Chapter 1742 - Returning To The Cyanwood Mountain

MGA: Chapter 1742 - Returning To The Cyanwood Mountain

Chu Feng had already realized from Baili Xuankong’s gaze how dangerous the Evil God Sword and the Death Kill Brush were. However, he did not continue to inquire about them. As matters stood, Baili Xuankong would definitely tell him the truth about them.

“Both the Evil God Sword and the Death Kill Brush are extremely dangerous. By using the Death Kill Brush, I am exchanging my life. Each time I use it, I end up losing ten years off my life. In Mooncloud City, that was actually my second time using the Death Kill Brush,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Each use consumes ten years of life?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was extremely shocked. No matter how long the lifespan of a cultivator might be, it was still limited. Especially for someone at Baili Xuankong’s age, how many more decades could he possibly have?

“Although the Death Kill Brush is dangerous, its danger is clear. However, that Evil God Sword is much more dangerous than the Death Kill Brush. The reason why it’s so dangerous is because it is a weapon capable of devouring its master.”

“That is not my random guess. Instead, it is what was written at the place the Evil God Sword was found.”

“You asked me why I am so certain that it is the legendary Evil God Sword earlier. The reason why is precisely because of those words.”

“What were those words?” Chu Feng asked.

“Evil God Sword. It is capable of subduing Evil Gods. Those without exceptional talent must not use this sword. Else, they will be devoured by the sword and die without any remains,” Baili Xuankong said those words one word at a time.

Even though Chu Feng was already aware of how dangerous the Evil God Sword was, his heart still tightened upon hearing those words.

“Truth be told, my master, before he was about to die, tried to subdue that Evil God Sword. However, he was instead devoured by it. Even though he was very old at that time, he was a rank two Martial Emperor,” Baili Xuankong said.

“It’s that powerful?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng came to realize even more how dangerous the Evil God Sword was. Sure enough, this Evil God Sword was different from ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armaments. Else, how could a rank two Martial Emperor be devoured by it?

“I actually gambled by having you attempt to subdue the Evil God Sword. I felt that what the Evil God Sword required was not strength, but instead talent. If that were the case, only you would be able to subdue it.”

“In fact, you have not disappointed me. Merely… the current you is still incapable of handling it,” Baili Xuankong said.

“That might be the case,” Chu Feng smiled wryly. He had experienced the might of the Evil God Sword and knew how powerful it was. However, he had been unable to withstand the pain from the backlash from the Evil God Sword.

“You wouldn’t blame me for having you take on such an enormous risk, right?” Baili Xuankong asked.

“One can only obtain riches in dangers. This holds even more true for the path of cultivation. What Ancestor did was for my sake. As such, how could I possibly blame Ancestor?”

“Merely, there is a matter that I wish to tell Ancestor about,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it? There is no harm to say it,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Ancestor, do you know of Yao’er?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s that Firmament Flower Queen, right? I naturally know of her. Although that girl is occasionally very ferocious, her nature is not bad. She is definitely not someone who would bully and humiliate the weak,” Baili Xuankong said. It could be seen that the impression he had of Yao’er was rather good.

This was no wonder, and was why, even though Yao’er was such a dangerous being, she was able to remain in the Cyanwood Mountain this entire time.

“Yao’er is currently in a very dangerous situation. She is trapped in our Cyanwood Mountain’s Ancient Era’s Remnant. I must go and save her,” Chu Feng said.

“The Ancient Era’s Remnant? Even though the Ancient Era’s Remnant is very dangerous, with that girl’s abilities, there shouldn’t be many places that could trap her. Where is she trapped?” Baili Xuankong asked.

“In the Ancient Era’s killing formation’s treasure deposit,” Chu Feng said.

“What? That girl actually burst into the Ancient Era’s killing formation? Treasure deposit? She managed to enter that treasure deposit?”

“That’s impossible. Even I am unable to charge through that Ancient Era’s killing formation. With her abilities, how could she possibly be able to charge through it?” Baili Xuankong showed an expression of disbelief. He had personally tried to charge through that Ancient Era’s killing formation. Thus, he knew very well how frightening that formation was. Throughout the years, countless experts had died in there. That was simply a danger spot.

“Ancestor, I have not lied to you. This is what happened…” Chu Feng began to narrate to Baili Xuankong all that had happened.

“There’s actually such a thing?” After learning about what had happened, Baili Xuankong was shocked. He only managed to calm his mind after a very long time. After he calmed down, he was very happy. With a smile on his face, he mocked Chu Feng, “Turns out, boy, that you entered our Cyanwood Mountain with ulterior motives, eh?”

Chu Feng laughed foolishly at Baili Xuankong’s mockery. After all, it was true; he had entered the Cyanwood Mountain for the sake of the treasures.

“However, for you to obtain that treasure map, you are truly fortunate. It would seem that you are someone blessed by the heavens,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Ancestor is flattering me. It was merely a coincidence,” Chu Feng said.

“Coincidence? You do not know how many people have lost their lives trying to charge through that Ancient Era’s killing formation over the course of several tens of thousands of years.”

He sighed. “Forget about it. Regardless of whether it’s a coincidence or not, it’s good news. I was worried about how to find cultivation resources for you. Never would I have expected that you’ve actually already found them yourself,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Ancestor, are we to return to the Cyanwood Mountain now then?” As he had completed what he set out to do, Chu Feng was anxious to return to the Cyanwood Mountain. Not only did he want those treasures, he was also very worried about Yao’er’s safety.

“The lessons I’ve taught the Ximen Imperial Clan and the Nangong Imperial Clan are more or less sufficient. Indeed, we can return,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Lessons?” Chu Feng was startled to hear those words. During the period when he had been asleep, he did not know about what had happened outside.

“Haha, boy, you’ll come to know about it later,” Baili Xuankong deliberately refused to tell Chu Feng.

Seeing Baili Xuankong’s profound smile and then thinking about the words he had said before, Chu Feng already had a guess or two as to what Baili Xuankong had done. During the period when he was asleep, his Ancestor had most definitely not been idle. Likely, both the Ximen Imperial Clan and the Nangong Imperial Clan were feeling very unwell right now.

Afterward, Chu Feng and Baili Xuankong returned to the Cyanwood Mountain.

They did not say anything on the journey back...

It was roughly noon when Chu Feng and Baili Xuankong arrived at the Cyanwood Mountain.

The Cyanwood Mountain was as prosperous as before. It was not affected too much. However, an extra group of people were outside of the Cyanwood Mountain. Those were people from the Ximen Imperial Clan.

At this moment, the people from the Ximen Imperial Clan were putting up an enormous signboard below the Cyanwood Mountain.

Not only was Chu Feng’s portrait on that signboard, a portrait of Baili Xuankong wearing the conical bamboo hat he had worn in Mooncloud City was also on the signboard.

They were wanted posters. The Four Clans had joined hands to post these wanted posters. As long as someone was capable of providing valuable information concerning Chu Feng and Baili Xuankong, that person would receive an Incomplete Imperial Armament, as well as many precious rare treasures.

If there was anyone capable of assisting the Four Clans in capturing Chu Feng or Baili Xuankong, they would receive ten Incomplete Imperial Armaments as well many medicinal pellets that would help with increasing one’s cultivation. Those medicinal pellets were so precious that even Martial Emperors would be tempted.

No one knew why the Four Great Imperial Clans had joined hands. However, one thing was certain. For the sake of eliminating Chu Feng and Baili Xuankong, the Four Great Imperial Clans had put forth an enormous amount of wealth.

Not to mention the value of the ten Incomplete Imperial Armaments, merely those medicinal pellets capable of assisting one with breakthroughs and increasing one’s cultivation were enough to cause people to drool.

“They are truly too excessive.”

Seeing the enormous signboard with their wanted posters on it that was being constructed, Chu Feng was extremely furious.

On their way here, he had not see any wanted posters. This meant that the wanted posters should only have just been issued.

The Cyanwood Domain was extremely far away from the Overlord Domain. Yet, they were issuing the wanted posters there first. Not only were they making such an enormous and eye-catching signboard, they were doing it right at the foot of the Cyanwood Mountain. Their actions were simply openly bullying the Cyanwood Mountain.

No matter what, Chu Feng was still a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.

“There’s no need to be angry. We should instead rejoice at their actions. This means that they fear you enormously, that they fear that you will be able to mature.”

“The more they are afraid, the more we’ll make their fears come true. Not only that, we’ll also make them regret. We’ll make them regret making you into an enemy,” Even though Baili Xuankong said those words calmly, coldness shined through his aged eyes.