Chapter 1887 - The Arrival Of The Princess

Chapter 1887 - The Arrival Of The Princess


The palm strike struck. Immediately, a loud explosion was heard. Like an arrow, Chu Feng was shot out of the palace hall and into the vast garden.

Although Chu Feng appeared to be left in a very sorry state, he was actually not harmed in the slightest. Everything was merely an act.


However, at that moment, Xian Yushi’s expression was twisted. He hurriedly looked to his palm that had landed on Chu Feng. It was only then that he discovered that while his palm appeared to be completely fine, all the bones in his hand were actually shattered. The pain of having his bones shattered caused his expression to become twisted.

All of this was caused by Chu Feng. His hand was shattered because his palm had struck Chu Feng.

“Damn it, he actually plotted against me,” Xian Yushi was extremely enraged. The way he saw it, Chu Feng had secretly done something to harm him. However, Chu Feng had actually only readied a simple defensive measure, and simply had not planned to harm Xian Yushi. The reason why Xian Yushi was injured was only because his physique was too weak.

“Wow! Big brother Yushi, you’re amazing. Even Chu Feng was knocked flying by you.”

“Big brother Yushi, wouldn’t that mean that you can kill and defeat rank three Martial Emperors? We truly never expected you to be this powerful.”

“Before, we had always thought that, of all the big brothers, big brother Yuyin was the most powerful. It’s only now that we have found out that big brother Yushi is actually as powerful as big brother Yuyin.”

Right at the moment when Xian Yushi wanted to flare up at Chu Feng, the two little girls started to jump and skip around him. The two of them were looking at him with faces filled with adoration.

The words of the two little girls caused Xian Yushi, who was extremely enraged, to immediately grin from ear to ear. Especially when they said that he was as strong as Xian Yuyin, he smiled so very brilliantly.

Xian Yuyin was his biological older brother. He was the target that Xian Yushi had chased after his whole life. Merely, due to their difference in age, Xian Yushi had been unable to catch up with Xian Yuyin.

The words spoken by the two little girls caused him to feel as if he had been acknowledged and allowed him to regain his confidence. That was the reason why he was so happy.

Overjoyed, Xian Yushi said confidently, “Of course. How could the strength of us Ancient Era’s Elves possibly be something that humans could compare to? With the same level of cultivation, there is no human that can defeat us Ancient Era’s Elves,”

Hearing what Xian Yushi said, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself, and burst into laughter. He truly did not expect for such shameless scum to be among the Ancient Era’s Elves.

This clearly illustrated a principle. There were countless beings in the world. These beings were separated into many different races. However, regardless of what race it might be, there would always be scum. These scum all possessed the same characteristics. That is, they were all despicable and shameless.

“What are you all doing?”

Right at that moment, a woman’s voice was suddenly heard. Following that, several tens of figures walked in. The great majority of them were of the Ancient Era’s Elves’ younger generation. As for the person leading them, it was Princess Lingyue.

“Big sister Lingyue,” The two little girls were very excited when they saw Princess Lingyue and both ran toward her.

“Chu Feng, why are you still not greeting Princess Lingyue after seeing her?” At that moment, Xian Yushi angrily reprimanded Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng pays his respects to Princess Lingyue,” As Chu Feng spoke, he planned to courteously greet her. He was not doing so because Xian Yushi had berated him. Rather, he felt that Princess Lingyue’s appearance would cause his current situation to change.

Chu Feng had not placed Xian Yushi in his eyes since the very beginning. He had thought that Princess Lingyue was the mastermind of all this. Even though Xian Yushi truly disliked Chu Feng, Chu Feng felt that all of this was a trial given to him by Princess Lingyue.

Thus, the moment when Princess Lingyue appeared, it was as if Chu Feng had seen hope. His mindset felt much better. As such, so what if he had to greet Princess Lingyue courteously?

“Chu Feng, there’s no need to stand on ceremony,” However, before Chu Feng could greet her courteously, Princess Lingyue stepped forward and stopped Chu Feng with her arms. [1. A courteous greeting would be to clasp one’s fist and bow. Basically, while Chu Feng was bowing, Princess Lingyue stepped forward and stopped him mid-bow, most likely by putting her arms on his bowing arms, and helped him stand back up straight.]


This scene greatly shocked the Ancient Era’s Elves present. This was especially true for Xian Yushi. Not only did he have a dumbstruck expression, he was also emitting a dense amount of jealousy from his eyes.

While Princess Lingyue was two thousand years old, she was the sweetheart in the dreams of countless Ancient Era’s Elves.

While Princess Lingyue was someone who treated others very amiably, she rarely had physical contact with them. Yet now, the extravagant hope that countless Ancient Era’s Elves would only dare to think about in their hearts and not out loud was actually obtained by Chu Feng. As such, how could they not be astonished, not become envious, jealous?

This was especially true for Xian Yushi. He was so jealous of Chu Feng that he wished he could hack Chu Feng into eight pieces.

“Chu Feng, what were you all doing?” Princess Lingyue asked with a beaming smile and a very amiable tone. In fact, compared to how she treated others, she appeared to be even especially gentle toward Chu Feng.

Before Chu Feng could reply, the two little girls said excitedly, “Big sister Lingyue, Chu Feng was sparring with big brother Yushi. Big brother Yushi defeated Chu Feng.”

“Little girls, what nonsense are you spouting? Although your big brother Yushi’s strength is pretty decent, how could he possibly defeat Chu Feng? Chu Feng is someone who was able to kill the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief. Among the younger generation, very few people are able to contend against him.”

“Not to mention your big brother Yushi, even your big brother Yuyin might not necessarily be a match for Chu Feng,” Princess Lingyue said.

“Big sister Lingyue, we are telling the truth. We saw it with our own eyes. If you don’t believe us, you can go and ask big brother Yushi,” The two little girls said earnestly.

“Yushi, is what they said real?” Princess Lingyue looked to Xian Yushi. At that time, the other Ancient Era’s Elves also had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

Although they had only heard rumors about Chu Feng, and were skeptical of the rumors, it remained that Xian Yushi was only a peak Half Martial Emperor.

Although Xian Yushi could be considered to be an outstanding genius among the Ancient Era’s Elves, he was not the most outstanding genius.

As for Chu Feng, he was the most reputed person in the Holy Land of Martialism right now. He was declared to be the strongest member of the younger generation. Thus, to say that Xian Yushi had defeated Chu Feng was something that none of them believed.

“Cough cough…” At that moment, Xian Yushi tidied up his clothing in a complacent manner.

Then, he said, “Big sis Lingyue, it is indeed the truth. I sparred against Chu Feng earlier and defeated him. If you do not believe me, you can ask…” Xian Yushi wanted to have Chu Feng admit that he was defeated by him.

“It is better seeing than to hear. How about the two of you spar again, so that we can broaden our horizons?” Princess Lingyue said.

“Your Highness, what a great suggestion,” The other Ancient Era’s Elves echoed in succession.

“I will naturally have no issue. Merely, I do not know whether Chu Feng might be willing. After all, he was struck by my palm strike earlier. I fear that he will not be able to withstand another palm strike from me,” Xian Yushi said with an indifferent expression.

However, at the same time as he was saying that, he was secretly sending a voice transmission to Chu Feng. He was telling Chu Feng to refuse the sparring with the reasoning that he was afraid.