Chapter 1886 - When Underneath Eaves

MGA: Chapter 1886 - When Underneath Eaves

“The things that the Ancient Era’s Elves eat are truly special,” As Chu Feng looked at the black goo in the bowl, he smiled and did not accept it.

“This is not something that we Ancient Era’s Elves eat.”

“This is called the Black Lotus Goo. It is a special substance produced by an ancient era’s fatal poison. However, I’ve heard that it can be eaten. Merely, I did not dare to attempt to eat it. That’s why I wanted you to help me test whether or not this thing can be eaten, and whether or not it tastes good,” Xian Yushi said with a smile on his face. His smile was extremely sinister.

“You wish to use me as a test subject?” Chu Feng asked.

“You don’t have to eat it. However, if you choose to not eat it, then you can forget about obtaining the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower,” Xian Yushi said.

“Are you saying that you will give me a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower should I eat it?” Chu Feng asked.

“If you eat it, you will have a chance to obtain the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower. However, if you don’t, you will have no chance at all,” Xian Yushi said.


Chu Feng extended his hand and received the bowl of Black Lotus Goo. He opened his mouth, raised his head and actually swallowed the entire bowlful of sticky substance at once.

“Mn?” Seeing Chu Feng drain the bowl with a single gulp, Xian Yushi was slightly startled. He did not expect that Chu Feng would have the courage to eat such a dangerous substance.

Unable to help himself, Xian Yushi stood up and began to carefully inspect Chu Feng. He wished to see what sort of reaction Chu Feng would have.

After inspecting Chu Feng and discovering that Chu Feng was completely fine, he started to frown deeply.

“How does it taste?” Xian Yushi asked.

“Hard to say. If Young Master Yushi is interested in knowing, you can give it a try yourself,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“There’s no need for that,” Xian Yushi smiled lightly.

“That bastard,” At that moment, Eggy was gnashing her teeth in anger. It was clear that Xian Yushi was deliberately making things difficult for Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng was fine with it. “It’s fine. I am interested in seeing exactly how he plans to continue to make things difficult for me.”

“Taa, taa, taa~~~”

Right at this moment, two little girls ran in. Right after they came in, they shouted ‘Big brother Yushi.’ Seeing the two little girls, Xian Yushi revealed a smile on his face. It seemed that he possessed a very good relationship with the two little girls.

However, Chu Feng was able to tell with a single glance that Xian Yushi’s smile was fake. He was pretending to smile. This meant that he actually did not truly like the two little girls.

With how proud and arrogant Xian Yushi was, he should be someone who would refuse to acknowledge even fellow Ancient Era’s Elves.

However, Xian Yushi was pretending to be this enthusiastic toward the two little girls. From this, Chu Feng was able to tell that the two little girls most definitely possessed very special statuses. Else, Xian Yushi would not try to fawn over them in such a manner.

“You two, did you hear that big brother Yushi returned? Is that why you immediately ran over here?” Xian Yushi asked with a smile.

“We’ve heard that Chu Feng came. We wanted to have a look at that Chu Feng,” The two little girls said in unison.

“What?” Hearing those words, the smile on Xian Yushi’s face immediately turned stiff. He took a fierce glance at Chu Feng. It could be seen that the words that the two little girls said had caused Xian Yushi to feel extremely displeased.

“Wow, you must be that Chu Feng, right? I’ve heard of your distinguished name. Reportedly, you’re extremely powerful, and even Martial Emperors are no match for you.”

“I’ve also heard that even the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief was killed by you. Wasn’t he a rank three Martial Emperor? A rank nine Half Martial Emperor was able to kill a rank three Martial Emperor? How did you accomplish that?”

The two little girls were running circles around Chu Feng. It was as if they had seen their idol. Their innocent eyes were filled with adoration.

Seeing this scene, Xian Yushi’s expression became even uglier. He was so enraged that his eyes turned red, and he started to tightly clench his fists within his sleeves.

“Rumors cannot be trusted. This Chu Feng is not as amazing as you two have imagined him to be,” Xian Yushi said.

“In that case, between Chu Feng and big brother Yushi, who is stronger?” The two little girls asked.

“Humph, it’ll naturally be me,” Xian Yushi stuck his chest out.

“Pfff…” Hearing those words, Eggy was unable to contain herself, and burst into loud laughter. Then she said, “This trash, where did he get his confidence from?”

“We don’t believe that.”

In fact, it was not only Eggy who felt that Xian Yushi was bursting with confidence, even the two little girls were shaking their heads repeatedly.

Hearing those words, Xian Yushi’s already ugly face turned ashen. Then, he said, “If you all don’t believe me, I can spar with Chu Feng. I’ll let you two know who, between Chu Feng and I, is stronger.”

“Really? That’ll be great,” Hearing what Xian Yushi said, the two little girls started to hop around in joy while clapping their hands nonstop.

“Chu Feng, you could be considered to have quite a reputation. However, I have always been skeptical of your strength. How about the two of us have a spar?” Xian Yushi said to Chu Feng with a smile on his face. However, he soon sent a voice transmission and said, “Chu Feng, if you want the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower, you know what to do.”

“That bastard! He’s simply telling you to lose on purpose. Chu Feng, beat him to death. You cannot tolerate a bastard like him,” Eggy was extremely angered by Xian Yushi’s actions.

It was no wonder Xian Yushi was this confident. He was actually planning to make threats and promises to have Chu Feng lose to him on purpose. He was simply too shameless.

“It’s merely pretending to lose to him, and not really losing to him. If I am really able to obtain the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower with only that, it would be worth it,” Chu Feng said.

“But you should know that bastard will not give you a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower even if you are to lose,” Eggy said.

“It doesn’t matter whether or not he is willing to give me a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower. All that matters is whether or not Princess Lingyue is willing to give me a Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower,” Chu Feng said.

“Your intention is…” Eggy’s eyes shone. She seemed to have thought of something.

“Xian Yushi is merely a chess piece. I do not care what he thinks. However, I do care what Princess Lingyue thinks.”

“Since Princess Lingyue allowed me to come in, but did not personally receive me, and instead had Xian Yushi, who dislikes me, receive me, it was clear that she has done so with a purpose. If all these deliberate difficulties are trials, then I must endure these trials.”

“I have promised Ruochen that I will bring back a Ten Thousand Leave Sparrowtail Flower.”

As Chu Feng said those words, his heart was determined. As such, it was unsuitable for Eggy to say anymore. She knew Chu Feng’s temperament. What he had decided could not be changed by anyone else.

“Chu Feng, do you dare to fight me or not?” Xian Yushi urged.

“Please,” At that moment, Chu Feng smiled lightly. He had decided to face Xian Yushi.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right after Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, Xian Yushi immediately began to move his hands to attack Chu Feng. From this, it could be seen how impatient he was.

With a cultivation of rank nine Half Martial Emperor, with a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivations and perfected martial skills, Xian Yushi would most definitely be considered to be a peak genius in the Holy Land of Martialism.

However, to Chu Feng, his attacks were filled with loopholes. As such, he was able to easily dodge Xian Yushi’s attacks. But, for the sake of obtaining the Ten Thousand Leaves Sparrowtail Flower, Chu Feng could not dodge them, and had to let them hit him.

Chu Feng first put up an act by dodging a couple of Xian Yushi’s attacks. Then, he began to be surrounded by Xian Yushi’s attacks. Then, he found a suitable opportunity to cover his left chest with his concealed world spirit power. Then, Chu Feng planned to use his left chest to receive one of Xian Yushi’s palm strikes.