Chapter 1590 - Remarkable Abilities

MGA: Chapter 1590 - Remarkable Abilities

“Big brother Chu Feng, we’re sorry. It’s actually all our fault.”

“The two of us are going to be training on the Immortal Island. However, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal does not wish for others to know that the two of us are going to stay here to train. Thus, he originally did not want to have us meet with you.”

“We were originally worried that we would really miss the opportunity to see you. However, never would we have thought that he would come and find us earlier, suddenly change his decision and allow us to come and find you. That’s why big sis Su Rou and I immediately rushed over,” Zi Ling explained.

“Likely, you must have done something to make the Weaponry Refinement Immortal change his mind. Else, he would definitely not have allowed us to meet you. That’s because we begged him to allow us to see you before. However, he decisively told us no.” When mentioning this matter, Su Rou had a displeased expression. It was evident that they had been feeling very wronged at the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s place earlier.

“Based on that, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal also knows about our relationship? Furthermore, the two of you are going to be staying here to train; is he going to accept you two as disciples?” Chu Feng asked.

He finally knew the reason why Su Rou and Zi Ling had come here. It turned out that Eggy had guessed correctly. Su Rou and Zi Ling had not come here for the sake of the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly at all. Rather, they had come to find the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

“While it is true that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal knew of our relationship and that we would be staying here to train, he is not going to accept us as disciples. He is merely going to teach us some skills,” Zi Ling explained.

“The Weaponry Refinement Immortal is going to teach you two skills without accepting you two as disciples? Could it be… it’s because of that senior?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was extremely shocked. Who was this Weaponry Refinement Immortal? The trials of the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly were very difficult. There were so many people that wished to see him, yet were not allowed to. From merely this, one could tell what sort of person the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was.

Yet, not only were Zi Ling and Su Rou allowed to stay on the Immortal Island to train, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was also going to personally teach them skills. This was truly too shocking.

It was impossible for such a thing to occur for no reason or cause. With Su Rou and Zi Ling’s status, it was even more impossible for them to obtain this sort of treatment.

Thus, Chu Feng guessed that there was only a single possibility as to why the Weaponry Refinement Immortal had decided to do that. It had to be because of Zi Ling and Su Rou’s master, that mysterious expert from the Eastern Sea Region.

“It is indeed because of Master. Master is a close friend of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. Thus, Master merely told us to hand a letter to the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. The letter told the Weaponry Refinement Immortal everything regarding us. Furthermore, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal agreed to help us immediately,” Zi Ling said.

“Huuf~~~” Even though Chu Feng had already guessed that might be the case, he still sucked in a mouthful of cold air after hearing what Zi Ling said. Then, he gasped, “That blind senior is truly someone who possesses remarkable abilities.”

“Master is indeed extremely powerful. His strength is unfathomable. Furthermore, his status in the Holy Land of Martialism seems to be extremely extraordinary. Yet, it also seems to be extremely mysterious.”

“However, master actually has his reasons as to why he refused to let us meet you. He said that big brother Chu Feng’s talent greatly surpassed our own. If we wish to help you, we must wholeheartedly train. Else, not only will we not be able to help you, we will instead become your burden.”

“In fact, that is exactly the case. We have only managed to obtain our current level of achievement through having cultivation instilled in us by master. However, big brother Chu Feng has managed to attain your current achievements through your own powers,” As Zi Ling spoke of this, she became a bit ashamed.

When she had first met Chu Feng, it had been back in the Nine Provinces Continent’s White Tiger Villa. The Zi Ling back then had been stronger than Chu Feng. If it hadn’t been for Eggy helping Chu Feng out, he would not have been a match for Zi Ling.

However, ever since she had been surpassed by Chu Feng, she had never had the chance to chase after him, and was instead left behind further and further.

She felt extremely frustrated. Her frustration was not because her cultivation was inferior to Chu Feng’s. Rather, it was because she was too weak and Chu Feng had to protect her in all aspects. In fact, she had even become the hostage of Chu Feng’s enemies, and was used to threaten him.

The reason for her frustration was the fact that she had utterly became Chu Feng’s burden.

Zi Ling had wanted to become stronger and stop being Chu Feng’s burden. She wished to help Chu Feng, because she knew that Chu Feng carried a very heavy responsibility.

And now, she had finally succeeded. At the very least, she surpassed Chu Feng in terms of cultivation. However… she felt ashamed. After all, she had not managed to obtain her current cultivation by relying on herself. Rather, she had relied on her master, that blind old man who possessed remarkable abilities.

“Zi Ling, do not joke around with me anymore. I am merely a rank eight Martial King. As for you, you’re a rank two Half Martial Emperor. Su Rou is also a rank one Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, the two of you both possess heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. The two of you are clearly stronger than me,” Chu Feng said with a light smile. Chu Feng was actually very happy from the bottom of his heart to know that Su Rou and Zi Ling’s cultivations had become stronger. He was feeling joy for the two of them.

“The person joking here is you, okay? Not to mention the power that you have grasped, merely that world spirit of yours, Eggy, is sufficient to make us feel far inferior.”

“What master said is very true. It is extremely hard for us to surpass you.”

“However, you must not be careless either. Lil sis Zi Ling and I will train wholeheartedly. While we know that it will be very difficult to surpass you, we’ll do our best to not become your burden again. If possible, we hope that there will be a day that we will be able to help you.” Even though Su Rou said those words with a smile, Chu Feng was able to sense how serious she was.

What she wanted to do was the same as what Zi Ling wanted to do. She did not want to surpass Chu Feng. Rather, she only wanted to be able to help him.

Chu Feng was no fool. How could he possibly not know why Su Rou, Su Mei and Zi Ling risked their lives to allow their bodies to be imbued with cultivation and come to the Holy Land of Martialism?

They had done all of that for him. In fact, it was not only Su Rou, Su Mei and Zi Ling; even his two brothers Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi had also done so.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Oh, that’s right. Do you two know where lil bro Wushang and senior brother Zhang Tianyi are right now?” He was truly concerned for his two brothers.

“Master has personally arranged things for all five of us. Other than Lil Mei, who has gone to the World Spiritist Alliance, we really do not know where lil bro Wushang and senior brother Zhang Tianyi have gone to,” Su Rou shook her head.

“In that case, when the two of you were sent away, how were their cultivations?” Chu Feng asked.

“The two of them are very strong. Like lil sis Zi Ling, they’re both rank two Half Martial Emperors. However, lil sis Zi Ling is about to reach a breakthrough soon. Thus, among the five of us, lil sis Zi Ling is likely to be the strongest,” Su Rou said with a smile as she looked to Zi Ling.

“My Zi Ling is truly worthy of being a Divine Body. You’re amazing indeed,” Chu Feng said with a prideful expression on his face. Actually, with how strong his perceptive ability was, how could he not be able to detect Zi Ling’s current cultivation? Without even Su Rou saying anything, Chu Feng already knew that Zi Ling was at the peak of rank two Half Martial Emperor, and was only a bit away from reaching rank three Half Martial Emperor.

In fact, it was not only Zi Ling who was about to reach a breakthrough. Su Rou was also about to reach a breakthrough. Chu Feng believed that in less than half a month, both Zi Ling and Su Rou would have their breakthroughs.

Chu Feng’s certainty was not without assurance. His assurance was the aura emitted by Su Rou and Zi Ling.

Their current auras were completely different from before. Right now, Zi Ling, Su Rou and even Su Mei could be considered to be top geniuses in the Holy Land of Martialism. They possessed extremely powerful talent in all aspects.

Afterward, Chu Feng chatted with Zi Ling and Su Rou. Furthermore, taking this opportunity, he taught Zi Ling and Su Rou the spirit formation to alleviate the pain of the backlash.

Zi Ling and Su Rou were very intelligent. Even though they did not manage to completely grasp the technique, they understood the details, as well as the method to cultivate it. After seeing Chu Feng’s spirit formation, their eyes shone with brightness. Even though they had tried many methods, and even grasped healing formations, there was no method more effective than the spirit formation that Chu Feng just taught them.

Even though their master was already that powerful, it was still Chu Feng’s spirit formation that was the most effective in alleviating the pain of the backlash.

This caused them to believe even more firmly that their big brother Chu Feng was extremely powerful. Talent was indeed not something that could be made up for through effort alone.

However, it was precisely because of this that the two of them would have to put forth even more effort. With their talents being inferior to Chu Feng’s, if they did not put forth effort, then they would really have no hope of catching up to him. At that time, they would truly become Chu Feng’s burden for the rest of their lives.

Due to the fact that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal had limited the time in which Su Rou and Zi Ling could meet with Chu Feng, the two of them hurriedly left when the time limit of one hour arrived.

The two girls were very reluctant to part with Chu Feng. While leaving, Zi Ling began to shed tears again. Even the relatively stronger Su Rou had eyes glistening with teardrops.

Compared to the two of them, Chu Feng was a lot more composed. Even though he was also reluctant to part, he still saw them off with a smile on his face.

Even though Zi Ling, Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang all received side effects in the form of backlash pain due to having cultivation instilled in them, they had all managed to obtain very decent cultivations and had extraordinary talent.

Furthermore, Su Mei had the protection of the Left Reverend in the World Spiritist Alliance, and Su Rou and Zi Ling had the protection of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal on the Immortal Island.

Even though Chu Feng did not know the whereabouts of Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang, he firmly believed that, with the ability of their master, the two of them would definitely be given a very extraordinary place to stay and learn extraordinary abilities.

Even though Chu Feng was feeling joy from the bottom of his heart to know that their cultivations had increased, that was not what he cared about the most. What Chu Feng cared about the most was whether they would be able to obtain shelter in such a chaotic place as the Holy Land of Martialism. To know that they would have the protection of experts brought Chu Feng a great amount of reassurance.