Chapter 1902 - Came Prepared

Chapter 1902 - Came Prepared

“Why’s that?” Xian Yuyin and his father asked simultaneously.

“Because if he dares to accept my challenge, I will bet my life against his. With our lives as the bet, how could he possibly dare?” The Avaricious Immortal said.

“Lives as the bet?” Hearing those words, the expressions of Xian Yuyin and his father both changed. Then, his father added, “Avaricious, how certain are you that you can defeat Chu Feng?”

“As I said, if I am to compete with Chu Feng with martial power, I am not a match for him. However, in terms of World Spirit Techniques, Chu Feng is definitely inferior to me,” The Avaricious Immortal said confidently.

“Avaricious Immortal, for you to help us like this, what is it that you might want from us?” Xian Yuyin knew that the Avaricious Immortal was never someone to conduct a losing transaction.

“Young Master, although I am avaricious, I also know the ways of the wise. The benefit that I want today is very simple; I merely wish to stand under the the giant tree that is Milord and Young Master so that I can have a place that will shelter me from the wind and rain,” The Avaricious Immortal said with a courteous bow.

Hearing those words, Xian Yuyin revealed an expression of confusion. The Avaricious Immortal was extremely greedy; this was something that everyone in the Holy Land of Martialism knew.

Yet, he actually wanted to help them unconditionally today. He truly did not understand what the Avaricious Immortal was planning.

“Very well. It is rare for you to come to such an enlightenment. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, you shall, from today forward, be on the same boat as us father and son. We shall enjoy blessings and endure misfortunes together,” At that moment, Xian Yuyin’s father straightforwardly accepted the Avaricious Immortal’s plan.

Then, Xian Yuyin’s father took out a jade pendant and handed it to the Avaricious Immortal, saying, “This is our family heirloom that was given to me by my father. In order to show our good faith in cooperating with you, I will give this jade pendant to you.”

Seeing this jade pendant, Xian Yuyin’s expression changed once again. Although that jade pendant was not a priceless treasure, it possessed extraordinary significance. It was indeed something his grandfather had passed on to his father.

“Thank you Milord. This Avaricious Immortal will definitely not disappoint you. Milord and Young Master, you merely need to wait for the show tomorrow,” The Avaricious Immortal accepted the pendant and then turned to leave.

“Father, I don’t understand. The Avaricious Immortal has always been someone who values wealth and valuables as much as his own life. Today, he actually came to help us of his own accord without demanding anything. This doesn’t seem like his character,” Xian Yuyin said in a puzzled manner.

“Oh Yuyin, you don’t understand. Chu Feng and the Avaricious Immortal are absolutely irreconcilable enemies. Right now, Chu Feng is on the verge of rising in power. Seeing this, the Avaricious Immortal will naturally feel very uneasy. It could be said that he is more anxious and fearful than anyone else.”

“If Chu Feng is to emerge in power, the only thing awaiting the Avaricious Immortal will be death. Compared to us father and son, he is the one who is feeling the actual imminent danger.”

“Thus, to speak of it precisely, he is not helping us. Rather, he is helping himself,” Xian Yuyin’s father said.

“So that’s this case. I understand now,” At that moment, Xian Yuyin came to a sudden realization. Then, he revealed an extremely cold gaze and muttered, “Chu Feng, I shall see how you can continue to act complacent tomorrow.”

Xian Yuyin was extremely confident about what would happen tomorrow. No matter how talented Chu Feng might be, he remained a member of the younger generation. Even if Chu Feng was a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, Xian Yuyin believed that he would absolutely not be a match for the Avaricious Immortal.

The reason for that was because world spirit techniques were extremely different from martial techniques. World spirit techniques possessed all sorts of complicated spirit formations that required a lot of time to specially study. In other words, to learn world spirit techniques was even more difficult than learning martial cultivation. With how young Chu Feng was, he would naturally not have as much experience as an old monster like the Avaricious Immortal.


The next day. Chu Feng and the others arrived at the Ancient Era’s Palace again.

Merely, this time around, not only was there no one that dared to lash out at Chu Feng, the crowd instead all took the initiative to greet and chat with Chu Feng. With smiles across their faces, they appeared to be extremely amiable.

In fact, even the four tall, short, fat and skinny Grand Elders that possessed extraordinary statuses smiled and nodded at Chu Feng. Although they did not say anything, they had demonstrated their acknowledgement of Chu Feng.

However, to the crowd’s surprise, Xian Yuyin and his father had also arrived at the Ancient Era’s Palace again.

This came as a great astonishment to the Ancient Era’s Elves. With the temperaments of Xian Yuyin and his father, it should be impossible for them to return here. Could it be that their nature had finally changed for the better?

That was what the grand characters present were thinking. After all, that was the only way to explain their actions, as they could not think of another reason why that pair of father and son would let go of their dignity to come here again.

After everyone arrived, the Avaricious Immortal stepped forward, saluted the Elf King and said, “Your Majesty, due to having an important matter to take care of, my senior brother had to leave last night.”

“I know. I believe the Immeasurable Immortal has entrusted some things to you, Avaricious Immortal. It is now up to you to do what you should,” The Elf King said.

“Your Majesty, that is actually precisely what this Avaricious Immortal wanted to mention today,” The Avaricious Immortal said.

“Avaricious Immortal, could there be something wrong?” The Elf King was very smart. From the Avaricious Immortal’s tone, he had determined that something bad had happened.

“Your Majesty, when my senior brother and I were making the Blood Devouring Armors, we had tailor made them for Princess Miaomiao and Young Master Yuyin.”

“But now, Princess Miaomiao wants to enter the Blood Devouring Killing Formation with Chu Feng. I’m afraid that that won’t do, for the Blood Devouring Armor can only be donned by Young Master Yuyin and not Chu Feng,” The Avaricious Immortal said.

“What? There’s actually such a thing? Why did we not hear of this from the Immeasurable Immortal?” Once the Avaricious Immortal said those words, the crowd began to discuss the matter spiritedly, and many were expressing their doubt.

“You’re lying,” As for Xian Miaomiao, she even directly lashed out at the Avaricious Immortal. She had a face of disbelief.

“This matter is absolutely true. This Avaricious Immortal does not have the boldness to lie to everyone here. If Milords do not believe me, I can take out the Blood Devouring Armor and have little friend Chu Feng personally inspect it. As little friend Chu Feng is also a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, I believe he will be able to tell whether or not I’m lying,” The Avaricious Immortal said.

“I can give it a try,” Chu Feng nodded calmly. Actually, the moment he saw Xian Yuyin’s arrival, he knew that something would happen today.

The reason for that was because everyone knew that they were gathered here again because Chu Feng and Xian Miaomiao would be receiving the Blood Devouring Armor.

Logically, it should be impossible for Xian Yuyin to be willing to personally bear witness to that. When even ordinary people would not be willing to witness something like that, how could such a narrow-minded man like Xian Yuyin possibly be willing to?

However, not only had Xian Yuyin come, he also did not have any trace of anger or displeasure on his face. It was as if nothing had happened yesterday. Furthermore, the gaze with which he was looking at Chu Feng seemed to possess a bit of schadenfreude.

Chu Feng knew that they had come prepared. Furthermore, he had managed to guess that their plan would have something to do with the Avaricious Immortal. After all, he and the Avaricious Immortal were enemies. Thus, it would be reasonable for the Avaricious Immortal to join hands with Xian Yuyin and his father.

As for Chu Feng, what he needed to do now was destroy their scheme and turn their beautiful dream to nothingness.

“Little friend Chu Feng, please have a look,” The Avaricious Immortal took out the two Blood Devouring Armors.

The two Blood Devouring Armors were indeed very special. They were made entirely of deep red insects. As for those insects, they were all the same size; half a finger long and oval in shape.

Although those bugs had already been made into armor, they were actually all alive. Furthermore, Chu Feng was able to sense that the two Blood Devouring Armors were very extraordinary.