Chapter 1820 - Invited One’s Own Humiliation

MGA: Chapter 1820 - Invited One’s Own Humiliation


Suddenly, the black flame turned into an enormous snake. The snake possessed a pitch-black body and a pair of crimson eyes. With its mouth wide open, it revealed a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Looking at it, it gave off the sensation of being capable of devouring mountains and rivers and destroying heaven and earth.

Not only was Yaojiao Xueran attacking, he was even attacking with an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. He was not only planning to defeat Chu Feng. Instead, he was planning to kill Chu Feng.


However, although he was faced with such a ferocious attack, Chu Feng still laughed disapprovingly.


Suddenly, lightning began to flicker. Immediately, the Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings appeared on Chu Feng’s body.

Then, Chu Feng turned into a flash of lightning as his body shot forward explosively. He actually entered the mouth of that snake and penetrated all the way through to its tail.

In merely an instant, not only had Chu Feng defeated the Earthen Taboo Martial Skill that Yaojiao Xueran had unleashed with his Incomplete Imperial Armament head-on, he had also arrived before Yaojiao Xueran.

“You…” Seeing Chu Feng penetrating through his most proficient Earthen Taboo Martial Skill and arriving before him completely uninjured, Yaojiao Xueran became dumbstruck.

His hair was standing on end, and his heart had reached his throat. At this time, he sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Fear. Fear emerged in his heart. As matters stood, he finally realized how frightening the human before him was. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

“This palm of mine will soon be slapping you in the face. However, I’ll give you a chance. You can choose to flee right now,” Chu Feng raised his right hand and spoke to Yaojiao Xueran with a beaming smile.


Seeing that, Yaojiao Xueran’s body shifted. He immediately began to flee.

Merely, the very moment his body began to move, Chu Feng’s palm landed on his face with the speed of light.


A loud echo was heard as Yaojiao Xueran was knocked to the ground.

As Chu Feng looked at Yaojiao Xueran, who was on the ground with a bloody handprint on his left cheek, Chu Feng laughed and said, “I gave you a chance. Unfortunately, you were too useless to grasp it.”


Seeing that Yaojiao Xueran had been beaten, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts present were all stunned. This was especially true for those from the War Faction. At this moment, they did not know what to do.

Rank nine Half Martial Emperor. At this moment, the Chu Feng standing before them not only possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation, he also had the cultivation of a rank nine Half Martial Emperor. His strength already greatly surpassed that of Yaojiao Xueran.

Younger generation, how could he still be considered to be a member of the younger generation? How could there be someone from the younger generation as powerful as him?

“Humph, on the Gong Ba Plains, even the Four Clans’ rank two Martial Emperors were killed by Brother Chu Feng. You, a mere rank eight Half Martial Emperor, actually dared to provoke Brother Chu Feng. You were truly overestimating your capabilities and inviting your own humiliation,” Yaojiao Tinglei mocked and ridiculed. What Chu Feng had done brought him great satisfaction.

“Ah? He killed rank two Martial Emperors? How is that possible?” The other King Monstrous Dragon Beasts exclaimed in astonishment. They all found this to be unbelievable.

“Insolent! What are you all still standing there for?! A mere human actually dared to hit the King Monstrous Dragon Race’s future Clan Chief, yet you all are still standing there doing nothing! Quickly, seize him!” Yaojiao Xueran shouted angrily.

“Seize him!!!” Hearing those words, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts from the War Faction immediately complied with Yaojiao Xueran’s orders, took out their respective weapons and began to surround Chu Feng.

“I shall see who dares!” However, right at the moment when they began to surround Chu Feng, a shout of anger sounded from outside and resonated through the palace hall.

Hearing that voice, the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts were all startled. This was especially true for the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts from the War Faction, as their bodies even trembled. After all these years, they were naturally able to determine the owner of that voice. It was their King Monstrous Dragon Race’s Clan Chief, Yaojiao Guang.

Yaojiao Guang was someone who had brought a lot of suffering to their War Faction. As such, all the people from the War Faction feared him.

“Little friend Chu Feng is a distinguished guest, invited here by none other than myself. I shall see who dares to act disrespectfully toward him!” Yaojiao Guang walked into the palace hall. Accompanying him were four old men. These four old men all possessed the bodies of men and the faces of beasts. While their appearances were frightening, their auras were even more terrifying. They were all rank four Martial Emperors. Likely, they were the elders of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts.

The vestiges of having lived for a very long time were present on their bodies. Likely, the four of them had lived for over ten thousand years.

Yaojiao Guang looked to the people from the War Faction and shouted, “Who allowed you all to enter this place? This is the Distinguished Guest Palace Hall. No one is allowed to enter here without my permission. All of you, scram!”

The people from the War Faction did not dare to talk back. One by one, they respectfully bowed to Yaojiao Guang and the four elders and then hurriedly left.

Even Yaojiao Xueran, whose left cheek was extremely swollen right now, did not dare to stay. Like the others, he hurriedly left. From this, it could be seen that while their War Faction was soon to win power, they were still extremely afraid of Yaojiao Guang.

“All of you, stay here. There is no need to leave,” However, before Yaojiao Xueran and the others were able to leave the Distinguished Guest Palace Hall, a middle-aged man walked in.

This man was three meters tall, and possessed a very robust build. He looked like a small giant. As he walked into the palace hall with large strides, he appeared to be very imposing.

He possessed a pair of crimson eyes. Those were a beast’s eyes. Like Yaojiao Guang, he was also a rank three Martial Emperor.

“Yaojiao Guang, you have truly become promising. While humans are allowed to enter the territory of our King Monstrous Dragon Race, our own clansmen are not allowed to enter. What sort of logic is this?” After that man entered, he actually began to lash out at Yaojiao Guang.

Chu Feng noticed that after that man arrived, the people from the War Faction all grew confident. Even without thinking about it, Chu Feng knew that this man should be the leader of the War Faction, that Yaojiao Xueran’s father.

“”Yaojiao Ba, who gave you the courage to speak to me in such a manner?” Yaojiao Guang asked coldly.

“Heh, Lord Clan Chief, you are truly awe-inspiring. However, you seem to have forgotten that your time as the Clan Chief is already up. It is merely that you are dragging this on by refusing to abdicate,” Yaojiao Ba mocked.

“Impudent!” Yaojiao Guang was immediately angered.

“Enough. Both of you, exercise restraint. To act like this before guests, do you not fear being laughed at?” One of the four elders spoke.

Hearing that elder’s voice, Chu Feng’s heart was moved. From his voice, Chu Feng was able to determine that he should have been the black-cloaked man who had saved them from the Gong Ba Plains.

“Brother Tinglei, what is that elder’s name?” Chu Feng secretly asked Yaojiao Tinglei.

“He is Elder He. The person that saved you all that day should be his greatness. The person beside Elder He is Elder Shan. The two of them are from our Peace Faction. That is why they are willing to help us.”

“As for the other two elders, they are from the War Faction and have been pressuring us with the rules the entire time. They had been urging my father to abdicate practically everyday. They want Yaojiao Xueran to immediately succeed as the next Clan Chief so that the War Faction can gain control,” Yaojiao Tinglei walked over to Chu Feng and secretly said those words to him.

“Weren't the elders not supposed to intervene in this sort of thing?” Chu Feng asked in a puzzled manner.

“Not intervene? How could that be possible? They all long for their own offspring to grasp power,” Yaojiao Tinglei seemed to feel extremely discontented with the two War Faction’s elders.

An elder from the War Faction arrived before Chu Feng and asked, “Are you that Chu Feng, that boy who has done all sorts of evil atrocities and is wanted by the Four Clans?” His gaze was gloomy, cold and filled with ill intentions.


When that man spoke, Chu Feng was startled. He felt an invisible yet bone-chilling aura engulfing his entire body, trying to freeze his soul.

It was spirit suppression. That War Faction’s elder was actually secretly using spirit suppression on Chu Feng.