Chapter 1586 - Announcing The Result

MGA: Chapter 1586 - Announcing The Result

“Even though the Ancient Era’s Elves are extremely powerful, it is still unimaginable for such a genius to appear. Is what you said the truth? How accurate is your information?” Tantai Xue did not believe the story.

“It is absolutely true. My father has personally seen how powerful that Elf Kingdom’s princess was. At that time, she should only have been ten years old. However, she was already a rank one Half Martial Emperor.”

“Furthermore, her battle power was extremely strong. Even rank five Half Martial Emperors were no match for her. My father personally saw that little princess easily defeat a rank five Half Martial Emperor with her cultivation of rank one Half Martial Emperor,” Nangong Ya said.

“That’s the truth. My father was also present at that time. He also saw it,” Nangong Baihe added.

“Defeating a rank five Half Martial Emperor with the cultivation of a rank one Half Martial Emperor, doesn’t that mean that that Elf Kingdom’s little princess possesses heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation?” At this moment, Chu Feng was also enormously shocked. To be able to surmount four levels of cultivation was something that surpassed even his heaven-defying battle power.

“Indeed, she was capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation. Furthermore, that was several years ago. That Elf Kingdom’s little princess has never been seen after that. Thus, no one knows exactly what level of cultivation she currently possesses. However, one thing is certain. That is, she would be more powerful now,” Nangong Ya said.

“I truly never would’ve expected there to be this many powerful geniuses in the Holy Land of Martialism. This place is truly worthy of being known as the Overlord Domain. It sure gives one quite a sense of pressure.”

“If possible, I truly wish to be able to see exactly how powerful that Elf Kingdom’s little princess is,” Suddenly, a smile emerged on Chu Feng’s face. It was a smile of excitement.

Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline was extremely powerful. This had led to him thinking that there would not be anyone in the Holy Land of Martialism capable of contending against him.

However, it would appear now that he had been mistaken. Nangong Ya, Beitang Zimo and Dongfang Zexuan were all more powerful than Chu Feng.

As for that Baili Xinghe, the current Chu Feng was absolutely no match for him. As for that Elf Kingdom’s little princess, she was an extraordinary existence, a true demon-level character.

Chu Feng felt pressured. This pressure was from the people of the same generation as him. However, this pressure made Chu Feng very excited. He was so excited that his blood was boiling.

“Seems like you all are excited too,” Chu Feng smiled in his heart. That was because he was able to feel that the Divine Lightnings in his blood were restless. It was as if his Inherited Bloodline had also grown excited like him.

“It is said that the when the Boundary Energy disappears, it will bring forth a very grand era where heroes and talents will assemble to contend for hegemony. It will be the era in which an Overlord will be born.”

“Right now, the Boundary Energy has disappeared. Furthermore, there are a lot of demon-level characters emerging from our era’s younger generation. It would appear that this rumor is likely true.”

“To be born into this era, I truly do not know whether it is fortune or misfortune, luck or calamity.” Nangong Ya suddenly smiled. His smile was somewhat complicated.

Even though he was a genius, and an incomparable genius if placed in the Nine Powers, Nangong Ya actually did not have a very strong sense of superiority over others.

The reason for that was because he had grown up in the Nangong Imperial Clan. The Nangong Imperial Clan was a place with countless geniuses. Even though he possessed outstanding talent, even though he had put forth great effort in his martial cultivation, he had never been the strongest genius in the Nangong Imperial Clan. Never had he felt the sensation of being peerless in this world, nor had he felt the sensation of being viewed as a god by others.

Thus, even though he was seen to be extremely high and above them in the eyes of the outside crowds, even though he was a young master of the Nangong Imperial Clan, even though he was a peak genius in the Holy Land of Martialism...

…Nangong Ya actually felt inferior in his heart. He felt that even though he could be considered a genius, and was more powerful than a lot of people, he would never become the strongest genius.

In the past, he wasn’t. Currently, he wasn’t. And in the future, he would not be one either. Sooner or later, he would be forgotten by the people of the world. That was because the people would only remember the name of the strongest person in an era.

It just so happened that the era that he had been born in was the era with the most geniuses, the most demon-level characters, in the past ten thousand years. Nangong Ya felt a bit of sorrow for himself.

In this sort of era, there was simply no way for him to stick out.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s hand suddenly landed on Nangong Ya’s shoulder. With a smile, he looked to Nangong Ya and said, “I think that if this era is truly going to be the era in which an Overlord will be born, an era where outstanding heroes will contend for hegemony, then it would be one’s great fortune to have been born in this era.”

“Regardless of how much we will be able to attain in the future, at the very least, we will be able to witness the things that are going to happen in this era. That is our fortune. I think that in the future, there will be countless people who will be envious of us for having been able to be born into this era.”

“It is much like how we are envious of the people from the same era as Emperor Qing. To be able to witness Emperor Qing’s incomparable might is a kind of fortune.”

“This…” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Nangong Ya was startled. At the beginning, he was a bit perplexed. However, he soon displayed a relieved smile. His smile was one of immense joy.

Then, he patted Chu Feng’s shoulder and said, “That’s right. Brother Chu Feng, what you said is truly right. Truly, your words have enlightened me.”

“Regardless of what the future holds, it is our fortune to be able to be born into this era. This is a good thing.”

“We should enjoy everything that is to occur in this era.”

“You two, stop chatting. Baili Xinghe is about to announce exactly who among all the people that arrived here managed to pass through the trials. He will announce who will be able to obtain Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s personally refined weapons,” Right at this moment, Nangong Baihe called for Chu Feng and Nangong Ya’s attention.

Only at this moment did Chu Feng notice that Baili Xinghe had already said a lot of welcoming words during the moment when he had been chatting with Nangong Ya. Finally, Baili Xinghe was about to speak on the main topic: exactly who among all the people here had managed to pass through the trial, and would be able to obtain the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s tailor-made weapons.

At this moment, everyone began to hold their breath in anticipation. They were unable to take their eyes off Baili Xinghe. In fact, many people were so worried that their complexions even changed. They all wished that they had successfully passed the test. Else, wouldn’t they have come in vain? Wouldn’t they have experienced all those dangers in vain?

However, at the moment when the majority of people were worried, there were some people who felt very good. For example, Beitang Zimo was one of them.

He felt that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal was testing their individual performances. As for his performance, it could be said to be extremely outstanding. Thus, he was certain that he had managed to pass the trial. Even if everyone else failed, he was certain that he had passed.

“Everyone, thank you all for coming here. However, only five people managed to pass through this Weaponry Bestowment Assembly,” Baili Xinghe said.

“What? Only five people?” Hearing those words, the crowd was startled. Immediately, the plaza burst into an uproar.

There were numerous people present. A low estimate would be several hundred people. Yet, only five people had managed to pass the trial? Wasn’t this a bit too cruel?

“These five individuals will not only be able to meet my master, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, they will also be able to obtain tailor-made weapons from my master,” Baili Xinghe ignored what the crowd was feeling and continued to speak.

At this moment, everyone shut their mouths. Once again, they were unable to take their eyes off Baili Xinghe.

Even though they knew that the chance of them being the ones who were able to pass the trials was extremely low, they still wished to know who the five people that had passed the trials were. They wanted to know exactly what was so special about these five individuals for them to have been able to distinguish themselves from amongst all these people here.

“Congratulations to these five individuals,” Right at this moment, Baili Xinghe pointed his finger toward Beitang Zimo.

“Yeah! I knew that it was me!” Hearing those words, Beitang Zimo jumped in happiness. He clenched both fists and displayed a pose of victory. He was truly overjoyed. That was because he had passed the trials as he had anticipated.

Baili Xinghe pointed at Beitang Zimo and said grudgingly, “You from the Beitang Imperial Clan can step aside. I am talking about the five people behind you.”

“What?!” Hearing those words, Beitang Zimo’s expression immediately changed. He stood there as if he had been petrified. Immediately afterward, his complexion grew greener and greener. His appearance was that of someone who had eaten a dead rat. It was as ugly as it could be.

The five people behind him, weren’t they Chu Feng, Tantai Xue, Nangong Ya, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli?

However, how could this be? He clearly heard that this was a test of speed. In terms of speed, he had been faster than Chu Feng and those with him.

In fact, it was not only Beitang Zimo who was shocked at this moment. Many of the people present were all shocked. They truly did not understand why only Chu Feng’s group had managed to pass the trials.