Chapter 1835 - Increasing The Bounty

MGA: Chapter 1835 - Increasing The Bounty

“Senior Hong Qiang, exactly who is that Yin Gongfu?” Chu Feng asked. He wished to know who the person who had saved Hong Qiang was.

“Yin Gongfu used to be someone from the Ximen Imperial Clan. Back then, the position of the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief should have been passed on to him.”

“However, for some unknown reason, not only did he not take up the position of the Clan Chief, he even broken off all relations with the Ximen Imperial Clan. Furthermore, he changed his surname and took on the new name of Yin Gongfu.”

“Yin Gongfu was extremely powerful. His strength was most likely not inferior to that of the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs. When I was younger, he saved my life once. I had always wanted to personally thank him for that.”

“Merely, he disappeared for many years, and no one was able to find any news regarding him.”

“There were people who said that he had been assassinated by the Ximen Imperial Clan. At that time, I had felt it to be an enormous pity that he had died. After all, Yin Gongfu was rumored to be an extremely heroic and passionate person who possessed a spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice. Who would’ve thought that he didn’t die, and instead came to that place,” Hong Qiang was extremely excited.

“Of course he’s alive. He disappeared for many years because he came to the World’s Hidden Valley to seek refuge under that old man. Currently, he is working for that old man and handling matters across the World’s Hidden Valley,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“So that’s what happened. Exactly what sort of place is that World’s Hidden Valley?” Hong Qiang asked.

“Inside the World’s Hidden Valley is a mine. Merely, we thought of it as a waste mine that did not have any value.”

“However, that old man has gathered a group of people, and has been having them mine ores from that mine all day long.”

“Oh, that’s right. Little friend Chu Feng, why are you planning to go there?” Yaojiao Guang asked.

“A close friend of mine is currently training there. Thus, I wish to go there and see him,” Chu Feng said.

“So that’s the case. Although it is our disgrace that the World’s Hidden Valley has been snatched from us, fortunately, that old man only seized control of that place, and he has never caused any disturbances. Furthermore, even though we have tried to suppress him many times, he has not injured a single person from our King Monstrous Dragon Race. Furthermore, as Yin Gongfu has sought refuge under him and pleaded to me many times, as time passed, our King Monstrous Dragon Race became accepting of the World’s Hidden Valley being occupied by that old man, and was no longer hostile toward him or the World’s Hidden Valley.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, if you wish to go there, I am able to send you there. Although Yin Gongfu was unwilling to mention anything about that old man to me, it remains that he is my old friend. If you are to go there, he should receive you as a distinguished guest,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“In that case, senior, I will trouble you then,” Hearing what Yaojiao Guang said, Chu Feng had realized that the World’s Hidden Valley was not an ordinary place.

If he were to go by himself, he would only be able to bring up Zhang Tianyi’s father’s name and not provide any proof. Likely, the people from the World’s Hidden Valley would not believe him. However, if Yaojiao Guang were to personally go there to introduce and recommend him, he should not have any problems.

Afterward, after a series of farewells, Chu Feng was publicly and ceremoniously sent off by the King Monstrous Dragon Race.

As for the reason why he was leaving publicly, it was because Chu Feng wished to have all of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts know that he, Chu Feng, was leaving their King Monstrous Dragon Race. He was trying to have those that were going to inform the Four Clans of his whereabouts give up on that idea.

After leaving, Chu Feng, Hong Qiang and Baili Xuankong were led by Yaojiao Guang and proceeded toward the World’s Hidden Valley.


Suddenly, a flash of light flew past. Its speed was so fast that it passed through the distant horizon in a blink of an eye and arrived before Baili Xuankong.

Upon closer inspection, they discovered that it was a little bird, a little golden bird. Its size was only that of half a palm. Its entire body was golden in color. It was extremely pretty. Especially its forehead, which was flickering with a special sort of radiance. There were actually words flowing through the light. Although one could not see those words clearly, it was sufficient to let them know that this was some sort of message.

“A Golden Flash Bird, is it for you?” Yaojiao Guang looked to Baili Xuankong in a slightly surprised manner.

It was not only him, even Chu Feng was surprised. Chu Feng had also heard of the Golden Flash Birds before. They were a sort of miraculous bird used to transmit messages. They were so fast that even Martial Emperors could not keep up with them.

However, a Golden Flash Bird was only capable of remembering a single person’s aura. In other words, after someone left their aura in a Golden Flash Bird, regardless of where that person might be, the Golden Flash Bird would be able to find them.

However, after the Golden Flash Bird reached that person, it would forget about that person’s aura. Furthermore, it would no longer be able to remember another person’s aura in its entire life.

In other words, Golden Flash Birds could only be used to transmit a message once. After that, they would regain their freedom.

This led to Golden Flash Birds growing rarer and rarer. As matters stood, they were on the brink of extinction. Very rarely would one encounter a Golden Flash Bird. That was the reason why Yaojiao Guang reacted with such astonishment.

“Indeed, it’s for me,” As Baili Xuankong spoke, he placed his finger on that Golden Flash Bird’s head.


The light that was being emitted from the head of the Golden Flash Bird disappeared. It had entered Baili Xuankong. After that light disappeared, the Golden Flash Bird shone with light, and then began to fly into the distance.

“You’re not going to escape,” Seeing that Golden Flash Bird flying away, Yaojiao Guang actually waved his sleeve and let out a layer of martial power that surged forward to stop the Golden Flash Bird.

Unfortunately, the speed of the Golden Flash Bird was simply too fast. It only flickered with light for a moment before disappearing altogether. No one knew where it had gone to.

“It’s actually that fast. It is truly miraculous. Likely, even if the Five Emperors were alive, they would not be able to capture that bird,” Yaojiao Guang shook his head with a smile. After failing to capture the bird, he was aware of how amazing the Golden Flash Bird was.

“Indeed, it’s extremely amazing. Unfortunately, we most likely will not be able to see such a miraculous bird again,” Hong Qiang nodded in an manner that showed that he agreed.

“Ancestor, did something happen? Who was the one who sent that Golden Flash Bird?” Chu Feng asked Baili Xuankong.

“It’s merely a trivial matter,” Baili Xuankong shook his head with a smile. Then, he said to Hong Qiang, “Brother Hong Qiang, I’ll leave Chu Feng in your care. I have a matter that I must attend to for the time being.”

“Rest assured, I will definitely protect Chu Feng with my life. Merely, this boy Chu Feng already no longer needs my protection. Instead, it will be me who needs his protection. Haha,” Hong Qiang laughed jokingly.

Hearing those words, Baili Xuankong also laughed. He was laughing out of enormous joy. He knew that Hong Qiang was not merely joking. After all, what Hong Qiang had said was the truth.

As matters stood, Chu Feng was capable of killing even rank two Martial Emperors. Furthermore, he was able to do so without relying on treasures, and by merely relying on his own strength. It must be said that the speed at which Chu Feng was growing caused him to feel extremely gratified.

“Chu Feng, I will only be gone for a short while. I will return right after. Stay in the World’s Hidden Valley and wait for my return,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Ancestor, please go ahead and do what you have to do. You do not have to worry about me,” Chu Feng said.

“I am very reassured with the current you,” With a smile on his face, Baili Xuankong patted Chu Feng’s shoulder.

Then, Baili Xuankong left. While Yaojiao Guang and Hong Qiang did not think anything much about Baili Xuankong leaving, Chu Feng was worried.

Even though Baili Xuankong appeared to be very normal, Chu Feng felt that Baili Xuankong must have some sort of worry in his mind. Likely, that trivial matter that he had mentioned was no trivial matter at all.

However, as Baili Xuankong was not saying what it was, it was unsuitable for Chu Feng to ask either. After all, he was still unable to get involved in the business of his Ancestor.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to do as Baili Xuankong said, and wait for his return in the World’s Hidden Valley.


In fact, a lot of things were happening in the Holy Land of Martialism right now. The entire Holy Land of Martialism had burst into an uproar.

For example, there was Emperor Gong’s successor, Zhang Tianyi, who had defeated the various other members of his generation and received the title of the strongest member of the younger generation in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Then there was Chu Feng, who had fought against the Four Great Imperial Clans. Not only had he been unharmed in the slightest, he had also managed to successfully escape a seemingly impenetrable trap. Furthermore, he had killed many Martial Emperors, and even the White-browed Immortal of the Ten Immortals.

However, what Chu Feng didn’t know was that the latest matter that caused the Holy Land of Martialism to burst into an uproar was the Four Great Imperial Clans increasing the bounty on him. Not only did they double their original bounty, they also added an Imperial Armament, an actual Imperial Armament, to the bounty.

It must be said that the bounty the Four Great Imperial Clans had placed on Chu Feng tempted a lot of people. Even many hidden experts were tempted by it. After all, Imperial Armaments were the most paramount treasures in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Because of that increased bounty, Chu Feng had once again become the target of a multitude of arrows. Many people once again wanted to eliminate him.