Chapter 1840 - The Heaven-defying Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 1840 - The Heaven-defying Chu Feng

“You do not even dare to reveal your sword. It would appear that the rumor of you subduing the Evil God Sword was fake,” Seeing that Chu Feng had yet to accept his son’s challenge, Song Yuheng’s father mocked him with a disdainful gaze.

“Your son is not qualified for me to unleash my Evil God Sword,” As Chu Feng spoke, he pointed his hand into the distance and grabbed. Then, a branch arrived in his hand. He pointed that branch at Song Yuheng, who was holding an Incomplete Imperial Armament, and said, “Against you, this will suffice.”

“What kind of joke is this?” Seeing the tree branch in Chu Feng’s hand, Song Yuheng’s complexion turned green. That tree branch was extremely withered. Not to mention not being able to contend against Incomplete Imperial Armaments, it would shatter just by being lightly thrown to the ground. Chu Feng was actually planning to use something like that to contend against his Incomplete Imperial Armament?

Insult, This was simply a naked insult. Chu Feng simply did not place Song Yuheng in his eyes at all.

“You don’t have to be able to injure me. As long as you are capable of cutting this branch in half, it will be your victory,” Chu Feng said.

“As you wish,” The sword in Song Yuheng’s hand trembled. Then, a slash was sent forth. It was aimed at Chu Feng’s throat.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

When Song Yuheng’s slash arrived before Chu Feng, it turned into many sword rays. It was as if several tens of thousands of swords were aimed to attack Chu Feng. It was simply impossible for Chu Feng to dodge them.

“What a profound sword technique. There is simply no gap in such a sword technique. Could Chu Feng possibly stop it?’

There were many people from the older generation among the crowd. As they possessed high levels of cultivation, they were naturally capable of determining that Song Yuheng’s sword technique was very profound.


However, Chu Feng simply did not place this sword technique which they believed to be extremely profound in his eyes. Chu Feng raised the branch in his hand unhurriedly. He aimed toward one direction and blocked. Then, in the very next moment, the tens of thousands of sword rays that Song Yuheng had unleashed all vanished like smoke in thin air. His attack was cut through by Chu Feng.

“Humph,” Even though his sword technique was cut through by Chu Feng, Song Yucheng was sneering. It was as if he felt that his plot was a success. His sword’s target changed. It was actually aimed at the branch in Chu Feng’s hand.

It turned out that he had planned to attack Chu Feng’s branch to begin with. Since Chu Feng had said that it would be his win should he slice the branch in half, he planned to slice Chu Feng’s branch in half as a means of giving Chu Feng a slap to the face.

“Mn?” Suddenly, Song Yuheng’s expression changed. Incomparable shock appeared in his eyes.

The branch had managed to block his sword. The two of them had collided with one another. As long as he aimed his sword’s blade at the branch, that branch should have been sliced apart by his Incomplete Imperial Armament without him even needing to put forth any strength at all. Even if Chu Feng had used a special method to increase the hardness of the branch, it should still be impossible for it to block an Incomplete Imperial Armament.

Yet, at this moment, the branch in Chu Feng’s hand was completely undamaged.


Song Yuheng refused to believe this. He immediately moved away, then sent forth another slash. “Clank!” His sword collided with the branch once again.

“How could this be?” At this moment, it was not only Song Yuheng that was shocked. Even the bystanders were shocked by this scene. Expressions of disbelief filled their faces. The reason for that was because no matter how hard Song Yuheng tried to hack Chu Feng’s branch in half, Chu Feng’s branch was completely undamaged.

“It’s my turn now,” Chu Feng smiled coldly. Then the branch in his hand trembled, and an enormous power emitted from it. The branch landed on Song Yuheng’s sword.

“Clank, clank~~~”

The power emitted by the branch that landed on the sword was transmitted through the sword and reached Song Yuheng’s hand. At this moment, Song Yuheng felt his palm growing weak. Then, the sword in his hand was sent flying. It turned into a ray of light that shot several tens of thousands of meters away before disappearing over the horizon.

“Ah?” At this moment, the expressions on everyone’s faces changed enormously. They were all deeply stunned. They all knew that Song Yuheng had not thrown away his Incomplete Imperial Armament. Instead, it had been knocked away by Chu Feng using that branch.

A branch was actually capable of knocking away an Incomplete Imperial Armament? This was truly unheard of!!!

“Turns out that you can’t even hold your sword tightly, yet you even dared to declare yourself an expert in sword techniques?” Chu Feng mocked.

“You’re courting death,” Song Yuheng turned deep red with rage. As his palms began to form constantly changing hand seals, golden martial power surged forth and formed a ferocious beast. In rage, he actually unleashed an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill, a fatal attack, at Chu Feng.


Suddenly, the branch in Chu Feng’s hand turned into a ray of light and shot toward Song Yuheng. It gave off an extremely ferocious aura, and was simply sweeping everything before its path. There was nothing that could stop it. In an instant, it broke through Song Yuheng’s Earthen Taboo Martial Skill.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow~~~”

After breaking through Song Yuheng’s Earthen Taboo Martial Skill, the branch became flexible like a dragon, and began to lash at Song Yuheng’s body and face all over.

“Ahh, noo!!” Being flogged by Chu Feng in this manner caused Song Yuheng to scream miserably.

Had it been an ordinary branch, how could it possibly injure his Half Martial Emperor’s body? However, Chu Feng’s branch was like a sharp blade. Not only was his flesh unable to withstand the whipping from that branch, the pain that branch created was many times more devastating than that of ordinary weapons. Song Yuheng was in so much pain that he screamed out loud.

Seeing his own son being whipped beyond recognition with blood covering his entire body, Song Yuheng’s father immediately shouted, “Stop!”

However, how could Chu Feng possibly bother to pay attention to his shout? Not only did he not stop, he became even more ferocious as he whipped Song Yuheng. Not to mention flesh being lashed apart, his whipping was so hard that even bones were breaking apart. Chu Feng was planning to repay the pain that Song Yuheng had brought upon Jiang Wushang a hundred times, a thousand times over.

“I said stop!” Song Yuheng’s father unleashed his attack. Although he was telling Chu Feng to stop, his reaction was simply not of someone trying to stop another person. Rather, he was simply trying to gravely injure Chu Feng.

Seeing this scene, a flash of annoyance shone through Yin Gongfu’s eyes. He was already prepared to act and intercept Song Yuheng’s father.

However, he did not act right away. The reason for that was because he wished to see whether or not Chu Feng was truly as he was rumored to be. If he was as the rumors described him to be, then, even though Song Yuheng’s father was a rank one Martial Emperor, Chu Feng would still be able to fight against him.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve. A roar was heard, and suddenly an enormous, golden-bright and dazzling dragon’s mouth appeared. With one bite, it clenched Song Yuheng’s father between its teeth.


Then, that enormous dragon soared into the sky and revealed its true appearance. It was an enormous golden dragon several hundred meters long. Although it was not a real dragon, it gave off an extremely imposing aura that caused the bystanders to be so afraid that they began to fall back repeatedly. In fact, there even were people among them that were scared witless, and fell onto the ground with their bodies trembling, and no strength to stand back up.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang~~~”

Then, Chu Feng controlled that enormous dragon and began to have it smash Song Yuheng’s father into the wall of the mine repeatedly. Even after Song Yuheng’s father was left badly injured with blood all over, it still continued to smash him into the wall.

“Dragon Mark World Spirit Power?”

At this moment, a shocked expression appeared on Yin Gongfu’s previously calm face. He was already able to tell that the golden dragon was formed with spirit power. Furthermore, it was no ordinary Royal-cloak spirit power. Instead, it was formed with Dragon Mark Royal-cloak spirit power.

“Chu Feng, he’s actually a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist?” At this moment, the gaze with which Yin Gongfu looked to Chu Feng had become exceptionally marvelous to look at.

While he had seen many Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists before, after all, he was someone who held a lot of experience, it was the first time that he had seen a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist as young as Chu Feng. Truly, even if he didn’t want to be surprised, it would be impossible not to be surprised.

Suddenly, an old man shouted, “Lord Yin, quickly, you must stop that Chu Feng. Else, Song Yuheng and his father will be beaten to death by Chu Feng,”

Hearing those words, Yin Gongfu hurriedly said, “Chu Feng, stop,”

While Chu Feng could ignore everyone else, he still had to give face to Yin Gongfu.

Thus, with a thought, the golden dragon disappeared. Following that, he also retrieved the branch that he was whipping Song Yuheng with.

At the moment that Chu Feng stopped, Song Yuheng and his father both fell to the ground. The two of them were badly mutilated, covered completely with blood and had already lost consciousness.

“For real? They are so unable to stand a beating. I didn’t even try hard,” As Chu Feng saw the two men that had lost conscious, he spoke contemptuously.

Hearing those words, the surrounding crowd began to wipe away the cold sweat on their foreheads.

Not trying hard? If he had tried hard, Song Yuheng and his father would’ve definitely been beaten to death by him, no?

At this moment, the people present, other than Jiang Wushang, Hong Qiang and Yin Gongfu, were all looking at Chu Feng with gazes filled with fear. In fact, for some of them, they simply did not even dare to look at Chu Feng.

That Chu Feng was simply much more frightening than the rumors of him said he was. How could he possibly be considered to be someone from the younger generation? He was simply a young demon.

He was a heaven-defying existence capable of easily defeating a rank one Martial Emperor with a cultivation of rank eight Half Martial Emperor.