Chapter 1821 - Internal Strife

MGA: Chapter 1821 - Internal Strife

Spirit suppression was not spirit power. Instead, it was a method to attack another’s spirit.

While this sort of method would not directly cause injury to a person’s body, it was capable of defeating another’s spirit, and might cause them to crumble or even go insane.

As for right now, the spirit suppression that War Faction’s elder was using on Chu Feng was a very powerful sort.

His intention was very clear. Even if Chu Feng didn’t go insane, he still wanted Chu Feng to crumble. He was oppressing Chu Feng via his spirit.

There was neither hatred nor grievance between them. Yet, this War Faction’s elder was actually using such a malicious attack on Chu Feng. From this, it could be seen how ruthless that elder was.

That said, while this sort of method would be capable of being used on other people from the younger generation, it was completely useless against Chu Feng. As for the reason why, it was none other than the fact that Chu Feng’s strongest aspect was his spirit power.


Seeing that Chu Feng’s expression remained completely unchanged even though he was already using his strongest spirit suppression, that War Faction’s elder’s expression changed to one of surprise.

“Senior, I am indeed Chu Feng. However, I think you are mistaken about one thing. I have never committed any atrocious crimes. Senior, what might you mean by those words?” Chu Feng asked in a calm manner. He did not expose the malicious conduct of that elder. It was as if nothing was happening.

The reason why Chu Feng acted in such a manner was because he had no other option. If he were to publicly expose that elder attacking him with spirit suppression, that elder would definitely not admit to it. Instead, he would bite back at Chu Feng and make him suffer great consequences.

“The atrocities you’ve committed are known to everyone,” The War Faction’s elder said.

“Known to everyone? Those are merely rumors. Senior, you have not seen them yourself, yet you have already declared that this junior has committed atrocious crimes. Senior, you have truly wronged this junior.”

“Or, could it be that senior is a person that believes rumors to be true?” Chu Feng asked.

“Humph,” Hearing those words, the elder started to frown, and then snorted coldly. Evidently, he had not expected Chu Feng to dare to talk back to him in such a manner in their territory.

However, he did not continue to bicker with Chu Feng. Instead, he turned around and said, “This Chu Feng gives off the impression of a bandit. He is simply not someone who can be trusted. We absolutely cannot allow someone like him to enter Lord Dragon King’s Tomb.”

“Lord Elder, you already agreed earlier that should I be able to invite Chu Feng here, he will be allowed to enter Lord Dragon King’s Tomb with Tingyu to attempt to obtain the inheritance. Why would you now…” Hearing those words, Yaojiao Guang became anxious. After all, this matter was extremely important.

“That was then, this is now. Back then, Tingyu’s health was good. At that time, we could indeed give it a try.”

“However, Tingyu was shortsighted, and only sought after instant benefits. After Lord Dragon King’s Tomb was opened, she entered Lord Dragon King’s Tomb by herself, and immersed herself in the Inheritance Pond for a total of sixteen hours. This led to her body growing weak, and her losing consciousness and receiving a backlash from the Inheritance Pond.”

“Although she managed to regain consciousness, her health is still extremely weak. If she is to enter the Inheritance Pond again, she will undoubtedly be courting death,” The War Faction’s elder said.

“Lord Elder, thank you for your concern. However, Tingyu is still capable,” Right at this moment, a beautiful female figure walked in from the palace’s entrance. This woman possessed a very beautiful appearance. However, she was a monstrous beast. Naturally, she was Yaojiao Tingyu.

“Tingyu pays her respects to the elders, father and seniors,” Yaojiao Tingyu courteously greeted the crowd. Then, she arrived before Chu Feng.

With joy and surprise, she observed Chu Feng and then said, “Young master Chu Feng, we finally meet again.”

“It is my pleasure to meet you again, Princess Tingyu,” Chu Feng replied courteously.

“Young master Chu Feng is truly amazing. I still remember that you were only a Martial King back on the Immortal Island. At that time, I was a rank three Half Martial Emperor. Seeing you again today, I have become a rank five Martial Emperor. Yet, you’re already a rank seven Martial Emperor. How am I to tolerate this?”

“Princess Tingyu, if you are to say it like this, I, Chu Feng, will feel truly ashamed,” Chu Feng was able to tell that Yaojiao Tingyu was joking around, and not mocking him in the slightest. Thus, he was not angry either.

“Tingyu, your complexion is still not very well. The way you are now, you should be unable to enter the Inheritance Pond, right?”

“Tingyu, you are, after all, the only person among our King Monstrous Dragon Race who is capable of entering the Inheritance Pond. With your talent, you will be able to obtain the inheritance sooner or later. Why must you insist on being impatient?” The War Faction’s elder asked.

“Lord Elder, what if I am to say that I want to become our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s Clan Chief?” Yaojiao Tingyu asked in return.

“This…” The War Faction’s elders, as well as the people from the War Faction, were all startled. None of them had expected that Yaojiao Tingyu would speak this bluntly.

“If I am able to obtain Lord Dragon King’s inheritance in the future, say, will I become the Clan Chief then, or not?”

“Could it be that, even after obtaining Lord Dragon King’s bloodline, I will still not be qualified to become the Clan Chief?” Yaojiao Tingyu asked.

“This…” The War Faction’s elders did not know how to respond. Beast Emperor Black Dragon King was the pride of their King Monstrous Dragon Race. Who would dare to disrespect him?

Furthermore, at that time, the Beast Emperor Black Dragon King had been part of the Peace Faction. Even though the War Faction had controlled the position of the Clan Chief at that time, the elders had decided to make an exception, and have the Black Dragon King become the Clan Chief instead.

Merely, the Black Dragon King refused their proposal. Although he did not take on the position of Clan Chief, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were all led by him at that time. Even the elders were extremely respectful toward him.

“I only plan to try this one last time. Whether or not I’ll succeed will all depend on this time. If I am to fail, I will no longer set foot into the Inheritance Pond ever again,” Yaojiao Tingyu said.

“Tingyu, what are you saying?” Hearing those words, Yaojiao Guang was startled.

“Father, please forgive your daughter for being incompetent. My talent is truly insufficient. I am incapable of succeeding Lord Dragon King’s inheritance. If I am to fail even with Chu Feng’s help, I believe that I will never be able to succeed in the future,” Yaojiao Tingyu said with a serious expression on her face.

Yaojiao Guang sighed a deep sigh. When even Yaojiao Tingyu was saying it like this, what could he possibly do?

Seeing Yaojiao Tingyu’s determined expression, the War Faction’s elders, as well as the people from the War Faction, all revealed cheerful expressions. Actually, none of them wished for Yaojiao Tingyu to be able to obtain the Lord Dragon King’s inheritance.

The reason for that was because they had heard from their seniors that when the Lord Dragon King was alive, their War Faction had been left in a very tragic state. They had been miserably suppressed. While it was not the Black Dragon King who had suppressed them, the people from the Peace Faction had relied on the fact that they possessed the backing of the Black Dragon King to miserably suppress them. To the War Faction, that period of time was extremely dark.

Although they knew that it would be beneficial to their King Monstrous Dragon Race as a whole should Yaojiao Tingyu obtain Black Dragon King’s inheritance, due to the fact that they possessed selfish desires, they did not wish for Yaojiao Tingyu to obtain the inheritance.

As long as Yaojiao Tingyu stopped stepping foot into the Inheritance Pond, she would not have the opportunity to obtain the Black Dragon King’s inheritance. Naturally, they would be joyous upon hearing this matter.

“Lord Elders, please rest assured. Although I, Yaojiao Tingyu, am young, I am always one who holds my words with enormous weight, and never goes back on them. I am serious about this matter,” Yaojiao Tingyu said.

“This…” The expression of that War Faction’s elder grew ugly. He was able to tell that Yaojiao Tingyu was secretly mocking them.

“Since Tingyu insists on doing this, let’s let her give it a try. Merely, I am still suspicious of that human brat. Someone must go and watch over him,” The other elder from the War Faction said.

“Lord Elder, this junior is willing to watch over him,” People from the War Faction began to volunteer.

“Lord Elder, we are also willing to watch over him,” Immediately afterward, the people from the Peace Faction also volunteered.

“You, you and you. The three of you shall do it,” The War Faction’s elder pointed out two rank one Martial Emperors and a rank two Martial Emperor.

Seeing this, Yaojiao Guang started to frown. The reason for that was because the three people that the War Faction’s elder pointed out were all people from the War Faction.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt quite helpless. The King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were not weak at all. However, their internal strife was extremely fierce. If they were unable to work together, how could they face foreign enemies?