Chapter 1811 - Unprecedented

MGA: Chapter 1811 - Unprecedented

“I already knew about the strength of those golden arrows. However, they are even more powerful than I had anticipated.”

“I wonder, would I be able to lift the siege for Ancestor?” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out another golden arrow. He placed it onto the bowstring and aimed at the four Clan Chiefs and the five rank two Martial Emperors that were fighting against Baili Xuankong.

“Ah? Chu Feng is not escaping. Instead, he’s aimed his arrow at the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs? The four of them are rank three Martial Emperors!” Seeing this scene, the crowd were shocked.

“Rank two Martial Emperor, die!” Chu Feng shouted explosively. Then, he released the golden arrow.


The golden arrow streaked through the sky. Like a perfectly straight golden dragon that carried a might capable of penetrating everything in its path, the golden arrow was shot toward one of the rank two Martial Emperors.

That’s right. Chu Feng was not planning to kill the four Imperial Clan Chiefs. After all, they were rank three Martial Emperors. No matter how strong the golden arrows might be, it would still be impossible for the golden arrows to kill them. Chu Feng knew about this. Thus, even if he were to experiment, he could only experiment using a rank two Martial Emperor.


Seeing the golden arrow flying toward him, that rank two Martial Emperor was extremely frightened. He knew that it was impossible to dodge the arrow. Being very intelligent, he unleashed an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill with his Incomplete Imperial Armament in hopes of stopping the incoming golden arrow.


The golden arrow collided with that Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. Then, it turned into a dazzling golden radiance that showered all over.

When the golden light began to dissipate, that rank two Martial Emperor’s body was drenched with blood. He was filled with astonishing wounds. However… they were merely superficial wounds.

He was still alive. The golden arrow was only capable of injuring him, but was not capable of killing him.

“Ah? He’s still alive? That golden arrow was blocked?” The crowd were all astonished.

“Sure enough, it’s only capable of killing rank one Martial Emperors,” Chu Feng also realized that, regardless of how strong the golden arrows might be, unless he were to mount a sneak attack, it would still be impossible for them to kill a rank two Martial Emperor head-on. All they were capable of killing were rank one Martial Emperors.

“White-brow, what are you still waiting for? He’s unable to kill rank two Martial Emperors. Quickly, kill him!” The Nangong Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief shouted.

“Little friend Chu Feng, we meet again.”

After the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief said those words, a silhouette shot out from deep underground and began to fly toward Chu Feng and Hong Qiang.

It was none other than the White-browed Immortal.

Furthermore, two rank two Martial Emperors separated themselves from the battle against Baili Xuankong and flew toward Chu Feng. One of them was that rank two Martial Emperor that had been injured by Chu Feng’s golden arrow.

That man was overflowing with killing intent. While he had arrived before Chu Feng because he had been ordered to kill him, Chu Feng knew that, in addition to the order, he was more interested in obtaining revenge for the injuries Chu Feng had caused him.

“Rank two Martial Emperor.”

Chu Feng took out another golden arrow, aimed it underneath him, and shot it toward the White-browed Immortal, who was the closest to him.

“Hahahaha…” The White-browed Immortal burst into loud laughter. Then, many defensive barriers began to appear before him in succession. They were all Dragon Mark Royal-cloak-level defensive barriers.

Although that golden arrow pierced through all of the defensive barriers, it had already lost all of its power the moment it reached the White-browed Immortal. Then, the White-browed Immortal grabbed the arrow.

“Good arrow. Unfortunately, it’s incapable of injuring me,” As the White-browed Immortal held the golden arrow in his hand and saw it disappear into golden light, he revealed a very complacent smile.

“Chu Feng, I knew you possessed exceptional talent. Truth be told, I am quite reluctant to kill you. Unfortunately, today, I must… En?”

Before the White-browed Immortal could even finish saying what he wanted to say, his pupils suddenly shrunk. He was surprised to discover that Chu Feng had actually taken out an arrow that was emitting purple flames. Furthermore, Chu Feng had placed that arrow onto the bowstring and aimed it at him.

Most importantly, as a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he immediately realized that the power contained within that purple flame arrow greatly surpassed that of the golden arrows.

“White-browed Immortal, farewell,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he shouted, “Rank two Martial Emperor, die!”


Another loud explosion was heard. This explosion was even more ear-piercing than the explosion from the golden arrow before. Following that loud explosion, the purple flame arrow turned into a line of fire that shot toward the White-browed Immortal.

“Not good!” The White-browed Immortal shouted. He immediately turned around and began to flee.

Unfortunately, that purple flame arrow was a fatal arrow. Its speed was even faster than the White-browed Immortal.

At this moment, the White-browed Immortal had no choice but to escape while setting up spirit formations to stop the incoming purple flame arrow.

Unfortunately, the spirit formation barriers he created were like air before that purple flame arrow. Not only were they pierced through in an instant, they were incapable of even decreasing the speed of that purple flame arrow.


Finally, that purple flame arrow, before the gazes of the crowd, pierced into the White-browed Immortal’s body.


The very next moment, White-browed Immortal let out a painful scream as purple flames began to cover his body. Indeed, they were purple flames. Furthermore, those flames were extremely strange; they were making threatening gestures. Like the hands of countless malicious spirits, they began to rip the White-browed Immortal’s body apart piece by piece.

Under this sort of situation, the White-browed Immortal was soon burned to nothingness. He had died by that purple flame arrow.


A cry filled with heartache and disbelief sounded from the crowd. It was the White-browed Immortal’s disciple, Meng Xiaoyan.

His cry had also informed the crowd that the person who had just been killed was not only a rank two Martial Emperor, he was also an Immortal, one of the only ten Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Damn it!”

At this moment, the complexions of the two Martial Emperors that had already approached Chu Feng instantly turned deathly pale. They immediately stopped in midair.

The reason for that was because after Chu Feng killed the White-browed Immortal, he took out two more purple flame arrows and pointed them at the two of them.

“Rank two Martial Emperors, die!”



Chu Feng did not give the two of them the opportunity to escape. He shot both arrows out in succession and then, like the White-browed Immortal, those two rank two Martial Emperors were burned to ashes by the surging purple flames. They were both killed by the purple flame arrows.

“Heavens, am I dreaming? Isn’t that Chu Feng a bit too frightening? He actually killed three rank two Martial Emperors! With that strength, who could possibly stop him?!”

Many of the older generation were gasping incessantly. As for the younger generation, they felt themselves to be deeply inferior.

Was he still a member of the younger generation? Who among the younger generation were capable of effortlessly killing Martial Emperors? This was simply unprecedented! Since ancient times, there had been no one that had accomplished such a feat.

As such, the crowd was filled with astonishment!!!

Although Chu Feng had killed seven rank one Martial Emperors and three rank two Martial Emperors in succession, there was a trace of frustration in his eyes.

He had used nine golden arrows and three purple flame arrows in succession.

Of the arrows he had obtained that day, only one golden arrow remained.

Those arrows were extremely precious. If he hadn’t used them, and instead auctioned them after today, he would definitely have been able to obtain a great amount of wealth for them.

Unfortunately, with the situation today, he had no choice but to use them. Else, it would be extremely difficult for him to survive. However, with how precious those arrows were, Chu Feng was feeling reluctant to have used them.

However, as Chu Feng looked to the ten Cosmos Sacks in his hand, he started to smile. Even though he had used nine golden arrows and three purple flame arrows, he had obtained many treasures from the White-browed Immortal and the others that he had killed.

Without mentioning the other treasures, those ten Cosmos Sacks contained a total of seven Incomplete Imperial Armaments. As for the various other treasures, they were too many to count. This was especially true of the White-browed Immortal’s Cosmos Sack.

The amount of treasures in his Cosmos Sack was truly a delight to the eye. Everything that one wanted was present. Especially treasures useful to world spiritists; they were even more numerous.

The only regret Chu Feng possessed was that, although there were a lot of treasures, there were no treasured cultivation resources among them. However, as those treasures were extremely valuable, should Chu Feng sell them in the future, he would be able to exchange them for a lot of Natural Oddities that he could use. Thus, Chu Feng was still very happy with this harvest.