Chapter 1587 - Don’t Behave Atrociously

MGA: Chapter 1587 - Don’t Behave Atrociously

“You’re definitely mistaken. How could the five of them possibly have passed the trials?” Beitang Zimo said with an extremely unconvinced tone.

“Are you questioning my master’s judgement?” Hearing what Beitang Zimo said, Baili Xinghe’s gaze immediately turned ice-cold. It seemed that he would not tolerate anyone doubting the judgement of his master.

“I would not dare to question Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s judgement. Merely, why did the five of them pass? Give me a reason why they passed,” Beitang Zimo asked in an extremely unconvinced manner.

“Actually, it was not only the five of them that had the ability to pass the trials. A lot of the people among you all present here would have been able to pass the trials.”

“However, you all did not listen to Chu Feng’s advice, and decided to take the right passage. That is why you all have missed this chance.”

“If you wish to ask me why Chu Feng and the others have passed the trials, it is actually extremely simple. It is all because they chose to take the left passage,” Baili Xinghe said.

“What? How could it be?! It’s actually that?!!!” Hearing those words, the crowd were all stunned. They all had expressions akin to being struck by lightning. Their mindsets were all extremely chaotic.

Baili Xinghe had told them the reason why they had failed. However, this reason was extremely difficult for them to accept. That was because Chu Feng had indeed advised them to take the left passage.

Yet, not only did they not listen to him, they even mocked and insulted Chu Feng, and declared that he was telling them to die.

At this moment, they realized that they were like dogs that had bitten Lu Dongbin. Even if they failed to pass the trials, it was only brought upon by themselves.

[1. Dog biting Lu Dongbin → Someone who cannot recognize another’s good intentions and instead repays kindness with vice. Lu Dongbin is the leader of the ‘Eight Immortals’ in Chinese mythology.]

“Chu Feng, you’re truly amazing. Trusting you was indeed the correct choice. We five actually ended up being the only people to pass the trials,” At this moment, Nangong Baihe’s smile was extremely brilliant.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you’re amazing. Big brother Chu Feng, you’re amazing. Oh yeah!!!” As for Nangong Moli, she began to jump around while shouting. Her appearance was truly adorable.

It was uncertain whether Nangong Moli was doing it deliberately or not, however, she was running around Beitang Zimo as well, and would even make faces at him while she ran. With a loud voice, she shouted, “I passed. I passed. I’m amazing, more amazing than you.”

This made Beitang Zimo extremely angry. He was so angered that his complexion turned green. It was as if he had eaten a large plateful of dead flies. His veins were bulging violently. It was as if his heart were about to burst with rage.

In fact, it was not only Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli who were happy right now. Nangong Ya was also very happy. In fact, even the habitually silent and cold Tantai Xue had a rare light smile on her ice-cold face. This smile was very beautiful on her.

“No, something’s amiss. Is it going to end like this? Are the trials going to end like this?”

“Doesn’t that mean that everyone that has set foot onto the Immortal Island is gathered here?” Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s expression changed. He discovered that something was amiss.

“Of course. What else was on your mind?” Nangong Baihe took a glance at Chu Feng. She did not understand why someone as smart as Chu Feng would ask such an idiotic question.

“This……” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression became even more unsightly. That was because he had carefully inspected the plaza already, and discovered that neither Zi Ling nor Su Rou were present among the crowd.

If everyone that had reached the Immortal Island was gathered here, and the trials had also ended, didn’t that mean that Zi Ling and Su Rou did not manage to reach the Immortal Island, and that they might have encountered dangers?

“You’re overthinking. Zi Ling and Su Rou would be fine.” Sensing the change in Chu Feng’s state of mind, Eggy spoke to console him.

“But… all kinds of intelligence that we gathered already made it clear that the two of them had proceeded for the Immortal Island before us. Yet, they are not present on the Immortal Island right now. Why would that be the case? Unless… the two of them had already, damn it! Could it be that Old Daoist Ghost Face? Damn it!” Thinking till this point, Chu Feng tightly clenched his hands into fists.

“You’re acting stupid and thinking too much. Do not forget that Zi Ling and Su Mei’s master is not an ordinary person. While the two of them had said that they had come to participate in the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly, it is not certain that they have really come to do so.”

“If my guess is correct, the two of them have not come here to participate in the Weaponry Bestowment Assembly. Rather, they have come to find the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.”

“Thus, the two of them should be fine. Do not make wild guesses anymore. When you meet the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, just ask him directly.”

“After all, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s spirit formations cover the entire island and the surrounding sea. Everything that you all have experienced was seen by him. Else, he would not have known what had happened earlier.”

“Thus, regardless of what Zi Ling and Su Rou’s current situations might be, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal most definitely knows the answer. It would be much better to ask him than to make wild guesses like the way you’re doing now,” Eggy said.

“Mn, you’re right,” After hearing what Eggy said, Chu Feng voiced his agreement. However, he was still unable to completely calm himself. For some things, Chu Feng was unable to achieve a state of using only reason and remaining cool-headed. Zi Ling and Su Rou’s safety was one such thing. That was because the two of them were truly too important to Chu Feng.

At this moment, Beitang Zimo began to loudly shout in an extremely unconvinced manner. “I am unconvinced, I am unconvinced! Why? Why would they be able to pass the trials just because they selected the seemingly dangerous left passage?”

“There were people from my Beitang Imperial Clan who entered the left passage too. However, not only did they not pass the trials, one even died in there. That passage was simply a road to disaster. Could your trials exist to push us to our deaths?”

“These trials are simply bullshit! The Weaponry Bestowment Assembly is simply bullshit! This is simply a slaughtering assembly! You might as well directly call it a slaughtering assembly!”

He was unwilling to accept the truth. He was unwilling to admit that he, a grand prince from the Beitang Imperial Clan, was actually inferior to Chu Feng.


Right at this moment, Baili Xinghe’s eyes flashed. The sky immediately darkened, and an extremely frightening oppressive might came crushing down from the sky. It landed onto Beitang Zimo’s body.


Beitang Zimo was caught off guard, and was crushed to the ground by the overwhelming oppressive might. Like a dying dog, he lay on the ground. The soil on the ground began to fly about. Beitang Zimo was crushed into the soil and unable to move in the slightest.

“Young master Zimo!!!”

Seeing that, the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan immediately ran over. They wanted to rescue Beitang Zimo.

However, anyone that approached Beitang Zimo ended up being crushed into the ground by that frightening pressure from the oppressive might. They were unable to move in the slightest.


Right at this moment, stars suddenly filled the sky, then turned into a ray of light and descended from the sky.

At this moment, even Chu Feng’s expression changed. That was because, not only was that ray of light emitting frightening power, it was also emitting a very strong killing intent. Furthermore, it was aimed at Beitang Zimo and the others from the Beitang Imperial Clan.

Could it be that this Baili Xinghe was this arrogant, that he would publicly kill the people of the Beitang Imperial Clan before all these people?

Suddenly, that ray of light stopped. It stopped at a range less than a meter away from Beitang Zimo and the others.

In the end, Baili Xinghe did not kill Baitang Zimo. He was merely scaring the people from the Beitang Imperial Clan. Furthermore, he had succeeded.

That was because when Beitang Zimo was faced with that enormous power and absolute killing intent, even though he tried his best to conceal it, his body started to shiver. He was scared.

“Remember, our Immortal Island is not a place where you can behave atrociously.”

After he finished saying those words, Baili Xinghe’s eyes shone. Then that ray of light, the stars and everything else disappeared instantly. Due to the fact that they disappeared so quickly, people even felt disbelief. They were uncertain as to whether the things earlier had really happened at all.

However, when they saw Beitang Zimo and the others who were trapped in the soil, the crowd realized that all those things from before had actually happened. This Baili Xinghe was truly worthy of being the personal disciple of the Weaponry Refinement Immortal. He was extremely strong.