomiao’s face grew redder and redder. In the end, she actually grabbed Lil Red and started to pull on Lil Red while shouting, “Lil Red, you insolent thing! You actually dared to speak on his behalf. Do you want to live or not?”

“Aiyayayaya, beauty, spare me. I am with you.”

“Then why did you speak for him?”

“I was merely telling the truth. I was just being impartial.”

“I’ll let you continue to be impartial. I’ll let you continue to speak the truth.”

“Aiyayaya, I was wrong. Stop pulling me. I am not a rubber band. Ahhh~~~ Ohh~~~ Noo~~~”




After Chu Feng gathered the dispersed energies, Xian Miaomiao did not waste any time. She immediately entered a serious state and began to refine the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers’ energies.

As for Chu Feng and Lil Red, they arrived outside of the cave. In order to guard against the unexpected, Chu Feng spent half a day setting up a very powerful concealing formation to conceal Xian Miaomiao and the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers in the cave.

It was as Xian Miaomiao had said. The people from the Dark Hall were planning to do vile things inside the Blood Devouring Killing Formation. As such, this place was indeed extremely dangerous.

However, precisely because it was dangerous, Chu Feng had to be extra cautious. Since he had promised the Elf King that he would take care of Xian Miaomiao, he must do so properly. Even if something were to happen to him, he must not allow anything to happen to Xian Miaomiao.

“Great sir, how come your world spirit techniques are so powerful? They’re simply omnipotent,” Lil Red was sitting beside Chu Feng and praising him nonstop.

“Lil Red, are you trying to flatter me?” Chu Feng asked with a smile. He knew that Lil Red was extremely quick-witted.

Furthermore, after the series of things that had happened earlier, Lil Red seemed to no longer be on guard against Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao. Instead, Lil Red was determined to befriend the two of them.

“Of course not, of course not. I was merely speaking the truth,” As Lil Red said those words, its face actually grew red from embarrassment. Even though it possessed the appearance of an insect, its expressions were extremely abundant.

“Lil Red, do you wish to go to the Holy Land of Martialism to check out the monstrous beasts and spirit beasts, the sea and the mountains?” Chu Feng asked. He was able to tell that Lil Red longed for the outside world.

“I do, I do. Great sir, are you capable of taking me there?” Sure enough, after hearing what Chu Feng said, Lil Red became extremely excited.

“Of course I can. Miaomiao is currently your master, and I am Miaomiao’s good friend. As such, we are close friends, we are family.”

“If you have any desires, you can tell them to Miaomiao and I. We will do our best to help you achieve them.”

Chu Feng was speaking his true feelings. Although he had not known Lil Red for long, Chu Feng possessed deep sympathy for Lil Red, as its clan had been exterminated. As such, he did not wish for Lil Red to grieve too much, and wanted to help the little fellow walk out from the haze.

As for the best method of doing so, it would be having a family to love and take care of.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” To Chu Feng’s surprise, after hearing what Chu Feng said, Lil Red actually started crying.

“Lil Red, what’s wrong?” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly and carefully held Lil Red in his hand.

“Great sir is truly good to me. Yet, I cursed and insulted great sir before. I called great sir my grandson, an idiot and a pig. Lil Red is truly sorry,” Lil Red said with guilt.

“Haha, so it was actually that. Didn’t I also curse and insult you? Didn’t I also beat you up? However, it could be said that we only became friends after fighting. As such, I will not blame you and you should not blame me either,” Chu Feng said.

“Of course, of course. Great sir has treated me better than my father and mother. I will consider great sir as my relative,” Lil Red said.

“What? Your clansmen didn’t treat you well?” Hearing those word, Chu Feng seemed to have realized something.

Then, Lil Red opened its heart and began to tell Chu Feng many things about itself.

Even though Lil Red cared deeply about its clansmen, its clansmen had actually not been good to her. Even its so-called mother and father had only treated her like a slave.

The Royal Spirit Insects would never separate from one another. Regardless of whether they were searching for food or doing something, they all moved collectively, and never moved alone.

However, Lil Red had always been out by itself. The reason for that was because it had been pushed aside by the others. Strictly speaking, the Royal Spirit Insects simply never considered it to be their clansman.