Chapter 1808 - Not Afraid Of Martial Emperors

 MGA: Chapter 1808 - Not Afraid Of Martial Emperors

“Chu Feng, say, are you going to become my disciple, or that damned monk’s disciple?” The Snow-haired Immortal asked.

“Chu Feng, although Snow-hair possesses the title of Immortal, she is actually a devil woman. If you become her disciple, sooner or later, you will be tormented to death by her,” Before Chu Feng could answer, the Compass Immortal interrupted.

“Insolent monk! Not only have you stolen from me, you actually want to snatch my disciple too. And now you even dare to spout lies about me and slander my reputation,” The Snow-haired Immortal was so enraged that her complexion turned deathly pale. Overflowing hatred filled her eyes.

However, even with this being the case, she did not attack the Compass Immortal. Like her, the Compass Immortal also did not attack her.

The two of them knew very well that, regardless of what sorts of grievances and hatreds the two of them possessed for one another, for Chu Feng’s sake, they had to, at this time, work together. Currently, their only enemies were the Four Great Imperial Clans.

“Snow-hair, let’s stop arguing. Our most important mission right now is to save Chu Feng. Do you have any good plans?” The Compass Immortal sent a voice transmission to the Snow-haired Immortal.

“That’s simple. I’ll hinder those four old farts, and you can seize the opportunity to take Chu Feng away. However, remember this, Chu Feng is this Immortal’s disciple,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

“That is a good plan. Merely, the power of the Emperor Dragon Seals is growing stronger by the moment. Are you sure you can do it?” The Compass Immortal asked.

“Rest assured, this Immortal is definitely able to safely escape. Afterward, I’ll come and slaughter you, damned monk, and take back my disciple,” After the Snow-haired Immortal said those words, her snow-white hair began to violently flutter again. Her Ancient Era’s Immortal Armament that had already grown dim actually started to shine brightly. In an instant, the light from her Ancient Era’s Imperial Armament actually overshadowed that of the four golden dragons.

“Ta, ta, ta~~~”

Using this opportunity, the Compass Immortal began to step forward. Each and every one of his footsteps was extremely profound. By relying on that profound movement martial skill, as well as the cover provided by the Snow-haired Immortal, the Compass Immortal successfully carried Chu Feng and the others with him and pierced through the encirclement of the four Supreme Elders to fly into the distance

“Damn it! That Compass has escaped with Chu Feng!” Upon discovering this, the four Supreme Elders immediately turned around to give chase.

“Four shameless bastards, none of you can leave,” However, how could the Snow-haired Immortal possibly allow them the opportunity to pursue Chu Feng? The power of her Ancient Era’s Imperial Armament soared vigorously. None of the four Supreme Elders were capable of breaking free from her.

With an irresistible force, no one was able to stop the Compass Immortal. Although he did not start to openly slaughter the crowd like the Snow-haired Immortal, after he seriously injured several thousand people, no one dared to try to stop him anymore.


Following a loud explosion, the Compass Immortal broke through the invisible spirit formation set up by the Four Great Imperial Clans.

“Damned Snow-hair! I shall dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!” Seeing the Compass Immortal escaping with Chu Feng, the four Supreme Elders were infuriated. They began to put all of their strength into attacking the Snow-haired Immortal. The four of them planned to eliminate her.

“Four sirs, do not be anxious. That Compass will not be able to escape, and that Chu Feng will also not be able to escape. Today, none of them will be able to escape.”

Right at this moment, two rays of light suddenly arrived before the Compass Immortal. They were two white-haired old men.

Although the two of them were very old, they possessed exceptionally strong auras. The two of them were both rank four Martial Emperors.

After the two of them approached the Compass Immortal, they immediately took out their Incomplete Imperial Armaments and began to unleash attacks at the Compass Immortal. All of their attacks were fatal.

“They’re our Nangong Imperial Clan and Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders,” At this moment, Nangong Beidou recognized the two old men.

“You two have also come? Aren’t you supposed to be in charge of guarding the clans?” At this moment, the four Supreme Elders who were fighting the Snow-haired Immortal were shocked. However, more than that, they were overjoyed. If it wasn’t for the backup of these two Supreme Elders, Chu Feng would have really been taken away by the Compass Immortal.

“We were unable to feel reassured. Thus, we decided to come and have a look. Sure enough, our decision to come was correct,” Although these two Supreme Elders had just arrived, the two of them, as people with extensive experience, immediately knew what the situation was. They knew that the Compass Immortal had become their enemy. Naturally, they would have to kill the Compass Immortal.

“Haha, very well. I have always wanted to match myself with the Nangong Imperial Clan and the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders. For me to be able to fight against the two of you by myself, I could be said to be fortunate,” The Compass Immortal burst into loud laughter. Although he was facing the two of them alone, he was not at a disadvantage.

“If this is to continue, it’ll never end. There might even be more reinforcements from the Four Clans. I will hand Chu Feng to the two of you.”

“Even if you are to die, you must still protect Chu Feng, understand?” Although the Compass Immortal appeared to be very imposing, he was actually secretly telling Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang to protect Chu Feng.

“Understood,” Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang said together.

“Go,” The Compass Immortal directly shot Chu Feng, Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang away. At the same time, he removed the spirit formation the Snow-haired Immortal had placed on them and restored their freedom to move.

“You cannot escape!!!” However, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs, as well as many Martial Emperor-level experts, immediately chased after them. It was as if they had been on guard against the Compass Immortal releasing them the entire time.

“Woosh, woosh~~~”

Furthermore, at this moment, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs and the various Martial Emperors unleashed many fatal attacks. However, their target was neither Baili Xuankong nor Hong Qiang. Their fatal attacks were all aimed at Chu Feng.

“Come, come, come. If you have the courage, come at me. To bully a member of the younger generation, do you all not fear ruining your reputations?”

Baili Xuankong held the Death Kill Brush and withstood all of the attacks from the crowd. Afterward, his body turned, and he flew toward the incoming Martial Emperors. By relying only on himself, he had managed to suppress the four Clan Chiefs, as well as five rank two Martial Emperors.

“Hong Qiang, regardless of what sort of method you use, you must bring Chu Feng out,” Baili Xuankong said to Hong Qiang.

“Chu Feng, let’s go,” Hong Qiang did not dare to hesitate. He immediately brought Chu Feng with him and began to escape.

“Chu Feng, today, you are definitely going to die here!” However, not long after Hong Qiang began to escape with Chu Feng, seven Martial Emperors flew toward them from outside the spirit formation. They were all people from the Four Great Imperial Clans. Although they were only rank one Martial Emperors, there were still seven Martial Emperors.

“Damn it,” Being enveloped by their powerful oppressive might, Chu Feng and Hong Qiang were sealed off in an instant. Immediately afterward, the seven rank one Martial Emperors encircled Chu Feng and Hong Qiang from both the sky and the ground.

“Whoever dares to touch Chu Feng will be dismembered into ten thousand pieces!” Baili Xuankong shouted. He immediately tried to turn around to rescue Hong Qiang and Chu Feng.

“You should think about yourself first,” However, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs sneered at Baili Xuankong. Joining hands with the five rank two Martial Emperors, they encircled Baili Xuankong and stopped him from saving Chu Feng.

“So that’s the case. They have already planned this. This was done on purpose,” Chu Feng started to frown. He had managed to tell that the four Imperial Clan Chiefs had deliberately chased after him from behind so that Baili Xuankong would go and stop them.

However, they had actually planned to trap Baili Xuankong and prevent him from being next to Chu Feng to protect him. The reason for that was because they already had people stationed outside.

As long as Chu Feng lost Baili Xuankong’s protection, the seven rank one Martial Emperors would be sufficient to take care of Chu Feng and Hong Qiang.

“Truly despicable!” Baili Xuankong also realized what had happened. However, he was already tightly trapped by the four Imperial Clan Chiefs and the five rank two Martial Emperors. At this moment, he simply did not have a way to break free of them to save Chu Feng. All he could do was watch as the seven rank one Martial Emperors surrounded Chu Feng and Hong Qiang.

“Chu Feng is doomed now. Although that man by the name of Hong Qiang is also a Martial Emperor, he is only a rank one Martial Emperor.”

“As Martial Emperors, which one of them does not possess a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation? That Hong Qiang is definitely incapable of contending against seven people alone,” The crowd began to spiritedly discuss the current situation.

In fact, it was true. Hong Qiang would not be able to fight against seven people alone. At the very most, he could contend against two rank one Martial Emperors. After all, his opponents were all people from the Four Great Imperial Clans; they all possessed Imperial Bloodlines and heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. Practically none of them were weaker than him.

“Senior Hong Qiang, you do not have to worry about me. You merely need to protect yourself. Mere rank one Martial Emperors are incapable of killing me,” At this moment, lightning began to flicker on Chu Feng’s body. His aura had soared from rank seven Half Martial Emperor to rank nine Half Martial Emperor.

Although Chu Feng was surrounded by Martial Emperors, his imposing might was not at all weaker than that of those Martial Emperors.

Furthermore, there was no trace of fear in Chu Feng’s gaze. He… was truly not afraid of Martial Emperors.