Chapter 1839 - Song Yuheng And His Father

MGA: Chapter 1839 - Song Yuheng And His Father

“Jiang Wushang, what arrogance you have. Instead of mining like you should be doing, you are instead goofing off here. You are truly seeking a beating.”


Right at this moment, a whip lash was heard. A powerful whip appeared out of nowhere and lashed toward Jiang Wushang’s head.

The whip was lashed with such powerful strength that even space was ripped apart by it. If the whip were to land on Jiang Wushang, then, with Jiang Wushang’s cultivation, it would definitely rip his flesh apart.

When that whip arrived before Jiang Wushang, Chu Feng immediately understood why Jiang Wushang’s body was filled with astonishing wounds. Likely, it was all done by that man.

Just thinking about it, Chu Feng was immediately enraged. He stretched forth his hand and grabbed the incoming whip. Then, he violently flung it away. “Boom!” The person holding the whip was thrown to the top of the mine cave.


Following that loud explosion, the mine itself also trembled slightly. This commotion attracted the attention of countless people. They all stopped digging and turned to look in Chu Feng’s direction.

“Fuck! Who the hell are you? You dare to hit me, your daddy?” Although that man was stronger than Jiang Wushang, and possessed the cultivation of a rank three Half Martial Emperor, he was absolutely no match for Chu Feng. Chu Feng’s fling had left him badly injured.

Even though he was still acting very arrogant, blood was flowing from his mouth nonstop.

“Remember my name, I am Chu Feng,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng? Why haven’t I heard your name before? When did you get here?” Resisting the pain with great difficulty, that man stood up and asked angrily.

“What ignorance. This person here is the person who swept the floor with the Four Great Imperial Clans’ younger generation at Mooncloud City, the Chu Feng that subdued the Evil God Sword. Remember this, he is my, Jiang Wushang’s, brother,” Jiang Wushang pointed at Chu Feng and spoke in a very proud manner.

“What? He is Chu Feng?!!!” Hearing what Jiang Wushang said, the people in the crowd were all startled. The gazes with which they looked to Chu Feng turned into ones of astonishment and fear.

Training here, they were not allowed to leave and go outside. Although they had not seen Chu Feng’s wanted posters, they still knew of Chu Feng’s past achievements. Thus, the name ‘Chu Feng’ was already well-known to them. They knew that he was an extremely ferocious member of the younger generation.

Sure enough, after seeing him for the first time today, it was indeed the case. He actually even dared to beat up the whipcracker of this place. This was definitely something that no one else dared to do.

“You, you, you… just you wait,” After learning of Chu Feng’s identity, that rank three Half Martial Emperor was scared. He immediately ran away while limping and staggering.

“Chu Feng, this is bad. He has gone to find helpers. Quickly, leave this place,” Seeing that, Jiang Wushang immediately warned Chu Feng.

“Who has he gone to find? Is it that Song Yuheng?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. They are all Song Yuheng’s henchmen. They were ordered by Song Yuheng to deliberately make things difficult for me here,” Jiang Wushang said.

“Perfect opportunity. I just so happened to want to meet that Song Yuheng too,” Chu Feng said with a sneer. To dare to plot against his brother, Chu Feng did not care who that Song Yuheng might be. He was determined to not let him off that easily.

Sure enough, not long after that rank three Half Martial Emperor left, a group of people ran over. They all had youthful appearances. As for the leader among them, he was even younger in appearance, and actually had the appearance of a fifteen to sixteen-year-old youngster. However, his cultivation was extremely strong. Like Chu Feng, he was a rank eight Half Martial Emperor.

Jiang Wushang pointed at the youngster, the leader of the group, and said, “He is Song Yuheng.”

“Humph, you’re already an old man, yet you still disguise yourself with the appearance of a youngster. Truly disgusting,” Chu Feng revealed an expression of disgust. The reason for that was because Song Yuheng was already over a hundred years old. He could not even be considered to be part of the younger generation. Even if he didn’t use the appearance of a white-haired old man, he should, at the very least, have the appearance of a middle-aged man. Yet, he currently had the appearance of a youngster. It was clear that he had disguised his actual appearance. Furthermore, upon thinking about what he had done to Jiang Wushang, Chu Feng felt even more disgusted with him.

“You are Chu Feng?” That Song Yuheng was also sizing up Chu Feng. There was a trace of cautiousness in his gaze. Although he had not seen Chu Feng before, he had heard about Chu Feng’s various accomplishments, and knew that Chu Feng was an extremely powerful member of the younger generation.

“I am your granddaddy,” Chu Feng spoke rudely right away. Chu Feng found no reason to be courteous toward someone who had plotted against his brother.

Suddenly, Song Yuheng pointed at Chu Feng and said, “A thief who has stolen treasures, an animal that murdered his benefactor, actually dares to come to our World’s Hidden Valley to behave this atrociously? Men! Seize him!”

Right after he said those words, his henchmen behind him all took out their respective weapons. They were planning to attack Chu Feng.

“Do not behave rudely!” However, right at this moment, an extremely imposing voice sounded. Following that, Yin Gongfu and Hong Qiang descended from the air.

“Little friend Chu Feng is a distinguished guest invited here by me. I shall see who dares to act rudely toward him,” Yin Gongfu glowered at the crowd. He was extremely domineering.

Being started at by his gaze, those people that were planning to attack Chu Feng immediately put their weapons away. In fact, they did not even dare to raise their heads, and moved to the side. From this, it could be seen that they were extremely afraid of Yin Gongfu.

At that moment, the only person that dared to face Yin Gongfu was Song Yuheng.

“Lord Yin, I am truly sorry. I have only heard of what Chu Feng had done, and did not know that he was a guest invited over by you. I hope that Lord Yin will be willing to forgive my rudeness,” Song Yuheng said in a very apologetic manner.

“There is no need to apologize to me. Apologize to little friend Chu Feng instead,” Yin Gongfu said.

Song Yuheng was startled upon hearing those words. A trace of unwillingness flashed through his eyes. However, in the end, he clenched his fists and prepared to apologize to Chu Feng.

“Lord Yin, that Chu Feng is a person that has done all sorts of evil. Although I do not know why you invited such a man over to be a guest of our World’s Hidden Valley, I feel that my son does not have to apologize to such a man,” However, right at this moment, a middle-aged man descended from the sky and landed beside Song Yuheng.

Although this man had a middle-aged appearance, his appearance resembled Song Yuheng’s youngster appearance. Adding on what he had said earlier, Chu Feng was already certain that this man should be Song Yuheng’s father. Song Yuheng’s father possessed the cultivation of a rank one Martial Emperor.

Merely, his cultivation was greatly inferior to Yin Gongfu’s. Chu Feng did not know where he was getting the confidence to speak to Yin Gongfu in such a manner from.

“It is Lord Duan who has personally left this place under my watch. Could it be that I do not even have the privilege to invite who I want here as a guest?” Yin Gongfu’s sword-like eyebrows narrowed as he spoke those words coldly.

“Naturally, you have that privilege. I also am not saying anything else. Merely…” Song Yuheng’s father said.

“It’s good that you know that I have that privilege. You do not have to say anything else, as my decision is not something that you are qualified to question,” Yin Gongfu said.

“You…” Hearing those words, Song Yuheng’s father’s complexion turned ashen. Being publicly rebuked by Yin Gongfu in such a manner caused him to feel extremely insulted.

“Brother Chu Feng, I’ve heard that you have conquered the legendary Demon Sword, the Evil God Sword. I presume that your sword techniques must thus be outstanding. I just so happen to also be someone who specialized in sword techniques. Since we have been brought together by fate today, I wish to spar with Brother Chu Feng, and seek some advice. Might that be possible?” Song Yuheng flipped his palm. Then, a three-foot-long cyan sword appeared in his hand.

That was an Incomplete Imperial Armament. It seemed that this Song Yuheng was trying to retrieve his father’s lost face. As for his way to do so, he was planning to publicly teach Chu Feng a lesson.

“You wish to spar with me in sword techniques?” Chu Feng asked.

“Could it be that you don’t dare?” Song Yuheng asked.

“Haha…” Hearing those words, both Yin Gongfu and Jiang Wushang laughed lightly.

The reason why Song Yuheng dared to act this arrogant toward Chu Feng was only because he had only heard about what Chu Feng had done at Mooncloud City. However, he didn’t know about how Chu Feng had killed many Martial Emperors from the Four Great Imperial Clans at the Gong Ba Plains.

If he knew that Chu Feng was capable of killing even Martial Emperors, likely, even if he were given ten more guts, he would not dare to arrogantly provoke him, much less try to spar with him.

At this moment, neither Yin Gongfu nor Jiang Wushang mentioned how strong Chu Feng really was. There was no need to mention why Jiang Wushang did that. He deeply longed for Chu Feng to teach Song Yuheng a lesson. However, surprisingly, even Yin Gongfu did not say anything. It seemed that he was also very much looking forward to Song Yuheng being disgraced.