Chapter 1784 - Immortal Fire Tri-layer Transformation

MGA: Chapter 1784 - Immortal Fire Tri-layer Transformation

“Speaking of this matter, it is also a long story. It’s better that I make that story short too. Back then, my father didn’t possess the strength he does now. Yet, together with my mother, they created me.”

“During the time when I was one year old, my father’s enemies found him. My father decided to take on his enemies himself, and he had my mother and my clansmen take me away.”

“However, it turns out that my father’s enemy also brought helpers that intercepted my mother and clansmen.”

“At the moment of crisis, my mother used her life as the price to have my clansmen take me away.”

“My mother died because of that. As for me, I do not know how, but I ended up in the Eastern Sea Region, and in the Nine Provinces Continent on top of that. Afterward, I became an orphan.”

“As for my father, although he managed to survive, when he saw my mother’s corpse and the corpses of my clansmen, he was filled with grief and heartbreak.”

“Due to the fact that not only were my mother and clansmen killed, I was also nowhere to be found. My father thought that we had all died,” Zhang TIanyi said.

“While the pain of having one’s clan wiped out is indeed very heavy, you aren’t dead. You were merely lost. That doesn’t mean that you were definitely dead. Why did your father come to the conclusion that you were dead, and not try to find you?” Chu Feng asked.

“This cannot be blamed on my father. My father had left a tracking imprint on me. As long as I was alive, he would be able to find me anywhere. However, at that time, he had been unable to find me. This left only one possibility in his mind. That was, that I was dead,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“But you weren’t dead. Instead, you ended up in the Eastern Sea Region,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s right. I wasn’t dead. I merely ended up in the Eastern Sea Region. It might be because the distance was too far, or due to some sort of isolation power, but even though I had a tracking imprint on me, my father was unable to sense me. However, my father was able to sense me as long as I returned to the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Thus, when master and I returned to the Holy Land of Martialism, my father was surprised to discover that I was still alive. Thus, he left to find me right away.”

“He had been protecting me from the shadows the entire time. It was only when little brother Wushang and I nearly died at the hands of that devil woman Leng Yue that my father acted to save us. Afterward, he told me about my origins,” Zhang Tianyi explained.

“Never would I have expected that senior brother Zhang actually possessed such a tragic origin,” Hearing what Zhang Tianyi said, Chu Feng’s heart tightened. Although it involved different reasons, Zhang Tianyi’s origins were somewhat similar to his own.

Merely, Zhang Tianyi had managed to reunite with his father. While he… was still unable to see his father.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Is the enemy who exterminated your clan still present?” The hatred of his mother being killed, his clansmen being killed and the separation from his father for many years, it was all because of that enemy from back then.

A hatred this enormous could not go unavenged. If those people that caused this were still alive, without even Zhang Tianyi saying anything, Chu Feng would definitely help him obtain revenge.

“Dead. With the exception of one person, they’ve all been killed by my father,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“One person? Who is that?” Chu Feng asked.

“My father also does not know who exactly that person is. However, he was the main culprit behind our Zhang Family’s calamity.”

“Our Zhang Family has been hidden from the public for years. Ordinary people were simply unable to find out where we lived. It was that man that guided my father’s enemy to find our Zhang Family.”

“Merely, after that day, he has disappeared completely. No matter how hard my father tried, he was unable to find him.”

“However, my father said that someone like him would not die that easily. He must still be alive somewhere in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Unfortunately, other than the fact that he possessed a snake-like mark on his forehead, we do not know anything about him,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Damn it! If that man is alive, I will definitely not forgive him,” Chu Feng said.

“If I am to find him, I will definitely not let him off that easily,” When mentioning that man, Zhang Tianyi’s hatred was overflowing.

“Senior brother Zhang, you said that little brother Wushang had also been saved by your father. In that case, is he here too?” Chu Feng asked.

“No. Little brother Wushang possessed an Imperial Bloodline. My father is unable to help him with his martial cultivation. Thus, he sent little brother Wushang to one of his old friend’s hidden places so that little brother Wushang could progress there.”

“If you wish to find him, I am able to tell you where he is,” Zhang Tianyi handed Chu Feng a map.

After receiving the map from Zhang Tianyi, Chu Feng discovered that the hidden location that little brother Wushang was training in was truly well-hidden. However, if the opportunity presented itself, he would definitely go over there to pay a visit to Jiang Wushang.

After all, the three of them were brothers, and they had known each other since their time at the Nine Provinces Continent. Over the years, their affection for one another had grown very deep. For them to reunite with one another in the Holy Land of Martialism was not easy.

Chu Feng carefully put away the map that Zhang Tianyi had handed him.

Then, he said, “Senior brother Zhang, your father is Emperor Gong’s successor. Did he obtain Emperor Gong’s teachings, or was he a descendant of Emperor Gong to begin with?”

“Emperor Gong is our clan’s ancestor. The people of our clan are all descendants of Emperor Gong. The title of Emperor Gong’s successor has been passed on from generation to generation,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Senior brother Zhang, since the title of Emperor Gong’s successor is passed on from generation to generation, why is his name Emperor Gong and not Emperor Zhang?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“My ancestor’s name was originally Zhang Xianfeng. However, for the sake of protecting the safety of his descendants, he changed his name to Gong Wuming,” Zhang Tianyi said. [1. Gong → a last name meaning bow/arch. Wuming → Nameless.]

“The surname ‘Zhang’ would be Gong without Chang. So that’s the case. I understand now,” Chu Feng came to a sudden realization. Even though Emperor Gong had concealed his true name, he had left behind a trace of a hint.

[1. Zhang 张 is a compound character (not really a compound surname because there aren’t two characters. It composed of Gong 弓 → (Bow) and Chang 长 → (Long/Wide). More can be learned here.]

“No matter what, it is still a thing worthy of celebration for senior brother Zhang to be able to meet your relative,” Chu Feng congratulated.

He was feeling joy for Zhang Tianyi from the bottom of his heart. As a person with a similar experience, Chu Feng knew the loneliness Zhang Tianyi had suffered the most. He knew the desire of wanting to meet one’s relatives the most.

At this moment, Zhang Tianyi also smiled. It could be seen that even though his clansmen were all dead and his mother was also dead, he was extremely content to be able to reunite with his father.

“Senior brother Zhang, you have invited all these people here and then announced your name, are you planning to announce Emperor Gong’s true surname to the world?” Chu Feng asked.

“Gong Wuming is not my ancestor’s true name to begin with. He only addressed himself as Gong Wuming because he feared his family being implicated by him.”

“As for now, only my father and I remain from our Zhang Family. My father felt that it was time for the world to know the true identity of my ancestor,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Indeed,” Chu Feng nodded in agreement.

“That said, it was actually not my intention to hold the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly. Instead, it is a trial my father has set for me,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Trial?” Chu Feng’s gaze shone.

“Mn. Do you still remember that I trained in a Forbidden Mysterious Technique?” Zhang Tianyi asked.

“Of course. Senior brother Zhang’s Forbidden Mysterious Technique is not at all weaker than Divine Bodies,” Chu Feng said.

“Indeed. That Forbidden Mysterious Technique of mine possesses a great origin,” When mentioning this matter, Zhang Tianyi was very proud. He said, “I had thought since long ago that the Forbidden Mysterious Technique I trained in possessed even more powerful strength. Merely, I was only unable to grasp or comprehend it.”

“In fact, the Forbidden Mysterious Technique I trained in is the one that has been passed on from generation to generation in our Zhang Family. It is fundamental to how we became powerful. It is also fundamental to how my ancestor’s name spread through the Holy Land of Martialism, and how became his era’s overlord.”

“The true name of that Forbidden Mysterious Technique is Immortal Fire Tri-layer Transformation,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Immortal Fire Tri-layer Transformation?” Upon hearing that name, Chu Feng realized that that Forbidden Mysterious Technique was not simple.