Chapter 1736 - Weapon Biting Its Master

MGA: Chapter 1736 - Weapon Biting Its Master

“Coming,” Hearing those words, the Avaricious Immortal was overjoyed. His body shifted, and he arrived in the sky, standing amidst the vast clouds.

After he reached the clouds, his body began to change shape. He turned into an enormous gray wolf with a pair of bat wings on its back.

Not only did that enormous grey wolf possess a very ferocious appearance, it was also a hundred meters long. As its wings moved about, a violent wind was born. The violent wind blew away the vast clouds.

This ferocious grey wolf was formed of light, and it emitted a very special aura. The aura it emitted was capable of causing even the weather to change.

It turned out that not only was the Avaricious Immortal a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he was also a Divine Body. As a rank three Martial Emperor, his battle power was extremely strong after he unleashed his Divine Power. He was not at all weaker than the two Clan Chiefs.


Following a wolf’s howl, the Avaricious Immortal charged down from the sky. His speed was many times faster than lightning. Like a grey light, he entered the battle. He began to brandish his massive wolf claws that were akin to sharp blades. As he opened his large mouth, poison mist shot forth.

Not only were his attacks ferocious, all of his attacks were not aimed at Baili Xuankong. Instead, they were all aimed at Chu Feng. From this, it could be seen how treacherous of an individual he was.

To have three rank three Martial Emperors working together, one could very well imagine how strong they were. If it were ordinary people, they would definitely not be able to withstand them.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

However, Baili Xuankong’s expression remained unchanged. As he waved the Death Kill Brush in his hand around, he began to write the characters ‘death’ and ‘kill’ consecutively. The death and kill characters written by him exploded into golden light and broke apart the combined attack from the three Martial Emperors.

“Chu Feng, don’t be scared. My Death Kill Brush is no ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament. Even though I am unable to grasp the true Death Kill Technique to unleash its true power, it is sufficient for me to use it to defend. Furthermore, I am gradually grasping the power of the Death Kill Brush.”

“If those three men’s abilities are only this much, not to mention being unable to injure me and you, they will sooner or later die by my hand,” Baili Xuankong sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

After hearing those words and seeing how Baili Xuankong had managed to withstand the combined attacks from the three Martial Emperors with the Death Kill Brush, Chu Feng finally realized why Baili Xuankong had brought him here.

It turned out that Baili Xuankong possessed certainty of being able to protect Chu Feng.

Furthermore, the way it seemed now, Baili Xuankong was not satisfied with only protecting Chu Feng. Otherwise, he would definitely not continue to tangle with the three Martial Emperors. Otherwise, he would’ve brought Chu Feng away.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng muttered in his heart, “Lord Ancestor’s writing brush is very special indeed. It even greatly resembles that Evil God Sword. It is completely different from ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armaments.”

“But, it’s as Ancestor had said himself. He has not completely grasped the power of the brush. While it is fine to use it to defend, it is still impossible for him to effectively attack with it.”

“If this is to continue, the situation will likely become bad.”

Sensing that the situation might become bad, Chu Feng immediately sent a voice transmission to Baili Xuankong, “Ancestor, we should go.”

“Even if we must kill Nangong Beidou, today is not the best opportunity to do so. While the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief, Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief and the Mooncloud City’s City Master have yet to do anything, they have been observing the entire time. If Nangong Beidou is to continue to offer treasures to lure them in, I fear that they will, sooner or later, join the battle to help him.”

“Chu Feng, don’t be afraid. This Death Kill Brush is capable of becoming stronger against more powerful attacks. Furthermore, I have discovered that I am only able to grasp its power in battles. This is a rare opportunity. As long as I am given sufficient time, I will definitely be able to turn this battle around.”

“I will not stop after killing only Nangong Beidou. That Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief and the Avaricious Immortal shall also be killed by me,” After Baili Xuankong finished saying those words, he became even fiercer. Even though he was fighting three people alone, he was not at all at a disadvantage. Furthermore, he became even more imposing than them.

“Sigh~~~” Seeing this, Chu Feng felt helpless and could only sigh. It was unsuitable for him to continue urging his Ancestor against it.

After all, Baili Xuankong had lived for close to ten thousand years. He had undergone many things and was very experienced. If he was determined, Chu Feng would not be able to advise him against it.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng’s dantian trembled. Then, his legs grew weak. Wave upon wave of indescribable pain began to emit from his dantian and cover his entire body.

“Ancestor, I…” Sensing that the situation was bad, Chu Feng hurriedly spoke.

“Chu Feng, what happened to you?” Seeing that, Baili Xuankong’s expression changed enormously. Even though nothing appeared to be wrong with Chu Feng on the surface, the painful expression on Chu Feng’s face had allowed him to know that something major had happened.

Otherwise, with Chu Feng’s fortitude, how could he reveal such a painful expression?

“It’s the Evil God Sword. I am most definitely feeling the backlash from the Evil God Sword. Merely, I never expected for the backlash to come this quickly and for it to show no sign at all,” Chu Feng was not babbling nonsense at all.

The process of an Incomplete Imperial Armament recognizing its master was actually very similar to a world spirit recognizing a world spiritist. Both of them were virtually a process of entering an agreement. As for the contract between a martial cultivator and an Incomplete Imperial Armament, it was done within the martial cultivator’s dantian and soul.

The pain that Chu Feng was currently feeling originated from his dantian, his soul. The pain that he felt contained the aura of the Evil God Sword. Thus, Chu Feng firmly believed that the Evil God Sword was tormenting him. He was receiving a backlash from the Evil God Sword.

However, he didn't understand why the backlash from the Evil God Sword would arrive this late, and why he did not sense anything at all before.

However, none of that was important. What was most important was that the backlash from a weapon was an extremely bad situation. Especially the backlash from the Evil God Sword, it was extremely ferocious. It simply appeared to want to kill Chu Feng.

That Evil God Sword was truly too dangerous. It surpassed even Chu Feng’s expectations.

“We’re going.”

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Baili Xuankong’s eyes shone. Seeming as if he had thought of something, he revealed an expression of alarm and worry.

Thus, he immediately had a change of heart, and decided to no longer continue to be tangled in battle. He grabbed Chu Feng and soared into the sky to escape.

“He’s trying to escape, quickly, stop him!”

Seeing that, Nangong Beidou shouted. Immediately, he unleashed many dragons to form a net in the sky to stop Baili Xuankong from escaping with Chu Feng.

At the same time, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief also attacked to help Nangong Beidou stop Baili Xuankong. As for the Avaricious Immortal, he continued to unleash attacks directed at Chu Feng.

“Are you all really capable of stopping me?”

Baili Xuankong snorted coldly. He grabbed onto the Death Kill Brush. Together with his brush, he shot toward the sky like a sharp sword. In an instant, rumbles and screams could be heard nonstop. He had slaughtered the numerous dragons and reached through to the clouds.

Relying only on a single Death Kill Brush, Baili Xuankong had cut apart both Nangong Beidou and the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief’s combined attack to prevent him from escaping, as well as the Avaricious Immortal’s sneak attacks at Chu Feng. Baili Xuankong was so powerful that even the three of them combined were no match for him.

“Compass Immortal, please help us. As long as you are willing to help us kill those two, as long as it’s something that my Nangong Imperial Clan is capable of, regardless what sort of demand you might request from me, I will definitely agree to it,” Seeing that the situation was extremely bad, Nangong Beidou turned his gaze to the Compass Immortal, who was watching the show down below.

Hearing those words, the people in the crowd all opened their mouths wide with shock.

As long as it was something that the Nangong Imperial Clan was capable of, regardless of what sort of demand he made, he would definitely agree to it? This sort of treatment was truly frightening. With the strength of the Nangong Imperial Clan, for them to offer this sort of treatment, who could possibly be able to withstand it?

At this moment, Baili Xuankong started to frown. Even though he had discovered the might of the Death Kill Brush from this battle, discovered how even the three rank three Martial Emperors combined were no match for him, he had no choice but to fear the Compass Immortal.

The Compass Immortal’s fame was not one to joke around with. He was definitely not someone who the Avaricious Immortal could compare with. If he were to help them, both he and Chu Feng would likely not be able to escape today.

“Haha, I have only come here today as a spectator. Clan Chief Nangong, don’t bother trying to drag me into the battle.”

However, to the crowd’s surprise, even when facing Nangong Beidou’s extravagant treatment, the compass Immortal only laughed and was not moved.