Chapter 1810 - Shooting Martial Emperors With Arrows

MGA: Chapter 1810 - Shooting Martial Emperors With Arrows

“Another Incomplete Imperial Armament. Exactly how many Incomplete Imperial Armaments does that Chu Feng possess?” As the crowd saw the deep blue bow in Chu Feng’s hand, they were extremely shocked.

After all, they already knew that Chu Feng had snatched away the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword, two Incomplete Imperial Armaments, from the Nangong Imperial Clan’s princes.

Then, he had managed to subdue the renowned Demon Sword, the Evil God Sword, in Mooncloud City. Earlier, he had been using Ximen Feixue’s Heavenly Immortal Sword. And now, Chu Feng actually took out another Incomplete Imperial Armament. Furthermore, this Incomplete Imperial Armament was of extremely high quality. This caused the crowd to be extremely envious of him.

After all, Incomplete Imperial Armaments were extremely precious. Not even all of the Martial Emperor-level experts of the Four Great Imperial Clans possessed Incomplete Imperial Armaments. Yet, Chu Feng, a single Half Martial Emperor, actually possessed five Incomplete Imperial Armaments.


Right at the moment when the crowd was endlessly envious of Chu Feng, Chu Feng streaked his right hand over his Cosmos Sack and took out a golden arrow. He held the golden arrow in his hand.

With the arrow in his hand, Chu Feng immediately placed it onto the bowstring. Then, he violently pulled the bowstring and shouted, “Rank one Martial Emperor, die!!!”


Once the arrow shot out, heaven and earth trembled, and a thunderous explosion sounded from the bowstring. At the same time, a golden ray of light streaked through the sky, The rank one Martial Emperor that was closest to Chu Feng was pierced through by the golden arrow.


After the golden arrow pierced through his body, that rank one Martial Emperor uttered a bitter, heart-tearing and lung-splitting scream.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang~~~”

Immediately afterward, golden beams of light shot out from that Martial Emperor’s body. The beams grew more and more numerous. In the end, that Martial Emperor was beyond recognition. Soon, his body exploded, and he died.

As for that Martial Emperor… he was precisely the Martial Emperor who had been arguing with Chu Feng, the Martial Emperor from the Ximen Imperial Clan.

“Ah? What happened?” Seeing this scene, not to mention the others, even the two other Martial Emperors that had been chasing after Chu Feng to kill him were stunned.

The people in the crowd were all confused as to exactly what had happened. How could a grand rank one Martial Emperor die just like that?!

“Rank one Martial Emperor, die!”


Right at this moment, Chu Feng shouted once again. Following that, another golden arrow shot forth.


Immediately afterward, of the two stunned Martial Emperors, one was shot by the golden arrow. Immediately, he started to scream in pain.

As rays of golden light began to blossom from his body, his body, like the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Martial Emperor from before, exploded. He had died.

“Ah? It’s that golden arrow! Chu Feng is using that golden arrow to kill Martial Emperors!” Finally, the crowd managed to react.

Before the two Martial Emperors had died, they had both been struck by a golden arrow. Those arrows were precisely the ones Chu Feng had shot.

Merely, exactly what sort of treasures were those golden arrows? They were actually capable of easily killing even rank one Martial Emperors. With their might, even rank two Martial Emperors would not necessarily be able to survive after being struck.


Right at the moment when the crowd was completely astonished, Chu Feng took out another golden arrow.

“Ah?” Seeing that Chu Feng had already placed the golden arrow onto the bowstring, the rank one Martial Emperor that was closest to Chu Feng immediately started to panic. He was so scared that his complexion turned green.

“Heh…” As Chu Feng saw that Martial Emperor’s ashen expression, he laughed lightly. Then, he suddenly aimed at one of the two rank one Martial Emperors that were fighting with Hong Qiang and shouted, “Rank one Martial Emperor, die!”


The arrow followed Chu Feng’s will. Once the arrow was shot out, it immediately flew toward the rank one Martial Emperor that Chu Feng wanted to kill.

“Damn it!”

Immediately after the golden arrow was shot out, that Martial Emperor actually shifted his body and hid himself in space.

It turned out that while he was fighting against Hong Qiang, he was also paying attention to what was happening over by Chu Feng. As he knew how powerful the arrow was, he had decided to flee from it.


However, the arrow pierced through space, and then a line of blood appeared in the sky.


Immediately after that, the Martial Emperor that had hidden himself reappeared. Merely, when he reappeared, his body was already filled with golden beams. Soon, his body exploded, and he died.

“Rank one Martial Emperor, die!”


Immediately after that Martial Emperor died, another golden arrow was shot forth. The golden arrow directly killed the other Martial Emperor that was fighting against Hong Qiang.

“Not good! Chu Feng’s golden arrows are indeed capable of killing Martial Emperors!” At this moment, of the three remaining Four Clans’ Martial Emperors, the one that was with the other two rank one Martial Emperors Chu Feng had killed shouted and started fleeing right after.

He had seen with his very own eyes that Chu Feng had killed four rank one Martial Emperors. Thus, he was certain that he would not be able to survive should he face Chu Feng. Thus, he decided that he must escape right away.

“This…” Seeing that a grand rank one Martial Emperor was scared witless by Chu Feng and started fleeing in panic, the crowd did not know how to describe their current frame of mind.

“Escape? Do you really think you can escape?” Chu Feng laughed coldly. He then took out another golden arrow, shouted out that man’s cultivation, and released it.


Another golden arrow streaked across the horizon. Even though that man had escaped far away, the golden arrow was like a fatal talisman that would chase after its target the moment it left the bowstring. In the end, the fleeing Martial Emperor was pierced by the golden arrow, and died from an explosion of his body.

“Damn it! That bastard is simply inhuman!” The two Martial Emperors that were fighting against the Fire Immortal Profound Technique and Water Immortal Profound Technique were also fleeing. Not only were they using very fast movement martial skills, they had also taken out treasures that could conceal their tracks and aid their escape.

“Boom, boom~~~”

However, Chu Feng shot out two arrows in succession. Then, two screams were heard, and those two escaping Martial Emperors also suffered the same fate as the other five Martial Emperors.


At this moment, everyone was dumbstruck. Many people were so stunned that they became speechless.

A total of seven rank one Martial Emperors were all shot dead by Chu Feng in the blink of an eye. It was impossible for the crowd to not be shocked by this.

How could Chu Feng be that fierce? Was he really only a member of the younger generation? Was he really only a Half Martial Emperor? Was he even human?

“Chu Feng, exactly how many tricks do you have that I do not know about?” Leng Yue was standing beside the various elders of the Heavenly Law Palace.

Merely, at this moment, lingering fear filled her eyes. She still remembered that Chu Feng had mentioned to her during their battle that he possessed a treasure that could take her life, and that he merely did not wish to use it.

At that time, Leng Yue had mocked and ridiculed Chu Feng. She simply did not believe that he possessed that sort of treasure. However, today, she discovered that she had truly been ridiculously ignorant.

Contrary to what she expected, Chu Feng really possessed that sort of treasure. Today, he had used that treasure to shoot seven rank one Martial Emperors dead.

Merely, when Chu Feng fought her, he had been disinclined to use it. Else… she would not be standing here now. Instead, she would’ve already been killed by a golden arrow.

“Chu Feng, never would I have expected that you possessed something this powerful. Today, this old man’s life is instead saved by you,” Hong Qiang arrived beside Chu Feng, and was unable to conceal his happiness. Chu Feng had truly brought him a pleasant surprise.

At this moment, there were several astonishing wounds on Hong Qiang’s body. There were burns and cuts. The burns charred his flesh, and the cuts had reached his bones.

From this, it could be seen that even though Hong Qiang was able to contend against two rank one Martial Emperors, he was barely able to contain them. In truth, it was simply impossible for him to contend against two Martial Emperors alone.

Else, he would not have received this many wounds in such a short period of time. If he were to have continued to battle them, even if he didn’t die, he would have been seriously injured.

Thus, it was as he had said, Chu Feng had saved him.