Chapter 1919 - Interrogation

Chapter 1919 - Interrogation

“I’m going to smash you all to death, I’m going to smash you all to death! You damned devils!!! Ahh!!!!”

As for Lil’ Red, she simply did not plan to escape. Else, with her speed, not to mention ten rank four Martial Emperors, even a hundred rank four Martial Emperors would not be able to capture her.

With her family wiped out, Lil’ Red was filled with fury, and frantically using its tiny little body and enormously fast speed to unceasingly collide with the ten Dark Hall’s experts.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast it was, no matter how strong its body was, it remained that its power was limited. To rely only on that bit of power to unceasingly collide with the ten Dark Hall’s experts, it was simply impossible to actually injure them.

In the end, out of a moment of carelessness, Lil’ Red was captured by one of the Dark Hall’s experts. Held in his hand, Lil’ Red was unable to escape.

“Haha, little thing, you know how to struggle quite well. You want to avenge your clansmen, right? Unfortunately for you, there’ll be no chance for you to do so.”

“That said, there’s something else that you can do. That is, you can accompany your clansmen in death,” The Dark Hall’s expert that had captured Lil’ Red smiled a strange smile.

At that moment, Lil’ Red gave up on resisting. It seemed as if Lil’ Red knew that she was no match for these men. Actually, Lil’ Red was already prepared to die with its clansmen.

“Release it,” However, right at that moment, an explosive voice sounded from behind the Dark Hall’s experts like a sudden clap of thunder.

The sudden voice startled all ten of the Dark Hall’s experts. They turned around, and were immediately even more shocked.

The reason for that was because not only did they see Xian Miaomiao, they also saw Chu Feng. Furthermore, the one that had spoken earlier was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng?!” Upon seeing Chu Feng, the shocked expressions of the ten Dark Hall’s experts grew even stronger.

None of them expected Chu Feng to be here. Furthermore, accompanying him was the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Little Princess.

Xian Miaomiao had not concealed her aura. As they were all world spiritists, they were able to determine from Xian Miaomiao’s age and cultivation that she was that Ancient Era’s Elves’ renowned genius Little Princess.

“Chu Feng, why would you be here? Oh, it must be that armor you’re wearing, right?” The man that was holding Lil’ Red in his hand said.

“I said release it,” Chu Feng spoke again. His tone was filled with chilliness.

However, even though that man sensed the chilliness of Chu Feng’s tone, he was not afraid of Chu Feng. Instead, he burst into loud laughter and said, “I do not know where you got that courage from, to actually dare to order me around.”

After he finished saying those words, his gaze grew cold and gloomy. He added, “Chu Feng, could it be that you didn’t know that you have already entered the gates of hell?”


Right at that moment, Chu Feng’s body suddenly moved. In a flash, he arrived before that man. Then, a crimson flash radiated all around. That man’s arm was actually sliced off by Chu Feng. Furthermore, what sliced off that man’s arm was not a blade or a sword. Instead, it was Chu Feng’s palm.

Chu Feng had held his hand in a blade shape and instantly hacked off his opponent’s arm.

With the arm hacked off, Lil’ Red was freed. Lil’ Red turned into a red light and flew over to Xian Miaomiao.

As for Chu Feng, he did not stop. He pointed his other hand at that man’s dantian area. Then, with a ‘puu,’ he pierced his hand into that man’s dantian.

At that moment, not to mention that Dark Hall’s expert with his dantian pierced, the other nine Dark Hall’s experts were also all stunned. Although Chu Feng’s cultivation was below theirs, his explosive battle power that had appeared in a flash was truly too stunning.


At the moment when the Dark Hall’s experts were all stunned, Chu Feng’s eyes flashed. He looked to his surroundings, and then golden world spirit power began to appear. The world spirit power turned into an airtight fort and completely sealed all of them within it.

“Indeed, this place is the gates of hell. However, the master of these gates is not you all. Instead, it’s me.”

Chu Feng flung his arm, and shattered that Dark Hall’s expert that he had pierced into countless pieces. Before he died, he did not even have the chance to scream.

“A heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation; you actually possess a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation?”

At that moment, the other nine Dark Hall’s experts all revealed extremely frightened expressions.

Evidently, none of them had expected Chu Feng’s battle power to be that strong. A heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation was already extremely extraordinary. Currently, only Chu Feng and the Ancient Era’s Elves’ Little Princess possessed that level of heaven-defying battle power. As such, what was this heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation?

[1. There is also Leng Yue from the Heavenly Law Palace. But no one other than Chu Feng, as far as we know, knew about it.]

At that moment, not to mention those Dark Hall’s experts, even Xian Miaomiao revealed a gaze of surprise. She also did not expect that Chu Feng’s battle power would be this powerful, for it to actually be capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation.

“I will ask you all some questions. You all are to answer them. Else, all of you will die,” Chu Feng said coldly.

“Chu Feng, are you not underestimating our Dark Hall too much here? You wish to extort information from us? Heh, maybe in your next life,” However, one of the nine Dark Hall’s experts sneered at Chu Feng. A flash of determination shone through his eyes. He was planning to commit suicide.


Chu Feng snorted coldly at his actions. Then, a burst of boundless oppressive might began to spread out from Chu Feng’s body. His oppressive might completely restricted the nine Dark Hall’s experts, preventing them from even attempting to commit suicide.

“Did you really think you could stop us with your few techniques?” The man continued to mock Chu Feng.

“What do you think?” Chu Feng was very calm and unhurried.

“You!!!” At that moment, not to mention that Dark Hall’s expert that was speaking out against Chu Feng, even the other eight Dark Hall’s experts all started to panic. Chu Feng had really managed to restrict them, and made them incapable of killing themselves.

“It’s that spirit formation! You’ve used your own oppressive might alongside that spirit formation! What a ruthless technique!” As all of the Dark Hall’s experts were world spiritists, they soon realized what had happened after seeing the spirit formation that had sealed them.

“All of you will die. Merely, it is no longer up to you all to decide how you will die. Instead, I shall be the one to decide how you will all die,” As Chu Feng spoke, he began to form hand seals with his hands. Then, from the spirit formation that surrounded all of them, many hand-like objects appeared and pierced into the bodies of the nine Dark Hall’s experts.


The very next moment, the nine Dark Hall’s experts all began to let out extremely painful screams. They were currently suffering from Chu Feng’s torment, and were in so much pain that they wished they were dead.

“Sto, stop! Stop!!!” In this sort of situation, they began to beg for forgiveness.

“Speak, why are you all here?”

“What is your purpose in coming here?”

“Who is your leader?” Chu Feng asked these questions in succession.

However, faced with Chu Feng’s questions, the nine Dark Hall’s experts only continued to beg for forgiveness, and did not answer his questions.

Chu Feng later used many other methods of torture and made them suffer enormously. However, he was still unable to force an answer out of them.

“Quite tight mouths you all have. Very well, I shall have a look at your true identities and see exactly who it is that is willing to give their lives away for the Dark Hall.”

Chu Feng did not expect them to be this resolute. After obtaining no fruit from his interrogation, Chu Feng arrived before one of the Dark Hall’s experts and removed his mask.

However, that mask was extremely special, and was not something that could be removed easily. Even Chu Feng would have to use world spirit techniques to remove the mask.


However, right after Chu Feng touched that strange mask with his world spirit technique, his expression immediately changed. Immediately afterward, he hurriedly stepped to the side.


The very next moment, that man’s body exploded. Chu Feng’s world spirit technique had triggered something within that man’s body that caused his body to explode.

“Chu… Chu Feng, ple, please spare us. We really have no way to tell you anything. In… In our bodies are-” Upon seeing that, another among them seemed to want to say something.

“Bang!!!” However, right at that moment, that man’s body also exploded. It was not that he was trying to die. Rather, there was something in his body that ended up killing him the moment he said something that he shouldn’t have.

“Chu Feng, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.”

In response, the others also began to speak. Merely, they were not truly planning to tell Chu Feng anything. Instead, they planned to, like the man before them, trigger the thing within their bodies and kill themselves.

The reason for that was because even Chu Feng was unable to stop the explosions from within their bodies.

In a blink of an eye, all nine of the Dark Hall’s experts died from their bodies exploding.