Chapter 1735 - An Exorbitant Demand

MGA: Chapter 1735 - An Exorbitant Demand

“Everyone, listen carefully. While I, Chu Feng, might not possess many things, I do possess a good memory.”

“What’s happening today is a personal matter between the Nangong Imperial Clan and I. I hope that everyone will not get involved in this.”

“This will be considered a favor that I will owe you all. I, Chu Feng, will remember this favor. If fate allows it, I will repay everyone in the future.”

“However, if there is anyone who dares to get involved, I will also remember that person. Unless I, Chu Feng, am killed, I will definitely make that person suffer a miserable fate. Not only that person, but his family, his relatives and everyone related to him will also become implicated.”

“I will definitely not let a single person get away.”

Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke out. Once he said those words, his bright eyes shone with frigid killing intent.

Even though he was very young, and his cultivation was not yet very high, his gaze was able to make the crowd tremble with fear.

In merely an instant, the temperature in his surroundings lowered by several degrees. It was as if winter had arrived. All of the flowers, plants and trees within a hundred mile radius were covered in a layer of frost. Rivers, waterfalls and all other things that contained water were frozen to ice. Even the air itself was about to be frozen.

This was no mere chilliness. Instead, it was a chilliness formed by enormous killing intent. Not only was it bone-chilling, it was also filled with intimidation that reached the depths of one’s heart and soul.

Astonishment. The crowd was incomparably astonished. They were not astonished by the killing intent Chu Feng had unleashed. Rather, they were astonished by Chu Feng’s determination.

His determined expression alone showed them that he was someone who would keep his word.

At that moment, not to mention the others who were planning to attack Chu Feng, even that peak Half Martial Emperor old man who had asked Nangong Beidou for clarification about the benefits they would obtain started to sweat cold bullets out of fear. Without saying a word, he turned around and left.

As he left, he even shouted loudly, “Little friend Chu Feng, please don’t be mistaken. This old man merely asked out of curiosity. I never had the intention to become involved in this. Little friend Chu Feng, I hope that you will not think too much of this. Then, this old man will take his leave.”

This scene shocked the crowd. The many people who had wanted to help Nangong Beidou eliminate Chu Feng but did not have a powerful backing immediately gave up on the idea.

They did not wish to bear this fatal risk for the sake of benefits.

To put it simply, all of them were frightened by what Chu Feng had said.

“Well done!” At this moment, Baili Xuankong was overjoyed and praised Chu Feng in his heart.

He had truly never expected that Chu Feng would be able to neutralize the crisis with merely a couple words.

To be able to do that at his young age, how extraordinary would he be once he grew up?

“Damn it,” As the saying goes, there would always be someone who feels depressed when someone else feels joy. At the moment when Baili Xuankong was overjoyed, Nangong Beidou was feeling depressed.

With how talented Chu Feng was, he would definitely become extremely powerful in the future. Without mentioning his cultivation, Nangong Beidou had not expected him to be this sharp. This caused Nangong Beidou, who feared Chu Feng, to feel even more fear.

“Everyone here, you are all grand characters. Yet, you all were actually frightened by a member of the younger generation. You all are truly a disappointment to our Ximen Clan.”

“Brother Nangong, allow me, Ximen, to help you,” Right at this moment, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief suddenly acted. He held an Incomplete Imperial Armament in his hand, and his body emitted golden light all over. Like a god of war, he charged toward the battle.

Not only that, like the Nangong Imperial Clan, the experts from the Ximen Imperial Clan actually also set up a special formation and began to transfer their Imperial Bloodline’s power to their Clan Chief.

In this sort of situation, the battle power of the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief was not at all inferior to Nangong Beidou’s. With the two of them working together, everyone felt that Baili Xuankong was doomed to be defeated.

However, Baili Xuankong’s Death Kill Brush was extremely powerful. As he waved it around, even though the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief and the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief had joined hands, they were still unable to suppress him. All they could do was fight to a standstill.

“Brother Dongfang, Brother Beitang, what that child has done today is not only aimed at our Nangong Imperial Clan. Instead, his actions are against all our Four Great Imperial Clans. If we do not eliminate that child, he will bring about a disaster in the future. Quickly, join Brother Nangong and I to eliminate this child,” Clan Chief Ximen shouted loudly.

Hearing those words, the hearts of the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief and the Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief began to waver. They also realized how dangerous Chu Feng was. If someone like that could not be be used by them, it would be better to eliminate him.

After all, it was as the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief had said, Chu Feng’s actions today were akin to a slap in the face for the Four Great Imperial Clans. He had clearly set himself to oppose the Four Great Imperial Clans.

When that Chu Feng was already daring enough to do so with his current cultivation, if he were to mature, he might not only dare to act this way toward the younger generation of the Four Great Imperial Clans. Instead, he might act this way toward even them.

Instead of that, it would be more beneficial to take advantage of the accusation that the Nangong Imperial Clan had thrown onto Chu Feng to eliminate him right now.

“Clan Chief Dongfang, Clan Chief Beitang, are the two of you really planning to have me, Chu Feng, as an enemy? If that’s the case, what exactly could your earlier invitations of great kindness possibly amount to?”

At this time, Chu Feng also spoke. His tone was neither servile nor overbearing. He did not have the intention to request for the two of them to not do anything. Instead, there was a faint trace of threatening and clear mockery in his words.

Hearing those words, the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief and the Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief could only smile bitterly in their hearts. Chu Feng’s words were truly ruthless.

No matter what, they had indeed invited Chu Feng earlier. Furthermore, their invitations had been ones with great kindness and magnificent hospitality. If they were to turn against Chu Feng now, it would be equivalent to telling everyone present that they were dishonest and unjust individuals. This placed them in a very difficult spot.

Suddenly, the Avaricious Immortal stood up and spoke with a beaming smile. “Two Clan Chiefs, in recent days, this old man has been trying to refine an item. I needed two Incomplete Imperial Armaments for that item. If the two of you are capable of providing me with the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments, this old man is willing to assist you all in eliminating that Chu Feng.”

Hearing those words, Nangong Beidou and the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief looked to one another. They exchanged communication with their gazes and came to a mutual understanding. Then, together, they said, “We are willing to provide the Incomplete Imperial Armaments. We’ll have to trouble you, Avaricious Immortal.”

Hearing those words, the crowd was incomparably shocked. How precious were Incomplete Imperial Armaments? Even in the Four Great Imperial Clans, they were extremely considerable treasures. Yet, the Nangong Imperial Clan and the Ximen Imperial Clan were willing to provide an Incomplete Imperial Armament each to request the Avaricious Immortal’s assistance.

From this, it could be seen how much they wanted to eliminate Chu Feng.

However, after the two Clan Chiefs agreed to the condition, the Avaricious Immortal did not join the battle right away. Instead, the smile on his face grew even stronger.

Then, slowly, he said, “I have another condition. If I am to join the battle, I will be destined to have Chu Feng as an enemy. Thus, regardless of whether or not you all are able to kill him, you must still provide me with the two Incomplete Imperial Armaments.”

“Furthermore, if we do manage to kill Chu Feng, then Chu Feng’s Evil God Sword, Cyan Rainbow Sword, Purple Rainbow Sword, and his Water Immortal Profound Technique, as well as that man’s writing brush, shall all be mine.”

“You…” Hearing those words, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief’s and Nangong Beidou’s expressions both changed. They revealed angry expressions. This Avaricious Immortal was simply taking advantage of their crisis to demand an exorbitant amount. This condition of his was simply too excessive.

After all, everyone knew that while two Incomplete Imperial Armaments might not mean much, and that the Evil God Sword that Chu Feng possessed, the Water Immortal Profound Technique in his body and that man’s writing brush were the real precious treasures, treasures that could even be considered priceless treasures.

It was one thing for that Avaricious Immortal to want two Incomplete Imperial Armaments. However, he actually wanted to obtain all of the treasures. This demand was truly greedy.

“Two Clan Chiefs, are the treasures more important, or is that Chu Feng’s life more important? You all can consider them yourselves. As for me… I actually also do not wish to make someone like Chu Feng an enemy for that mere amount of things. After all, that child’s talent is extraordinary, and he possesses the potential to become an overlord.”

“If he is to become an overlord, hehe… not to mention me, your two Great Imperial Clans will likely suffer destruction by his hand too.”

As the Avaricious Immortal spoke, he sat back down and folded his arms across his chest. He had an appearance of wanting to continue to watch the show.

At this moment, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief and Nangong Beidou were deeply frowning. Wasn’t that the result that they feared the most? Wasn’t that the reason why they wanted to eliminate Chu Feng?

At this moment, the two of them looked to one another again. Determination shone through their eyes. After gnashing his teeth, Nangong Beidou said, “Avaricious Immortal, you can attack.”