Chapter 1807 - Fighting Over A Disciple

 MGA: Chapter 1807 - Fighting Over A Disciple


After hearing what the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said, the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder started to frown. His expression became extremely unnatural. He was actually unwilling to fight. He did not wish to make the Snow-haired Immortal their Dongfang Imperial Clan’s enemy.

After all, even if they were to join hands, they might not necessarily be able to kill the Snow-haired Immortal. And if they were to fail in killing the Snow-haired Immortal, she would definitely hold a grudge.

With the Snow-haired Immortal’s strength and her maverick nature, if she were to become their enemy, the people from the Dongfang Imperial Clan would not be able to walk freely in the Holy Land of Martialism anymore.

Not to mention the regular clansmen, even if he were to hold the Emperor Dragon Seal, he would likely also suffer a disaster should he end up encountering the Snow-haired Immortal himself.

The reason for that was because the Snow-haired Immortal was simply too fierce. Else, how could she possibly be able to suppress two Supreme Elders, experts with the same cultivation as her, that held Emperor Dragon Seals? One must know that the more Emperor Dragon Seals there were, the stronger their strength would be.

“Dongfang, we cannot watch with folded arms anymore. Else, the reputation of the Four Great Imperial Clans will be ruined by that Snow-haired Immortal today. Even if our Four Great Imperial Clans are to remain, we will no longer be able to lift our heads up in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“However, if we are to join hands, then, relying on the strength of the Emperor Dragon Seals, as well as the power of our various clansmen, we might be able to kill the Snow-haired Immortal. In that case, not only will we be able to eliminate a great enemy, the fame of our Four Great Imperial Clans will also flourish even more.”

After the Beitang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said those words, he waved his sleeve and took out his Emperor Dragon Seal.


Once the Emperor Dragon Seal was revealed, it turned into an enormous dragon, several hundred meters long. The dragon covered the sky like a golden magic cloud. It was very dazzling and emitted a great amount of might.

“It would seem that I can only put my all into this fight,” Immediately following this, the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder also acted.


Another dragon roar. Another Emperor Dragon Seal had been taken out.

The four Supreme Elders of the Four Great Imperial Clans all held Emperor Dragon Seals to attack the Snow-haired Immortal.

“Heh,” Right at the moment when the Beitang and Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders joined in to attack her, the Snow-haired Immortal’s eyes narrowed slightly. A trace of cunning flashed past her eyes.

Then, the Snow-haired Immortal began to force open a path with her Ancient Era’s Imperial Armament. Her body turned into a ray of light that streaked through the area between the Beitang Imperial Clan and Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders. She arrived before Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang.

“Crap! She’s trying to save them!”Seeing that scene, the guards who were guarding Baili Xuankong and Hong Qiang rushed forth to stop the Snow-haired Immortal.

“Scram,” However, before they could even reach the Snow-haired Immortal, they were knocked away like kites with broken strings into the distance by a single thought from the Snow-haired Immortal. When they landed on the ground, their bodies were mutilated, and they had lost all traces of life.

“Chu Feng, as your master, I treat you pretty well, no?” At this moment, the Snow-haired Immortal had placed Hong Qiang and Baili Xuankong into the spirit formation that was protecting Chu Feng. She had reunited the three of them.

“Thank you senior,” At this moment, Chu Feng was able to talk again. However, he did not address Snow-haired Immortal as ‘master’. It was not that he did not wish to have her as his master. Rather, it was that he did not dare to do so.

This devil woman was simply too ever-changing. Chu Feng still vividly remembered the scene of her using him as an experiment back then. Thus, even though she was braving death to save him today, he still did not dare to trust her.

“Little brat, can it be that you still bear grudges against me for that day?” The Snow-haired Immortal saw through Chu Feng. However, she was not angry at him. Instead, she smiled an alluring smile.

“Snow-hair, you’ll definitely be killed today!”

Right at this moment, the four Supreme Elders had caught up to them. Not only that, they had surrounded the Snow-haired Immortal from all directions. Furthermore, their eyes were bloodshot, and their killing intent was surging.

One must know that the people who the Snow-haired Immortal had just killed were the crème de la crème of the Four Great Imperial Clan’s elites. Not only were many among them capable of becoming Martial Emperors, two of them had even been rank one Martial Emperors from the Ximen Imperial Clan.

Thus, at this moment, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder hated the Snow-haired Immortal to his bones. He wished that he could eat her flesh and drink her blood. However, even if he were able to do all of that, he would still not be able to alleviate the hatred in his heart.

“I’ve heard that the Emperor Dragon Seals are only able to reveal their true strength should the four of them be gathered together. Perfect timing. Allow me to experience the might of your Emperor Dragon Seals.”

“No, ‘my’ Emperor Dragon Seals,” After saying those words, the Snow-haired Immortal revealed an avaricious smile.

“You actually dare to think about our Emperor Dragon Seals! Your sin is unforgivable!” At this moment, even the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder was filled with incomparable rage.

The Emperor Dragon Seals were their inherited treasures. They were the foundation of the Four Great Imperial Clans. Yet, the Snow-haired Immortal actually thought about seizing them for herself. This was something that he could not tolerate. Thus, he had to eliminate the Snow-haired Immortal.

“Kill! Kill that devil woman! We shall eliminate this evil from our Holy Land of Martialism!” The four Supreme Elders attacked together.

“Set up formations! Help the Supreme Elders eliminate that witch!!!” At this moment, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs shouted in unison.

“Yes, milord!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The people from the Four Great Imperial Clans shouted in unison. Their shout was so strong that it seemed like it could pierce the skies and reach the outer world.

After that, the foreheads of all of the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans started to radiate with the word ‘Imperial.’ Then, the elites of the Four Great Imperial Clans flipped their palms, and each took out a golden title plate and placed their title plates onto their foreheads while pointing one finger at the four Supreme Elders.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

In an instant, several tens of thousands of little golden dragons streaked across the sky and began to enter the bodies of the four Supreme Elders unceasingly.

At this moment, the ‘Imperial’ characters on the foreheads of the four Supreme Elders grew brighter and brighter. The might of the Emperor Dragon Seals in their hands also grew stronger and stronger. The four golden dragons were becoming larger and larger, more vivid and lifelike, and their scales began to drift about. At that time, they looked like real dragons moving about through the sky.


Being oppressed by those four golden dragons, the Ancient Era’s Imperial Armament that the Snow-haired Immortal controlled, that hairpin of hers, also became weaker and weaker. In fact, the light that it emitted was also starting to grow fainter and fainter.

“Snow-hair, you are unable to differentiate good from bad. You dared to think that you could withstand our Four Great Imperial Clans by yourself. Today, no one should pity your death.” Seeing that the Snow-haired Immortal was being suppressed, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders finally started to smile complacently.

“Who said that Snow-hair is by herself?” However, right at this moment, a laugh was heard. Then, a golden spear a hundred meters long pierced into the battlefield. It began to help the Snow-haired Immortal fight against the four golden dragons.

“You… it’s actually you. Compass Immortal, why would it be you?”

At this moment, the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders were all shocked. The reason for that was because there was a person within the golden spear. As for that person, he was none other than the Compass Immortal.

“Compass Immortal, even he came?” Although the crowd were unable to see the Compass Immortal, they were able to hear the mentions of his name.

“Damned shameless monk, why have you come?” In fact, even the Snow-haired Immortal was puzzled. Furthermore, she was looking at the Compass Immortal with a face of hostility.

“Snow-hair, while you’re allowed to come to obtain a disciple, am I not allowed to?” the Compass Immortal asked with a beaming smile.

“Obtain a disciple?” Hearing those words, many people were bewildered.

“Damned monk! You’re planning to fight over Chu Feng with this Immortal?!” It was the Snow-haired Immortal who realized the Compass Immortal’s intentions.

“Precisely,” The Compass Immortal nodded with a smile.

“Ah? What? The Compass Immortal and the Snow-haired Immortal have both come to fight over having Chu Feng become their disciple? This…”

Hearing those words, many people opened their mouths wide with shock.

This was especially true of the younger generation. They all felt extremely envious of Chu Feng.

The Snow-haired Immortal and the Compass Immortal, what sort of statuses did the two of them possess? Many people could only dream about becoming their disciples.

Yet, these two people who never accepted disciples actually came to fight over Chu Feng to have him become their disciple. What sort of honor was this?

However, at the same time, there were people who also realized that it was not that these two Immortals did not wish to obtain disciples. Rather, their requirements were set extremely high, and they had yet to find a suitable disciple the entire time.

However, Chu Feng had most definitely satisfied all of their requirements. Else, how could they insist on making Chu Feng their disciple even knowing that they would become enemies of the Four Great Imperial Clans?