Chapter 1591 - Attempting To Communicate

MGA: Chapter 1591 - Attempting To Communicate

“Eggy, it’s as you said. Zi Ling and Su Rou have not come to the Immortal Island for the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly. Instead, their goal was even more dreadful. They are going to be training on the Immortal Island under the personal guidance of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.”

At this moment, Chu Feng gasped with admiration. Her Lady Queen was Her Lady Queen after all. No matter how much he might think about something, he would still fall short of Her Lady Queen.

“Actually, based on the way that blind old man has handled things in the past, this was not hard to guess. Even though Zi Ling and the others’ original intention was to help you, it remained that they ended up complying with the arrangements set up by that blind old man after coming to the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Practically every single thing that they did possessed a purpose. As for those things, they were not things that they had thought of doing themselves. After all, what they wanted to do was to be by your side. If they were allowed to do what they wanted, they would have come to find you already. How could they possibly run around all over the place and have you follow their tracks to find them?”

“The reason why you were not able to guess this earlier was not because you did not think of it. Rather, you were too worried about their safety that you did not dare to be certain of your guess,” Eggy explained.

“Truly, nothing can be hidden from you,” Chu Feng smiled. As he spoke, he projected his consciousness into his world spirit space.

“You are someone who this queen has watched grow up. Thus, how could there be anything that you could possibly hide from me?” After Eggy saw Chu Feng, she raised her face upward with pride.

“You’ve watched me grow up? How come, now that I’m already a man and no longer a youngster, you still have the appearance of a young girl?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile. As he spoke, he walked over to Eggy’s side and boldly lifted Eggy’s chin.

When he first saw Eggy, she had been as beautiful then as she was now. She possessed an incomparably youthful and pretty face. Yet, she gave off a very mature charm. Practically all of the demands that men could have of a woman could be found in Her Lady Queen. Her Lady Queen was truly a perfect woman.

However, as time passed, Chu Feng was no longer that youngster. Instead, he was now a young man. He had grown older.

However, Eggy still had the appearance of a young girl. Her outfit was still the same as before. Even the way she spoke was exactly the same as back then. It was as if the passage of time did not exist for her.

“That’s to be expected. This Queen’s divine power is unrivalled. I am able to be youthful forever,” Eggy raised her little face upward and moved away from Chu Feng’s hand. However, she did not display any antipathy toward Chu Feng’s words and actions. Rather, she was smiling a very adorable smile.

Chu Feng knew Eggy’s temperament extremely well. Even though she was someone that thought things through very meticulously, and was vicious and merciless in the way she handled things, she would only be a mischievous little girl in normal times. At this moment, what she was revealing was precisely her mischievous side.

At this moment, Chu Feng walked over to the sealed gate. He cupped his fist and said, “I know that you possess intelligence too. In all these years, other than howling, roaring and emitting overflowing killing intent, you have never once spoken with me.”

“I know that you hate me, and hate my mother, who sealed you within me, even more.”

“However, if you are to help me, I will definitely not treat you unfairly. I believe that you also know that I already have both the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation and the Evil Spirit Binding Formation ready. They are there for the sake of controlling you and making you be used by me.”

“In fact, I am able to not tell you all of this. However, you are, after all, my world spirit. Even though you have never obeyed me, nor have you ever helped me, I still do not wish to turn you into an Evil Spirit, and then turn you into my puppet, if I have the choice.”

“Thus, I wish to discuss with you. As long as you’re willing to help me, I am able to not use the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation and Evil Spirit Binding Formation, I can…”


Before Chu Feng could finish saying his words, a snarl with overflowing anger suddenly sounded. Following that, a burst of boundless killing intent began to spread. Chu Feng was able to sense how frightening the power that was surging on the other side of the gate was. If it wasn’t for the gate blocking it, merely the aura of the person sealed within the gate would be capable of tearing Chu Feng’s body apart, crushing his bones and completely exterminating both his body and his soul.

Right at this moment, Her Lady Queen walked over and earnestly advised Chu Feng. “Chu Feng, you’re thinking too much. Our Asura Spirit World is not all filled with kind-hearted people like myself.”

“The Asura Spirit World is the same as your world. It possesses kind hearted people and extremely evil people. I also know that he most definitely knows how to speak. However, he is refusing to even speak with you. All it has in its mind is killing you. This is enough to show that he is not the kind-hearted type.”

“Thus, trying to communicate with him is just wasting your time. There is truly no need for you to do so. As the saying goes, if one does not act ruthlessly, one will not be able to stand one’s ground. You must not have virtuous intentions toward a world spirit that wants to kill you. You must be ruthless.”

“Sigh, it seems that what you say is correct. It is impossible for me to have the same sort of relationship with him as I do with you. We will not be able to coexist peacefully.” Chu Feng sighed out of helplessness. As he spoke, he took a look toward that gate again. His eyes were flickering with complicated emotions.

In truth, Chu Feng did not wish to do that. After all, no matter how much killing intent this sealed Asura World Spirit had toward him, it had not harmed him at all. Furthermore, it was also his world spirit.

Merely, Chu Feng really did need its power right now. Furthermore, it seemed like it was truly impossible to communicate with it. If left in his body, it would only act as a time bomb. Thus, Chu Feng had no choice but to use the World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation and the Evil Spirit Binding Formation to control it.

“Eggy, let’s talk about this outside,” After making his decision, Chu Feng shifted his consciousness back into his body, and then opened his World Spirit Gate. After that, Eggy walked out from the World Spirit Gate.

After Eggy came out, Chu Feng directly took out the Ancient Era’s Scroll that contained the Evil Spirit Binding Formation. Due to the fact that the contents of the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram had all been grasped by Chu Feng, it meant that even the most powerful World Spirit Seal Breaking Formation had been grasped by him.

Thus, what Chu Feng needed to do right now was to grasp this Evil Spirit Binding Formation. Only after completely grasping the Evil Spirit Binding Formation would Chu Feng be able to release the vicious world spirit within his body and control it.

“How is it? Is it hard to learn?” Eggy asked Chu Feng. Eggy was only a world spirit, and not a world spiritist. As such, Chu Feng would have to rely on himself in the end. The most she could do for him would be to offer some suggestions.

“It’s not hard to learn. Merely, it’s very hard to use. That’s because that world spirit in my body is too powerful. Even if it is as you said, and is only an ordinary Martial Emperor, it remains that it is a Martial Emperor, a Martial Emperor from the Asura Spirit World. Thus, I fear that it will be very difficult to handle it.”

“The way I see it, if I wish to use this spirit formation to control it, then the minimum requirement for me… would be that I need to become a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Furthermore, I must be helped with external power in order for this to succeed.”

“The Sealing Glacier that I obtained from the Sealing Ancient Village would be of some help. However, I keep feeling that even the spirit energy of a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist would not be sufficient,” Chu Feng was worried.

“That’s easy to solve. If a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist’s spirit energy is insufficient, then use a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist’s spirit energy,” Eggy said.