Chapter 1831 - Frightening Brat

MGA: Chapter 1831 - Frightening Brat

“Xueran, what did you say? Repeat what you just said,” One of the War Faction’s elders revealed an expression of disbelief.

“Lord Elder, Chu Feng has plundered Lord Dragon King’s Inheritance and killed Princess Tingyu, as well as the seniors. I only managed to escape alive because the seniors were protecting me with their lives,” Yaojiao Xueran said.

“What sort of nonsense are you talking about? Chu Feng is a mere rank seven Half Martial Emperor. How could he possibly kill them?” Not to mention the others, even the two elders from the War Faction did not believe Yaojiao Xueran. After all, not only were there three rank one Martial Emperors accompanying them, there was also a rank two Martial Emperor.

“Lord Elder, I am truly not deceiving you. Chu Feng had concealed his cultivation. His actual cultivation is that of a rank eight Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, he learned some sort of ability that is actually capable of increasing his cultivation by two entire levels with the appearance of a lightning armor and a pair of lightning wings.”

“After his cultivation increased by two levels, he became a rank one Martial Emperor. Furthermore, he used an extremely despicable method to trigger the mechanisms within Lord Dragon King’s Tomb. As such, even the seniors were no match for him,” Yaojiao Xueran said.

“That bastard!!!!!” Hearing those words, the expressions of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts present all changed. Then, they turned their incomparably angry gazes to Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang.

Yaojiao Xueran’s story was extremely vivid. As such, they did not feel that Yaojiao Xueran was lying, and believed his entire story.

“I knew that you humans could not be trusted. For Chu Feng to do such a thing, the two of you cannot escape responsibility. Both of you shall die,” Yaojiao Ba shouted angrily. As he spoke, he planned to attack and kill Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang.

“Stop!” However, right at this moment, Yaojiao Guang suddenly stood before Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang. He said, “This story might not necessarily be the truth. I feel that with little friend Chu Feng’s personal character, he is not someone who would do something like that.”

“Yaojiao Guang, get the hell out of the way. You were the one that brought that Chu Feng back here. As such, you also cannot escape responsibility for this matter!” Yaojiao Ba seemed to have lost his ability to reason. He did not stop, and instead stood right before Yaojiao Guang.

“What did you say? You said that I am also responsible? If what Xueran said is real, do you really think that I would collaborate with Chu Feng to murder my own daughter?” Yaojiao Guang was extremely enraged.

“For the sake of preserving your position as the Clan Chief, what do you not dare to do? The way I see it, you didn’t plan to kill your daughter. Instead, you were planning to kill Xueran. If Xueran is killed, no one will be able to snatch away the Clan Chief position from your Peace Faction. Yaojiao Guang, you are truly despicable!” Yaojiao Ba began to accuse Yaojiao Guang of being the main culprit.

After hearing those words, the gazes with which the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts looked to Yaojiao Guang also changed. They all knew that Yaojiao Guang was unwilling to hand over the position of the Clan Chief. In addition to that, Chu Feng had been invited over by him. Furthermore, even now, Yaojiao Guang was speaking on behalf of the humans. As such, they all began to doubt their Lord Clan Chief.


Right at this moment, a boundlessly powerful oppressive might appeared out of nowhere. It forcibly separated Yaojiao Guang and Yaojiao Ba.

“Someone has killed our clansmen, yet you two are actually fighting? What is this behavior?!” It turned out that it was an elder from the Peace Faction that had acted.

“Lord Elder, I do not believe that little friend Chu Feng would do such a thing. Lord Elder, please allow me to enter the tomb to investigate this matter,” Yaojiao Guang asked for permission.

“Yaojiao Guang, while the truth must be investigated, you cannot be the one to do so. Instead, Yaojiao Ba should be the one to investigate,” A War Faction’s elder said.

“Lord Elder, that absolutely must not be done. Yaojiao Ba detests humans enormously. Furthermore, he also bitterly hates Chu Feng. If he is to enter, even if what Yaojiao Xueran has said is not the truth, as long as he kills Chu Feng and the others, as long as there is no one left to defend themselves, the matter will be as they have described it,” Yaojiao Guang said.

“You’re implying that Xueran is lying, and that I am planning to murder to silence? Together with Xueran, we planned to wrongly accuse a human?”

“Yaojiao Guang, while you distrust me, I also distrust you. If you are to enter and save that Chu Feng, what do we do then?” Yaojiao Ba shouted angrily.

“Lord Elders, please reconsider this,” Yaojiao Guang no longer bothered to argue with Yaojiao Ba. Instead, he turned his gaze towards the elders.

“At this moment, between you and Yaojiao Ba, I trust Yaojiao Ba more,” A War Faction’s elder said.

“Lord Elder,” Seeing this, Yaojiao Guang turned his gaze toward the Peace Faction’s elders. As matters stood, he could only appeal for help from the Peace Faction’s Elders. After all, they were from the same faction.

“Yaojiao Guang, it is true that Chu Feng was invited here by you. Furthermore, I also do not believe that Xueran would joke about something like this. In order to avoid arousing suspicion, it is better that you allow Yaojiao Ba to enter,” A Peace Faction’s elder said.

“You all…” At this moment, Yaojiao Guang had an extremely dejected expression. It was as if he had received an enormous shock. He truly did not expect that he, the grand Clan Chief of the King Monstrous Dragon Race, he who had protected the King Monstrous Dragon Race for eight thousand years, would have reached a state where no one was willing to trust him.

“Lord Elders, I’m afraid that Yaojiao Xueran and Yaojiao Ba are simply unworthy of your trust,” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the entrance of the tomb. Immediately afterward, three figures walked out from the tomb.

Upon seeing these three people, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were all startled. The reason for that was because it was not only Chu Feng that walked out, Yaojiao Tingyu and the Peace Faction’s Martial Emperor that Yaojiao Xueran had said were killed by Chu Feng were also there.

“Xueran, what is the meaning of this?” Upon seeing Chu Feng and the others, the Peace Faction’s elders immediately glared at him imposingly. They looked to Yaojiao Xueran with angry gazes.

“Elders, I… this….” Upon seeing Chu Feng, Yaojiao Tingyu and the Peace Faction’s Martial Emperor, the one that was the most shocked was none other than Yaojiao Xueran. At this moment, he had become speechless from shock.

He thought in his heart, ‘Didn’t Chu Feng, Tingyu and that elder die? Didn’t they die together with that senior? The devastated battleground was not fake. Why would they still be alive?’

“It’s better to allow me to explain what happened,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he began to narrate, “Yaojiao Ba did not wish for Yaojiao Tingyu to obtain Lord Dragon King’s inheritance, since it would cause his son to lose the opportunity to become the Clan Chief. Thus, he ordered his three subordinates, as well as his son, to assassinate us after entering the tomb.”

“Merely, even though they used all sorts of despicable tricks, all of them still ended up failing. However, this fool Yaojiao Xueran thought that they had succeeded, and immediately ran out to inform you all of this matter. He wanted you all to eliminate my two seniors, and also ruin senior Yaojiao Guang’s reputation. Like this, he would have the confidence to firmly sit as the Clan Chief.”

“Merely, if scum like him is to truly become the King Monstrous Dragon Race’s Clan Chief, I fear that it would be the misfortune of the King Monstrous Dragon Race,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, don’t you make malicious accusations,” Yaojiao Ba shouted angrily. He took out his Incomplete Imperial Armament and slashed it at Chu Feng. He was planning to silence Chu Feng.


However, before that slash of his could even land, it was stopped by a very powerful strength. It was an elder. Merely, it was not an elder from the Peace Faction. Instead, it was a War Faction’s elder.

“If you dare to attack again, I will cripple you,” The War Faction’s elder took an extremely fierce glance at Yaojiao Ba.

“Elder, I…” Yaojiao Ba wanted to say something. However, he didn’t know what to say. Although the War Faction’s elders were always supportive of him, they would absolutely not allow something like killing a fellow clansman. At this moment, Yaojiao Ba was at a loss as to what to do.

He did not know why the situation would become like that.

He had clearly planned meticulously. There shouldn’t be a reason that a mere Chu Feng and Yaojiao Tingyu could not be eliminated.

Upon thinking of those things, he involuntarily looked to Chu Feng, and discovered that Chu Feng was also looking at him. At this time, Chu Feng had a gaze filled with contempt. It was as if he was going to destroy him for certain.

If it was before, Yaojiao Ba would find this to be ridiculous. He would laugh at the fact that a mere human brat actually dared to look at him with such a gaze.

However, at that moment, he had been forced into a corner. Not to mention that he did not have the opportunity to explain, even if he tried to explain, he would not be able to explain. All of this was because of Chu Feng.

Thinking about all of those things, Yaojiao Ba’s heart thumped. As matters stood, he finally realized that this unremarkable human brat was actually very terrifying.