Chapter 1918 - People From The Dark Hall

Chapter 1918 - People From The Dark Hall

“In that case, I’ll ask you a couple of questions,” Then, Xian Miaomiao proceeded to ask Lil’ Red a couple of questions regarding the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flower’s distinctive features.

To Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao’s surprise, Lil’ Red actually managed to correctly answer all of the questions. Furthermore, it answered them immediately. It truly had the appearance of knowing where the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers were.

With this being the case, not to mention Xian Miaomiao, even Chu Feng was overjoyed. The reason for that was because they were finally able to see hope after searching for so long with no fruit to be found. They felt as if they were finally able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Afterward, Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao allowed Lil’ Red to lead the way, and began to rapidly proceed toward the location of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers.

After an entire day of traveling, Chu Feng’s expression suddenly changed, and his gaze became extremely complicated. Then, he suddenly stopped.

At that moment, Chu Feng looked to Lil’ Red and asked, “Lil’ Red, tell me honestly, are you deceiving us?”

“Ah? Great sir, what are you talking about? I am obedient, how could I possibly deceive the two of you?” Hearing Chu Feng’s question, Lil’ Red started to panic slightly.

“The place ahead is simply not the location of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers. Instead, it’s the location of your race, isn’t it?” Chu Feng said.

Xian Miaomiao also narrowed her long, shapely eyebrows. In a rather angry manner, she asked, “Lil’ Red, is what Chu Feng said correct?” The reason for that was because this matter was extremely important to her.

“Aiya, I was wrong, okay? I just wanted to go back home. I merely wanted to see my relatives before going to find the Ancient Era’s Immortal Flowers,” Seeing that his plan was exposed, Lil’ Red spoke in a very wronged manner.

“Lil’ Red, you little bastard! You actually dared to deceive me. Watch as I take care of you,” At that moment, Xian Miaomiao was planning to teach Lil’ Red a ruthless lesson.

“Miaomiao, stop,” However, this time around, Chu Feng actually stopped her.

At this moment, Xian Miaomiao was extremely shocked. She did not understand why Chu Feng would stop her. After all, Lil’ Red deceiving them was something extremely detrimental to the both of them.

As for Lil’ Red, it was even more astonished. With an extremely shocked expression, it looked to Chu Feng. There was confusion in its eyes. It also did not understand why Chu Feng would help it. After all, it even knew that it would be extremely dangerous should this matter be exposed.

“Lil’ Red, prepare yourself,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah? Great sir, what are you talking about?” Lil Red was even more puzzled.

“Your relatives are no longer here,” Chu Feng said.

“What?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Xian Miaomiao’s eyes started to flicker. She seemed to have realized something.

“Great sir, what are you talking about? Why do I not understand?” Lil’ Red was still very confused.

“You can go and look for yourself,” Chu Feng rescued Lil’ Red from Xian Miaomiao’s grasp. Then, he let go of Lil’ Red. At that moment, he was not afraid of Lil’ Red running away.

After being freed, Lil’ Red immediately flew ahead. Seeing that, Xian Miaomiao, who seemed to have realized something, immediately followed after it. As for Chu Feng, he also followed after them.

The three of them all possessed extremely fast speeds. As they traveled rapidly, they soon arrived at Lil’ Red’s home.

It was a small field. This should be the home of the Royal Spirit Insects.

Originally, there should have been many complicated caves in this place. The reason for that was because there had originally been several thousands of Royal Spirit Insects living here.

However, at that moment, the place had been left in utter destruction. It had been turned into an enormous crater.

Furthermore, inside the enormous crater as well as on the sides of the enormous crater, lay many dead insects. Those insects were all dried up. As such, it was simply impossible to see their original forms. However, Chu Feng was able to feel that they should have died not long ago.

“No! No! No!!!!!!”

Seeing this scene, Lil’ Red started to become frantic and began to shout hysterically.

Looking at Lil’ Red acting like this, Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao both felt some pain in their hearts. Although they had only met Lil’ Red not long ago, and they were both certain that Lil’ Red was an extremely vile and shameless insect, and they had been brought here by Lil’ Red with the intention to trap them, as they heard Lil’ Red’s screams and saw Lil’ Red’s current appearance, Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao were unable to feel any anger or hatred for Lil’ Red.

At that moment, not only was Lil’ Red’s voice hysterical, it was also filled with grief.

The pain of having one’s clan exterminated was extremely painful to bear. Chu Feng had personally experienced it before. Thus, he knew very well what sort of pain Lil’ Red was going through, and sympathized with him.


Right at that moment, Lil’ Red turned into a ray of red light and flew toward the area ahead.

“Miaomiao, follow her,” In response, Chu Feng grabbed Xian Miaomiao and began to chase after Lil’ Red.

With Chu Feng’s speed, he was completely capable of catching up to Lil’ Red. However, he didn’t do so. The reason for that was because he felt that Lil’ Red must’ve sensed something.

That was indeed the case. Lil’ Red had managed to detect the aura of its clansmen. Furthermore, it soon caught up to its clansmen. Merely, what appeared before Chu Feng, Lil’ Red and Xian Miaomiao’s line of sight was not only Lil’ Red’s clansmen. There were also ten figures.

They were humans. A total of ten humans. They were all rank four Martial Emperors. They were all wearing black cloaks, and the same strange mask. It was the outfit of the Dark Hall. They were actually people from the Dark Hall.

Even though it was extremely inconceivable, it remained that they were indeed people from the Dark Hall. People from the Dark Hall had actually also managed to enter this place safely. Furthermore, many of them had been able to enter.

Furthermore, all of these people from the Dark Hall were world spiritists. Although they were only Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, they were currently controlling a grand formation.

It was an unsealing formation. The center of this formation was packed full with Royal Spirit Insects. The auras of those Royal Spirit Insects were still present. However, they were all dead. Like the ones inside and by that enormous crater, they were all dried up and dead.

However, they had not been directly killed. Instead, they had been refined to death. It was that spirit formation that had taken their lives.


Lil’ Red was incomparably furious. As if mad, it charged towards the people from the Dark Hall.


Lil’ Red’s speed was truly fast. Her extremely fast speed was able to turn into an extremely powerful impulse. Lil’ Red collided with one of the people from the Dark Hall, and directly knocked that person several meters away.

“What is it?”

Originally, the ten Dark Hall’s experts were all focused on the spirit formation. Thus, Lil’ Red’s collision came as an enormous shock to them.

“There’s actually another one that escaped. Catch it!”

After seeing Lil’ Red, five of the ten experts from the Dark Hall continued to control the spirit formation, while the other five stood up and began to join hands to capture Lil’ Red.

As for Lil’ Red, she was frantically colliding with the five Dark Hall’s experts, sending them rolling on the ground.

Feeling helpless, the five of them all began to set up spirit formations to seal off Lil’ Red’s movements. However, their spirit formations were simply unable to stop Lil’ Red at all. To Lil’ Red, their spirit formations were simply useless.

“That insect is somewhat special. Capture it. That insect must possess even stronger energies. If we are to throw it into the formation, it will be able to greatly reduce the time needed to undo the spirit formation.”

After trying to seal Lil’ Red off with spirit formations, the people from the Dark Hall realized that Lil’ Red was very powerful. After the five let out their cries of alarm, the other five Dark Hall’s experts actually all stopped controlling the spirit formation and joined the rest to surround Lil’ Red.