Chapter 1783 - Senior Brother’s Origin

MGA: Chapter 1783 - Senior Brother’s Origin


“Emperor Gong’s successor!!!”

“Could it be that senior brother Zhang is that Emperor Gong’s successor?!!!” Upon thinking of this possibility, Chu Feng was enormously shocked.

“Emperor Gong’s successor? That person is Emperor Gong’s successor? But, that Emperor Gong’s successor addressed Chu Feng as junior brother earlier. Could it be that they are related?”

At this moment, the crowd’s gazes were all focused on Zhang Tianyi. They had not only discovered Zhang Tianyi’s identity, they were also unable to forget the fact that this Emperor Gong’s successor had addressed Chu Feng as ‘junior brother’ in a very intimate manner.

“Everyone, I am the eighth generation successor of Emperor Gong, Zhang Tianyi.”

“Tomorrow, the person competing with all of you will be me. Although we will be fighting one another with weapons tomorrow, I am still very happy to be able to befriend everyone here,” Zhang Tianyi arrived at the stage and then clasped his fist to the crowd.

At this moment, the everyone present was welcoming him with smiles on their faces and returning his greeting. Even the proud and arrogant Baili Xinghe did not dare to act disrespectfully toward Zhang Tianyi. After all, Zhang Tianyi was the successor of Emperor Gong.


However, after seeing Zhang Tianyi, that Leng Yue snorted coldly. Then, with a mocking smile on her face, she turned around and entered her pagoda.

While the others might not have noticed this scene, Chu Feng noticed it immediately.

Furthermore, Chu Feng noticed that when Leng Yue snorted coldly, a trace of discomfort flashed across Zhang Tianyi’s face. A special sort of feeling flashed through his eyes.

After Zhang Tianyi finished greeting the crowd, he walked over to Chu Feng and, with a smile on his face, patted Chu Feng’s shoulder, “Junior brother Chu Feng, I finally get to see you again. I trust that you have been well since we last met.”

“Senior brother Zhang, you have truly given me a pleasant surprise,” Chu Feng laughed heartedly. Then, he hugged Zhang Tianyi.

The two brothers embraced one another without saying anything. Their affection for one another was endless.

“Come, let’s talk inside,” Chu Feng invited Zhang Tianyi to his pagoda.

“They’re really fellow martial brothers. I’ve heard that Chu Feng’s origin was extraordinary. To see it for myself today, it seems that that is really the case.”

“Sigh, it is no wonder that senior discriminated in favor of Chu Feng. With this relationship, it would be strange if he didn’t.”

Seeing that Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi had entered Chu Feng’s pagoda together, the crowd revealed even more shock. At the same time, they suddenly felt sympathy for Ximen Feixue.

Chu Feng possessed this sort of relationship with Zhang Tianyi. Yet, Ximen Feixue had actually provoked him publicly like that. He had simply been courting disaster.

At this moment, Chu Feng had entered his pagoda with Zhang Tianyi. Chili Pepper and the others, being discreet, had walked out of Chu Feng’s pagoda to allow the two of them space to talk with one another privately.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you have truly shocked me. Although I knew that your talent was exceptional, I never expected you to progress this quickly.”

After entering the pagoda, Zhang Tianyi began to inspect Chu Feng from head to toe, and then from toe to head. Seeing such a robust and strong Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi revealed a joyous expression.

“Senior brother Zhang, you are the one that has truly shocked me instead. Rank eight Half Martial Emperor, your cultivation greatly surpasses mine.”

Chu Feng was also extremely happy. He did not feel the slightest bit of jealousy from Zhang Tianyi having a stronger cultivation than him. All he felt was happiness. As brothers, he only wished for Zhang Tianyi to become stronger and stronger.

Zhang Tianyi sighed. “Don’t mention it. I know best how my cultivation came to be. It is simply incomparable to yours,” Zhang Tianyi smiled bitterly.

“Senior brother Zhang, how did you become Emperor Gong’s successor? Didn’t you become the disciple of that blind old man? Exactly how did you obtain this great opportunity? Quickly, tell me about it,” Chu Feng was impatient to know about what Zhang Tianyi had experienced.

Speaking of it, Chu Feng could be considered to be Emperor Qing’s successor. However, at the very most, he could only be considered to be half a successor. That said, this was already an enormous opportunity for Chu Feng.

Yet, Zhang Tianyi was actually the true successor of Emperor Gong. The opportunity he had received was even greater than the one Chu Feng had received.

It could be seen from how Zhang Tianyi was able to obtain his current cultivation.

“This is a long story. It’s better that I try to make this long story short.”

“Back then, it was only because of you that we were able to become master’s disciples. After being cared for by master, we arrived at the Holy Land of Martialism, and our cultivations had also increased greatly.”

“Afterward, master sent little brother Wushang and me to the Overlord Domain, and he told the two of us to train by ourselves. However, master also made a request of us. That is, he didn’t want us to go and find you on our own.”

“Although our cultivations were both strengthened with master’s help, we were still extremely weak and small in a place like the Overlord Domain.”

“In this period of time, little brother Wushang and I suffered quite some hardships too. Our greatest humiliation was at the hands of that devil woman Leng Yue,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Leng Yue?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was startled. It was no wonder why that Leng Yue had looked at Zhang Tianyi with such contempt, and why Zhang Tianyi’s mood was that complicated. It turned out that the two of them had known one another to begin with.

“Senior brother Zhang, exactly what happened?” Chu Feng hurriedly asked.

“That day, Leng Yue was fighting against a hidden expert’s disciple. Little brother Wushang and I heard the news and decided to go over there to broaden our horizons and see exactly how exceptional the number one disciple of the Heavenly Law Palace was.”

“However, when we saw that the legendary number one disciple of the Heavenly Law Palace actually had such an ordinary appearance, little brother Wushang muttered to me about it.”

“To our surprise, that Leng Yue’s ears were extremely sharp. She heard the words that little brother Wushang had said to me, and then dug out ours eyes publicly. Then, she threw the two of us into a cesspool.”

When mentioning this matter, Zhang Tianyi began to tightly clench his fists. He was clenching them so tightly that creaking noises could be heard.

Chu Feng knew Zhang Tianyi very well. With Zhang Tianyi’s nature, he would naturally not be able to endure this sort of humiliation.

In fact, after knowing that Leng Yue had actually done such a wicked thing to his brother, Chu Feng was also surging with anger. He now hated that Leng Yue to his bones.

Although Chu Feng was filled with anger, he did not interrupt Zhang Tianyi, and let him finish his story.

“Not only did that Leng Yue throw the two of us into a cesspool, she also bound us with her martial power. She wanted the two of us to drown to death in that cesspool.”

“Fortunately, my father stepped forth and helped us. Else, we would’ve definitely died,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Father?” Hearing the word ‘father,’ Chu Feng became shocked. He remembered clearly that Zhang Tianyi was an orphan.

“My father is Emperor Gong’s seventh generation successor. You saw him earlier,” Zhang Tianyi said with a beaming smile.

“Ah? It’s that senior?” Chu Feng was extremely shocked upon hearing those words. What sort of situation was this? It was not that Zhang Tianyi had encountered an enormous opportunity. Rather, that he had been Emperor Gong’s successor to begin with?

“Actually, I was also shocked the first time I saw my father. I truly never expected to be able to see my father in my lifetime. Furthermore, my father was actually that powerful.”

“Truth be told, I was also very shocked after finding out what had happened back then. I had thought that I was an orphan. However, to my surprise, I had actually carried an extremely important mission.”

Zhang Tianyi gasped. As he spoke, his gaze began to flicker. It was as if the scene of him encountering his father for the first time was still vivid in his eyes.

“Senior brother Zhang, exactly what is going on?” Chu Feng asked curiously.