Chapter 1901 - Truly A Brilliant Plan

Chapter 1901 - Truly A Brilliant Plan

“Well then, it is quite late now. Everyone, let’s allow little friend Chu Feng to return and rest,” Seeing that the crowd was surrounding Chu Feng and chatting nonstop, the Elf King personally decided to help get Chu Feng out of the difficult situation.

“Right, right, right. To trigger nine Ancient Era’s Immortal Needles is a very exhausting thing to do. You should return and get some proper rest,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“What Miaomiao said is right. It’s better to return and rest,” Seeing that, the other people also echoed in agreement.

Even though they were telling Chu Feng to rest, they possessed expressions of not wanting Chu Feng to leave. To see a miracle happen with their very eyes, they were all feeling extremely excited. It was unable to describe what their current state of mind was. Likely, they would end up being unable to sleep tonight.

At that moment, Xian Yuyin muttered in displeasure, “He’s merely a human, is it worth acting like this?”

As the people present were all extraordinary individuals, they all possessed exceptional perception. Thus, they all managed to hear Xian Yuyin’s muttering.

Hearing Xian Yuyin’s mutter, the expressions on the crowd that surrounded Chu Feng all changed. They involuntarily cast a side eye at Xian Yuyin.

The great majority of them were all Xian Yuyin’s seniors, existences on par with his father. Yet, Xian Yuyin actually dared to say such a thing about them. Naturally, they would be extremely displeased.

However, although they were displeased, they did not bother to argue with Xian Yuyin. After all, Xian Yuyin was of the younger generation. If they were to publicly argue with Xian Yuyin before the Elf King, they would make themselves look unbefitting of their status.

That said, while it was unsuitable for them to speak, there was nothing stopping Chu Feng from speaking. After all, he was also part of the younger generation.

Thus, at that moment, Chu Feng looked to Xian Yuyin. With a smile on his face, he asked, “Xian Yuyin, may I ask, did I win the match between us?”

“Humph,” Hearing those words, Xian Yuyin’s complexion turned black. He did not answer Chu Feng. Instead, he waved his sleeve and then flew away.

Xian Yuyin had left. To be exact, it appeared more like he had escaped. The reason for that was because he had utterly lost all face today. He had become worthless by competing with Chu Feng. At such a time, even he found himself to be unable to continue staying and arguing with Chu Feng.

“That child, he’s truly been spoiled by me,” Seeing that Xian Yuyin had left without even bidding farewell to the crowd, Xian Yuyin’s father revealed a difficult expression.

Even though he was also extremely enraged and unwilling to accept what had happened, he knew that it would be very humiliating should he reveal his anger and his irreconcilability at such a time.

Furthermore, as Xian Yuyin had already lost his cool, it was even more important that he keep his calm. Thus, Xian Yuyin’s father forced out a smile and said to Chu Feng, “I hope that little friend Chu Feng will not take offense to this.”

“It’s no bother. I merely wanted to know whether or not I have won the competition between Xian Yuyin and me,” Chu Feng asked again.

At that moment, the people from the Elf Kingdom all smiled slightly. However, no one said anything. The outcome of the match had been decided. That was something that Chu Feng knew very well too. For Chu Feng to ask such a question, he was simply deliberately making things difficult for Xian Yuyin and his father.

This was something that everyone present was able to tell. However, no one tried to speak for Xian Yuyin’s father. It seemed as if they were deliberately waiting him to be embarrassed.

Seeing that his own clansmen were refusing to speak for him, and were instead standing on Chu Feng’s side, Xian Yuyin’s father felt extremely displeased.

Even though he did not want to admit it, in the end, he could only clench his teeth and force out another smile. He said, “Little friend Chu Feng is exceptionally talented. My son is no match for you.”

At that moment, Xian Miaomiao suddenly said, “Since it’s Chu Feng’s victory, I will have to trouble uncle to inform Xian Yuyin,”

“Inform him of what?” Xian Yuyin’s father asked in a confused manner.

“Inform him to stop bothering me,” Xian Miaomiao said.

“......” Hearing those words, even though Xian Yuyin’s father’s endurance was extraordinary, he was still unable to contain himself. He did not say anything, and merely nodded. Then, he turned around and left immediately.

However, faced with the battered appearance of Xian Yuyin’s father, the Elf Kingdom’s Elves did not feel any sympathy for him. Instead, some among them actually sneered.

After all, Xian Yuyin and his father possessed no hatred or grievances with Chu Feng. Yet, they had deliberately tried to make things difficult for him from the very start. Furthermore, it was Xian Yuyin who had suggested the match in the first place. Thus, they had merely courted their own humiliation today.


After this matter was over, Chu Feng returned to his residence. Of course, Xian Miaomiao and Princess Lingyue also accompanied Chu Feng to his residence. The two sisters did not plan to let Chu Feng slip by that easily. They still wished to ask him many more questions.

At the same time, in Xian Yuyin’s father’s residence. An unexpected guest had arrived to pay him a visit. It was the Avaricious Immortal.

“Avaricious Immortal, what has brought you here?”

“If you do not have anything important to say, please forgive me for not being able to attend to you.”

At that moment, Xian Yuyin’s father was feeling extremely unwell. Today, he had become extremely depressed. He was not only depressed because his son was defeated by Chu Feng. In addition to that, he was depressed because the talent which Chu Feng had revealed was truly too astonishing. Even the Elf King had begun to think very highly of Chu Feng.

As for Xian Miaomiao, she seemed to have a very favorable impression of Chu Feng as well. The way he saw it, this situation was extremely bad.

If Chu Feng were to grow up and really become an Overlord in the future, it would not be impossible for the Elf King to marry Xian Miaomiao to Chu Feng. At that time, the plan that he and his son had would be completely ruined.

Thus, at this moment, Xian Yuyin and his father were extremely vexed. As such, how could they possibly have the heart to bother with the Avaricious Immortal?

“Haha…” Seeing the depressed appearances that Xian Yuyin and his father had, the Avaricious Immortal chuckled lightly. Then, he said, “This Avaricious Immortal has come here for the sake of helping Milord and Young Master with your worries and difficulties.”

“Helping us with worries and difficulties? What could you possibly do?” Xian Yuyin’s father chuckled slightly. The tone with which he said those words was filled with contempt.

Although the Avaricious Immortal was a grand character in the Holy Land of Martialism, he would not amount to much before Xian Yuyin’s father.

“I know that what is vexing Milord and Young Master is that Chu Feng,” The Avaricious Immortal said.

“Oh? And what of it?” Xian Yuyin’s father asked.

“Chu Feng possesses exceptional talent. Furthermore, he has managed to become a Martial Emperor from a Martial King in a short period of time. The speed of his growth is astonishing and simply unprecedented.”

“If what happened today is to spread out, it is likely everyone will think that the person that will become this era’s Overlord will be none other than Chu Feng,” The Avaricious Immortal said.

“What you’re saying is simply rubbish,” The more Xian Yuyin’s father heard, the more annoyed he became. He actually revealed an expression of anger.

“Milord, don’t be so anxious. I have a way to stop that Chu Feng from emerging in power,” The Avaricious Immortal said.

“Oh?” It was only when he heard those words that Xian Yuyin’s father’s expression changed slightly. In a dubious manner, he said, “Let’s hear it.”

“The Blood Devouring Armors have already been completed. Originally, my senior brother had planned to personally hand them over to Princess Miaomiao and Young Master Yuyin in the Ancient Era’s Palace today.”

“However, this ended up being delayed by the appearance of Chu Feng. Furthermore, as my senior brother had an urgent matter to take care of, he has already left. Currently, the Blood Devouring Armors are with me.”

“Tomorrow, I will have to hand the Blood Devouring Armors to Chu Feng and Princess Miaomiao. However… as my senior brother is not here, I am able to make some slight alterations to the Blood Devouring Armors. Then, tomorrow, using the reason that the Blood Devouring Armors were tailor-made, I will have Chu Feng be unable to don the Blood Devouring Armor.”

“Like that, Chu Feng would not be able to enter the Blood Devouring Killing Formation with Princess Miaomiao; she will have to go by herself.”

“However, I believe that with how dangerous the Blood Devouring Killing Formation is, even the Elf King will not be at ease having Princess Miaomiao enter it by herself. Thus, at that time, Young Master Yuyin will have to be the one to accompany Princess Miaomiao,” The Avaricious Immortal said.

After hearing what the Avaricious Immortal said, both Xian Yuyin and his father became spirited. However, Xian Yuyin’s father was still skeptical. He said, “Chu Feng is a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. I’m afraid that he will be able to see through your scheme.”

“So what if he does? As long as the others cannot, there is nothing that he can do about it. Moreover, although I might now be inferior to that Chu Feng in terms of martial power, that Chu Feng is absolutely inferior to me in terms of world spirit techniques.”

“If he dares to question me publicly, I will personally request a match in world spirit techniques against him. I will bestow him a public humiliation,” The Avaricious Immortal said.

“Haha, brilliant, what a truly brilliant plan,” Xian Yuyin’s father suddenly stood up and began to clap his hands.

Xian Yuyin’s father had been feeling vexed from the moment Chu Feng had triggered the first Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle tonight. And now, he had finally managed to obtain a piece of good news.

“Perhaps he might even have the courage to compete with me in terms of world spirit techniques,” The Avaricious Immortal revealed a cold smile.