Chapter 1834 - Concerning The World’s Hidden Valley

MGA: Chapter 1834 - Concerning The World’s Hidden Valley

“Senior, while Lord Beast Emperor indeed mentioned passing down his inheritance, and while he had also said that I was qualified, he did not say that I was to be the one to inherit these treasures.”

“Furthermore, these are Lord Beast Emperor’s treasures. As such, they belong to the King Monstrous Dragon Race. Even if he were to pass them to me, I absolutely cannot accept them,” Chu Feng explained.

“Little friend Chu Feng, our King Monstrous Dragon Race has always had a legend. If someone is able to enter the illusionary world, it means that that person obtained Lord Dragon King’s acknowledgement. In turn, that person would be qualified to obtain Lord Dragon King’s treasures.”

“Originally, we had always thought this to be a legend. After all, even after all these years have passed, there has never been anyone among us who was capable of entering that illusionary world.”

“No, that’s incorrect. We have entered it. Merely, it was in our dreams. As it was in our dreams, it could not be considered to be real.”

“However, you are different. You actually entered it. Furthermore, when you woke up, you obtained these items. You truly entered that illusionary world. As such, you are the one that Lord Dragon King wanted to pass on his treasures to,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“But…” Chu Feng wanted to refuse.

“Little friend Chu Feng, let me finish,” Yaojiao Guang refused to give Chu Feng the chance to speak. He continued, “Little friend Chu Feng, think about it. Why would Lord Dragon King not directly pass on his inheritance to our King Monstrous Dragon Race? Why did he separate his treasures and his power? Furthermore, it was not that we could obtain his inheritance just because we knew about it.”

“Lord Dragon King most definitely had his own way of thinking. As the saying goes, the greater one’s ability, the greater one’s responsibility. If one does not possess sufficient ability, but was shouldered with an excessively important responsibility, very few people would actually be able to carry on that burden. If they were to forcibly do so, the outcome would generally be extremely bad.”

“Tingyu was only able to obtain Lord Dragon King’s inheritance by borrowing your strength. We have already gone against Lord Dragon King’s wishes.”

“As for Lord Dragon King’s treasures, his great self has already stated that he will pass them onto you. If you are to still refuse them, you will have placed us in an extremely unrighteous and disloyal state. In the future when we die and reach the underworld, how could the two of us, father and daughter, possibly face Lord Dragon King?” Yaojiao Guang said.

“......” Chu Feng didn’t know how to respond to this.

Yaojiao Tingyu stepped forward and urged, “Chu Feng, just accept them. Although your talent is extremely exceptional, the people who are jealous of your talent and want to harm you are too numerous. Lord Dragon King’s treasure deposit most likely contains countless treasures, as well as Imperial Armaments. They will definitely be able to help you grow stronger sooner.”

“When you become the overlord in the future, you merely need to come and help our King Monstrous Dragon Race more frequently. Wouldn’t this solve the problem? Why make such a clear-cut distinction now?”

“Chu Feng, Lord Clan Chief and Princess Tingyu have already said it like this. You should stop making things difficult for them and accept those items,” Baili Xuankong naturally wished for Chu Feng to be able to obtain the treasures.

“That’s true, that’s true. What Senior Baili said is very correct,” Hong Qiang echoed in agreement.

“Very well, since seniors have all said it like this, then I, Chu Feng, shall no longer decline,” Chu Feng put the Stellar Key and stone title plate away.

Although he found it somewhat difficult to do so, he was extremely excited deep in his heart. How could he not wish to obtain the treasures of the Beast Emperor? He merely did not dare to seize them for himself because of his camaraderie toward his friends. But as Yaojiao Guang and Yaojiao Tingyu had already said it like that, Chu Feng no longer had any preoccupation as to whether to accept them or not. Thus, he openly accepted them.

“Little friend Chu Feng, the Moonlight Maze is the second ranked among the Holy Land of Martialism’s Three Great Forbidden Areas. Over the years, the various powers have tried to seize control of the Moonlight Maze many times. However, they have never succeeded.”

“Although you possess the key and title plate left behind by Lord Dragon King, you must not charge rashly into the Moonlight Maze if you do not have a sufficient amount of strength. That place… is truly extremely dangerous. It can be said that dangers lurk everywhere in there,” Yaojiao Guang warned.

“Thank you, senior, for your warning. This junior will definitely keep that in mind,” Chu Feng said.

“Senior, thank you for the magnificent hospitality and great kindness you’ve shown me over the past few days. Unfortunately, Chu Feng is afraid that he cannot stay here for long. I wish to bid my farewells today. Senior, I hope that you will allow me to leave.”

“What? Chu Feng, you’re planning to leave?” Chu Feng’s words shocked both Yaojiao Guang and Yaojiao Tingyu. Neither of them wished for Chu Feng to leave.

Afterwards, Chu Feng explained about a lot of things and gave a lot of reasons as to why he had to leave. Even though Yaojiao Guang and Yaojiao Tingyu put forth all their effort to keep Chu Feng with them, in the end, they did not wish to go against Chu Feng’s desires. As such, they could only reluctantly agree to him leaving.

“Little friend Chu Feng, with how the Four Great Imperial Clans are trying to catch you right now, where are you planning to go to?” Yaojiao Guang asked.

“Senior, you should know of the World’s Hidden Valley, right?” Chu Feng asked. That place was Jiang Wushang’s current location.

“World’s Hidden Valley,” Hearing those three words, Yaojiao Guan’s expression immediately changed.

“Senior, what’s wrong?” Chu Feng sensed that something was amiss.

“World’s Hidden Valley, World’s Hidden Valley, how could I possibly not know of it? That place is a pain to our King Monstrous Dragon Race,” Yaojiao Guang said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng and the others all realized that there should be some sort of story associated with the World’s Hidden Valley. Thus, they did not interrupt Yaojiao Guang and instead looked to him.

“Forget about it, there are no strangers here. I’ll tell you all about it.”

“The World’s Hidden Valley is located within our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s territory. Our King Monstrous Dragon Race has never been one to allow others to pass through our territory as they wished.”

“However, many years ago, an old man suddenly charged into our territory. Not only that, he also occupied the World’s Hidden Valley and declared that the World’s Hidden Valley would be his from that day on, and that we, the King Monstrous Dragon Race, were not allowed to disturb him.”

“How could our King Monstrous Dragon Race possibly tolerate something like that? Thus, we sent people to drive him out. However, to our surprise, regardless of how powerful the people we dispatched were or how numerous the amount of people we dispatched was, they were all driven back by that old man.”

“After realizing that our opponent was not simple, I personally lead our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s army to suppress that old man. However, even with that, we were no match for him.”

“At that time, I realized that that old man’s strength greatly surpassed my own. Thus, I requested the help of the elders. Unfortunately, even the elders were no match for that old man,” After reaching this point in his story, Yaojiao Guang started to smile bitterly. Pain and agony filled his smile.

“Exactly who is that old man for him to be that powerful?” Chu Feng asked.

“Who? He’s someone with an enormous origin. Chu Feng, how am I to explain this to you? There are countless hidden experts in the Holy Land of Martialism. However, I feel like the strongest among them is that old man,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“The strongest hidden expert?” The expressions of Chu Feng and the others all changed. However, upon thinking about it, it was reasonable. After all, even the entire King Monstrous Dragon Race was incapable of doing anything to him. That was sufficient to show how strong he was.

“Senior, exactly who is that old man?” Chu Feng asked.

“I am uncertain as to who he is. However, I know that an old friend of mine sought refuge under him and became his lacky. That truly came as an enormous shock to me,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“Your old friend is?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yin Gongfu,” Yaojiao Guang said. [1. Yin → Hidden. Gongfu → laborer/effort. It is the same word as Kung Fu. Technically, Kung Fu does not mean martial arts...]

“Yin Gongfu? Is he that Yin Gongfu whose original name was Ximen Gongfu?” Hong Qiang hurriedly asked.

“Precisely. You know of him?” Yaojiao Guang asked.

“Of course I do. He is my idol, the person who saved my life,” Hong Qiang said in an extremely excited manner.