Chapter 1743 - Charging Through The Killing Formation Again

MGA: Chapter 1743 - Charging Through The Killing Formation Again

“Let’s go,” Baili Xuankong directly avoided those people and continued on to the Cyanwood Mountain. He had decided to not bother with the people from the Ximen Imperial Clan who were setting up the wanted posters.

As for Chu Feng, he too ignored them. He knew very well that the Cyanwood Mountain would only feel a slight bit of humiliation as long as those people were ignored.

Whereas, if they were to attack and kill these people from the Ximen Imperial Clan, the Four Great Imperial Clans would have sufficient justification to attack the Cyanwood Mountain.

Thus, the only thing they could do now was endure. Even if their opponents had decided to humiliate them right in front of their home, they still had to endure.

Baili Xuankong, as an Ancestor-level character of the Cyanwood Mountain, possessed special methods and authority in the Cyanwood Mountain. Thus, after they entered the Cyanwood Mountain, he directly brought Chu Feng with him and entered that extremely well-guarded forbidden area, the Ancient Era’s Remnant.

However, he did not directly enter deep into the Ancient Era’s Remnant with Chu Feng.

Instead, using a special method, he summoned Yin Chengkong, Guan Hong, and Dugu Xingfeng over, the only three Martial Emperors that the Cyanwood Mountain possessed on the surface.

“Lord Xuankong,” Seeing that Baili Xuankong and Chu Feng had returned safely, Yin Chengkong and the others were extremely happy. This was especially true for Dugu Xingfeng.

“The three of you, take these,” Baili Xuankong handed three little cyan bells to the three of them.

The bells were somewhat special. They were made of wood. Although they were only palm-sized, they appeared to be very ancient and looked as if they had existed for countless years.

Furthermore, three characters were carved onto the bells, ‘Cyanwood Emperor’s Bell.’ Those three characters glimmered with light, and looked as if they possessed souls. The bells contained very strong power.

“Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells!!!” Seeing the Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells, the gazes of Dugu Xingfeng and the others shone. While others might not know about the origins of the Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells, they knew very well.

The Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells were a kind a treasure to the Cyanwood Mountain. They were capable of being used both offensively and defensively. The Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells were left behind by the founder of the Cyanwood Mountain. Even though only Martial Emperors were capable of using them, over the several tens of thousands of years the Cyanwood Mountain had existed, the Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells were nearly all exhausted.

At this moment, the three Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells in their hands might very well be the last three Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells in the Cyanwood Mountain. Thus, these three Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells were extremely precious.

Why did Baili Xuankong hand them such precious Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells? Could it be that the Cyanwood Mountain would really face imminent danger because of the Four Great Imperial Clans? That Baili Xuankong had handed them the Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells so that they could protect themselves?

“Chu Feng, you can explain it to them,” Baili Xuankong looked to Chu Feng.

Afterward, Chu Feng began to explain the situation to Dugu Xingfeng and the others.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Dugu Xingfeng and the others were all stunned. They were even more shocked than the first time when Baili Xuankong heard about this.

It was not that their ability to accept the situation was weak. Rather, what Chu Feng had mentioned was truly too stunning. How many experts had failed to pass through that Ancient Era’s killing formation?

Yet, Chu Feng was capable of charging through it. Furthermore, he had already seen the legendary treasures.

If those experts who had died to the Ancient Era’s killing formation were still alive and came to know about how Chu Feng had, with the cultivation of a rank eight Martial King, passed through the Ancient Era’s killing formation safely by relying on the map in his mind, they would likely die from excess frustration.

“For that fellow by the name of Long Lin to be able to live in the Ancient Era’s killing formation for so long, it’s very possible that he’s a monster.”

“The words of a monster cannot be trusted completely. If he keeps his promise, we will not do anything. However, if he breaks his promise, I must definitely have a word with him.”

“Merely, I do not have certainty that I can defeat him. If I am to fail, you all are to use these Cyanwood Emperor’s Bells to cover Chu Feng’s escape.”

“Remember, even if you are to give up your lives, you must still protect Chu Feng,” Baili Xuankong said with a serious expression.

“Understood,” Dugu Xingfeng and the others said without hesitation.

Chu Feng’s heart was moved by this scene. He felt an incomparable amount of warmth.

Regardless of whether or not it was for the Cyanwood Mountain’s future that Baili Xuankong and the others had valued him this enormously, they were willing to give up their lives for him. What sort of spirit was this? What sort of mindset was this? What sort of love was this?

After all… they were all Martial Emperors. For them to be able to reach their current level of cultivation, the amount of effort that they had put forth was something that only they themselves knew.

At this moment, Chu Feng was completely moved. However, he did not say it out loud. Instead, he buried it deep in his heart.

One does not have to speak of one’s gratefulness toward another repeatedly. Instead, when feeling grateful toward another, one must repay them with actions.

“Let’s go,” After making his decision, Baili Xuankong brought Chu Feng and the others and began to proceed toward the Ancient Era’s killing formation.

However, after they entered the Ancient Era’s killing formation, it was no longer Baili Xuankong who led the party. Instead, it was Chu Feng.

No matter what sort of cultivation Baili Xuankong and the others possessed, no matter how strong they were, at this moment, they could only follow behind Chu Feng and walk according to the path he took.

At the beginning, Dugu Xingfeng and the others were a bit worried. Even Baili Xuankong was worried. After all, this Ancient Era’s killing formation possessed such a vicious fame and had killed even experts more powerful than them. The place that they were now in was simply a grave composed of experts.

However, as they followed Chu Feng, they were completely unscathed. This made them incomparably shocked. After they saw the formations around them becoming more and more frightening while Chu Feng was still completely calm and collected while leading them, the shock they felt turned into astonishment.

Those formations were so frightening. Even without looking at them, merely by feeling the aura they emitted, one would feel fear from the bottom of one’s heart. How could a normal person possibly be able to withstand the pressure?

If it were an ordinary member of the younger generation, even if they did not piss their pants in fear, they would have been trembling in fear. However, Chu Feng was even more calm and collected than them. The confident expression on his face seemed to be telling them that he could bring them safely across this frightening Ancient Era’s killing formation.

After this, they were all certain that Chu Feng’s ability was not only limited to his exceptional talent. His extraordinary wisdom was absolutely not something that ordinary people could compare with.

Finally, Chu Feng led the four of them past the Ancient Era’s killing formation. Not only that, they had also entered the location where the treasures were hidden.

After they reached this location, what Chu Feng felt was a sense of familiarity. Nothing had changed regarding this place. That tree filled with cultivation resources, that Incomplete Imperial Armament that radiated with light, that sealed yet alluring treasure chest. Just like in the past, all of them were magnificently dazzling.

Baili Xuankong, Dugu Xingfeng, Yin Chengkong and Guan Hong were all drawn by the treasures before their eyes, much like the first time Chu Feng had arrived in this place.

After all, treasures like these were simply too rare to come by. The fruits on the tree were all rare cultivation resources. Any one of them would be able to fetch a very high price.

As for that bow, all of them were able to tell that it was not an ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament. Its workmanship and the aura it emitted could simply be said to be perfect. Looking at it, if one were to say that it was an Imperial Armament, people would still believe that.

In addition to those, there was that treasure chest. Looking at it, one could be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts. When the treasures outside were already this extraordinary, how extraordinary would the treasures that were meticulously stored away be?

However, compared to Baili Xuankong and the others, Chu Feng’s gaze was first fixed onto a beautiful woman.

The woman was Yao’er. At this moment, Yao’er had her eyes closed. Her appearance was completely the same. It was as if time had not affected her at all. Like before, she was still as youthful and cute looking.

Seeing such a Yao’er, Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief. Even though Yao’er had been trapped here, it would appear that her treatment here wasn’t bad.