Chapter 1832 - The King Monstrous Dragon Race’s Benefactor

MGA: Chapter 1832 - The King Monstrous Dragon Race’s Benefactor

“I do not trust what that Chu Feng said. Tingyu, you tell me what happened,” The War Faction’s elder that had blocked Yaojiao Bao’s attack looked to Yaojiao Tingyu.

“Lord Elder, everything that Chu Feng said is true. Yaojiao Xueran first lured us to a certain location in the tomb that possessed a mechanism and unleashed bugs that were capable of emitting flames. He wanted to use those bugs to kill us.”

“Fortunately, Chu Feng had prepared, and placed Insect Avoidance Talismans on us. It is only because of that that we managed to escape.”

“However, they were unwilling to let the matter go. After I obtained the Lord Dragon King’s inheritance from the Inheritance Pond, they came again to attempt to kill us.”

“It was also because of Chu Feng protecting us with his life that we were able to survive. Else, even though I obtained Lord Dragon King’s inheritance, Lord Elders would not have been able to see it,” Yaojiao Tingyu said.

“Tingyu, what did you just say? You’re saying that you’ve obtained Lord Dragon King’s inheritance?” The Four Elders asked simultaneously. It was not only them, the other King Monstrous Dragon Beasts also turned their gazes onto Yaojiao Tingyu. The reason for that was because this matter was simply too important to them.

“Lord Elders, Tingyu has already obtained Lord Dragon King’s inheritance. It was all thanks to Chu Feng. I only managed to obtain Lord Dragon King’s inheritance with Chu Feng’s assistance,” Yaojiao Tingyu nodded her head while smiling beamingly. After she finished saying those words, she even took a meaningful glance at Chu Feng.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and an invisible spirit formation was removed from Yaojiao Tingyu’s body. At this moment, Yaojiao Tingyu’s aura was revealed before the crowd.

Everyone was able to sense that Yaojiao Tingyu’s current aura was no longer that of a rank five Half Martial Emperor. Instead, she had became a rank eight Half Martial Emperor.

“Succeeded! Tingyu really managed to succeed!” Yaojiao Guang was overjoyed. He leapt forward, arrived before Yaojiao Tingyu and embraced her. He was extremely happy.

In fact, it was not only her. Practically all of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts present were unable to conceal their happiness, and were smiling joyfully. This was especially true for the four elders. At this moment, even their aged bodies were trembling. They were truly overjoyed.

Lord Dragon King was an era’s overlord, the pride of their King Monstrous Dragon Race. And now, his strength had managed to be passed on. As such, how could they, the people from the King Monstrous Dragon Race, not be overjoyed?

“Yaojiao Ba, Yaojiao Xueran, what else do you have to say?” A Peace Faction’s elder looked to Yaojiao Ba and Yaojiao Xueran with an incomparably angry expression. His gaze was filled with killing intent.

In fact, it was not limited to him. At this moment, all of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts present were looking at Yaojiao Ba and Yaojiao Xueran with deep hatred in their gazes.

Yaojiao Tingyu had managed to obtain the Lord Dragon King’s inheritance. Thus, they firmly believed what she had said. Furthermore, what Yaojiao Xueran had said before had been discredited now. Thus, they were practically certain that Yaojiao Ba and Yaojiao Xueran really had been trying to kill Yaojiao Tingyu.

This father and son were extremely treacherous. They were scum that dared to harm their fellow clansmen!!!

Furthermore, Yaojiao Tingyu had already managed to obtain Lord Dragon King’s inheritance. If she were to actually be murdered by them, the loss to their King Monstrous Dragon Race would be enormous. Thus, the crowd was even more furious. They were so angry that they began to gnash their teeth.

“Lord Elders, please allow me to explain, please allow me to explain,” Yaojiao Ba was still trying to explain.

“There’s no need for your explanation. If my guess is correct, you should have had Yaojiao Xueran bring Tingyu and the others to the location with the mechanism that triggers the Underworld Fire Bugs.”

“I am the one who told you about that place. Other than you, no one else knows about it. However, never did I think at the time that you would have them go there, and even try to use the mechanism there to kill Yaojiao Tingyu, the future hope of our King Monstrous Dragon Race.”

“Yaojiao Ba, you have truly disappointed me. As our King Monstrous Dragon Race have a rule that we cannot kill one another, I have no choice but to leave you your dog life. However, while you can escape death, you cannot escape punishment. I must remove your cultivation.”

As that War Faction’s elder spoke, he raised his hand and made a grabbing motion. Then, two claws formed with spirit power shot forth. They penetrated into Yaojiao Ba and Yaojiao Xueran’s dantians.

“Ahhh!!!!!!!!!” Yaojiao Ba and Yaojiao Xueran both unleashed incomparably miserable screams.

“Put the traitors Yaojiao Ba and Yaojiao Xueran into the Poisonous Insect Underground Prison. They shall suffer being devoured by poisonous insect for the rest of their lives until the day they die,” That War Faction’s elder said.

“Yes, Milord,” Several King Monstrous Dragon Beasts immediately stepped forward and dragged Yaojiao Ba and Yaojiao Xueran away.

“Chu Feng, I won’t forgive you! I won’t forgive you! Even if I, Yaojiao Xueran, am to turn into a ghost, I will still not forgive you!!” Yaojiao Xueran shouted hysterically.

The way he saw it, he should be the future Clan Chief of the King Monstrous Dragon Race. However, all because of Chu Feng’s arrival, not only did he lose his opportunity to become the Clan Chief, his cultivation was instead crippled, and he was going to be imprisoned in the Poisonous Insect Underworld Prison. All of this was due to Chu Feng. As such, he hated Chu Feng to his bones.

“Shut up!”

However, before Yaojiao Xueran could finish cursing out at Chu Feng, the King Monstrous Dragon Beast that was dragging him away stepped down on his face with his foot and smashed his mouth. He was extremely brutal and ruthless.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng smiled lightly. The change in attitude of the people from the King Monstrous Dragon Race was truly fast. However, that was understandable too. After all, Yaojiao Xueran had broken an extreme taboo.

That being said, Chu Feng’s impression of the War Faction’s elders had also changed.

Although they had been making things difficult for Yaojiao Guang, and had been supporting Yaojiao Ba, when the matter concerned their King Monstrous Dragon Race’s future, they were able to stand on the correct side without any hesitation. They did not show any mercy toward the traitors of their King Monstrous Dragon Race.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I truly do not know how to thank you. You are truly the great benefactor to our King Monstrous Dragon Race,” The two Peace Faction’s elders walked over to Chu Feng and looked to him with grateful expressions on their faces.

Especially that elder that had saved Chu Feng on the Gong Ba Plains. At this moment, there was a special sort of emotion in his gaze.

Back then, he had been hesitant to accept Yaojiao Guang’s request to save Chu Feng and bring him here. The reason why he had been hesitant was because he had not believed that Chu Feng would be able to help Yaojiao Tingyu, and thus he had not wished to take the risk of saving Chu Feng.

However, in the end, he had chosen to accept Yaojiao Guang’s request. At this moment, when he thought back upon it, he was extremely glad to have made that decision. Else, Yaojiao Tingyu would not have obtained their Lord Dragon King’s inheritance.


At this time, other than the elders and Yaojiao Guang, all of the rest of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts actually half kneeled before Chu Feng in a uniform manner.

“Thank you, little friend Chu Feng, for your enormous grace and kindness!” The thankful voices from the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts sounded like an ear-piercing thunder that shot straight into the sky.

“Elders, seniors, you all are being too courteous. Not only have you all saved me, I am also friends with Princess Tingyu. As long as I am capable, it is only something that I should do,” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, while what you said is true, you must know that Tingyu obtaining the Lord Dragon King’s inheritance is extremely important to our King Monstrous Dragon Race. This kindness you’ve shown us is something that we are unable to repay. As such, we shall protect little friend Chu Feng with the strength of our King Monstrous Dragon Race.”

“Warriors of our King Monstrous Dragon Race, listen carefully. Little friend Chu Feng shall be a permanent distinguished guest of our King Monstrous Dragon Race. No one is allowed to transmit news of him outside. If anyone is to spread news of little friend Chu Feng, they shall be killed,” the War Faction’s elder shouted. He was planning to have Chu Feng stay here, and protect Chu Feng with the strength of their King Monstrous Dragon Race.

“Yes, Milord!!!” The King Monstrous Dragon Beasts voiced in unison. They all agreed with that War Faction’s elder.

Faced with this sort of situation, Chu Feng was momentarily at a loss. He had truly never expected the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts to have such an ardent reaction.