Chapter 1710 - Standing Up For Others With Power

MGA: Chapter 1710 - Standing Up For Others With Power

“What are you looking at? All of you, scram!” Chu Feng glowered at the crowd and shouted coldly.

His shout brought forth chilliness, and caused heaven and earth to shake. Even though the cave was very sturdy, many crushed rocks still ended up falling down after being jolted by Chu Feng’s shout.

“We have to go,” Hearing those words, the bystanders all turned pale with fright. They all realized that this man was not someone who they could provoke. Thus, they immediately left, and did not dare to stay any longer.

In merely an instant, only the disciples from the Cyanwood Mountain, Firerain Hall and Jadewater Temple remained in this place.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and a concealment formation covered this area, sealing all of the remaining people within it.

“You… who are you? What are you planning to do?”

“We are the disciples of the Firerain Hall and the Jadewater Temple! If you dare to do anything to us, you will bear the consequences!”

At this moment, the disciples of the Firerain Hall and the Jadewater Temple all started to panic. They were all deeply afraid of what the rank three Half Martial Emperor standing before them was planning to do. Feeling helpless, they had no choice but to pretend to be calm and threaten him with their backgrounds. That was the only thing that they could do.

“Who am I? Do you all not recognize me?”

Chu Feng smiled slightly. As he spoke, his appearance started to change. In no time, he had revealed his actual appearance.

“Chu Feng, it’s actually you?!!!”

After seeing Chu Feng’s appearance, not to mention the disciples of the Firerain Hall and Jadewater Temple, even Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu and the other disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain were deeply shocked.

While they had thought of many possibilities for who this stranger might be, they had never expected for him to be Chu Feng.

When even Tao Xiangyu and the others were this shocked, the disciples of the Firerain Hall and Jadewater Temple were simply unable to continue to remain calm. One by one, their complexions turned deathly pale and they began to shiver. In fact, there were some who were so frightened that they actually pissed their pants.

As top disciples of the grand Nine Powers, pissing their pants in fear was a truly shameful thing to do.

However, this could not be blamed on them. It was because Chu Feng’s vicious name had been greatly spread through the Nine Powers too much.

Back then, when Chu Feng was still only a Martial King, he had already swept through all of the disciples of the Nine Powers, and even dared to kill his own fellow senior brother.

And now, Chu Feng was wanted by the Nangong Imperial Clan. Furthermore, he possessed the cultivation of a rank three Half Martial Emperor now. As such, they simply did not dare to even imagine what he might do.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you’re actually still alive? This is truly a matter worthy of celebration!”

“For some unknown reason, the Nangong Imperial Clan actually posted wanted posters of you throughout the entire Holy Land of Martialism. In recent days, they even announced that you died.”

“Back then, I was truly grieved by the news of your death. After all, you are the strongest individual among our Nine Powers’ disciples. Without any selfishness, I dare to say that I had thought of you as the hope of our Nine Powers the entire time.”

“To see that you’re actually Fine now, as your senior brother, I am truly overjoyed.”

Suddenly, one of the Jadewater Temple’s disciples walked toward Chu Feng with a beaming smile on his face. Seeing that the situation was bad, he was extremely quick-witted, and decided to use this sort of method to obtain a relationship with Chu Feng.


However, at the moment when that person approached Chu Feng, Chu Feng actually raised his leg and kicked. He directly kicked that man flying onto the world spirit wall. Like mud, he was stuck to the wall.

At this moment, his muscles and veins were all ripped. All of the bones in his body were shattered. Blood covered his entire body. He was left in a devastating sight. Even though he was still alive, his aura was extremely weak, as of his entire body had been beaten to bits.

“When you were bullying my fellow disciples from the Cyanwood Mountain, did you think about me?” Chu Feng asked with a cold voice. As he finished saying those words, he cast his ice-cold gaze to the other disciples of the Jadewater Temple and Firerain Hall.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you’ve wronged us, you’ve wronged us. We actually did all of this for your sake.”

“We knew that Bai Yunxiao’s group of disciples were people who were unable to tell good from bad. Back then, when you were still in the Cyanwood Mountain, they relied on the fact that they had the backing of Qin Lingyun and deliberately made things difficult on you time and time again.”

“The reason why we did the things we did today is actually because we wanted to help you teach them a lesson,” A disciple of the Firerain Hall stepped forward and tried to provide justifications for their actions.

Hearing those words, the expressions on the faces of Bai Yunxiao and the others’ faces all became very ugly. They lowered their heads silently, and their bodies started to shiver.

Actually, they were very worried too. After all, they had indeed been Chu Feng’s arch-enemies back in the day. For the sake of taking care of Chu Feng, they had done many excessive things. In fact, they had even tried to kill Chu Feng.

Thus, not to mention Chu Feng helping them, even if Chu Feng were to kill them, they would feel that to be justified too. They were deeply fearful of Chu Feng from the bottoms of their hearts.

That Firerain Hall’s disciple was evidently trying to incite the hatred Chu Feng had for them by saying those words now. He was trying to have Chu Feng take care of them instead. Naturally, this caused them to be extremely scared.


However, at the moment when Bai Yunxiao and the others were deeply worried, Chu Feng raised his leg and kicked that Firerain Hall’s disciple that was sowing dissension among them flying. Like the Jadewater Temple’s disciple before him, the Firerain Hall disciple’s body was utterly destroyed by Chu Feng’s kick.

“Since when did we require outsiders to meddle in our business?” Chu Feng asked coldly.

“Chu Feng, exactly what are you planning? No matter what, we are all from the Nine Powers. Even if we are in the wrong, is there a need for you to be this ruthless?” A Jadewater Temple’s disciple asked angrily.

“What I’m planning? Kneel down and admit your mistake. Do that and I’ll spare your lives,” Chu Feng said.

“You… you want to kill us? No matter what, we are disciples of the Jadewater Temple. If you dare to kill us, you will have to bear the consequences!” That Jadewater Temple’s disciple said as he gnashed his teeth angrily.


Before that Jadewater Temple’s disciple could finish what he wanted to say, Chu Feng shot forth his palm explosively and directly smashed that man into pieces. His blood splattered all over his fellow disciples.

“I, Chu Feng, am currently the target of countless people. What else could I possibly fear?” As Chu Feng said these words, his eyes revealed an ominous glint, and his ice-cold killing intent filled the entire world spirit space.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we were wrong, please don’t kill us, please don’t kill us!!!”

Seeing that, all of the disciples from the Jadewater Temple and Firerain Hall knelt onto the ground and began to admit their mistake while kowtowing to Chu Feng.

“I’m not telling you to apologize to me. Apologize to them,” Chu Feng said while pointing at Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu and the others.

Those Firerain Hall and Jadewater Temple’s disciples did not dare to hesitate. Immediately, they turned to Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu and the others and began to apologize.

Seeing this scene, Bai Yunxiao, Tao Xiangyu and the others were all stunned. Their current expressions were truly marvelous. What they were currently feeling was simply indescribable.

This sort of hard-line method was simply too tyrannical. Regardless of whether it was Qin Wentian or Qin Lingyun, neither of them were able to do something like this; possess such powerful authority, among the Nine Powers.

Never would they ever have imagined that the disciple who they were able to willfully trample upon would have become this powerful.

More than that, they never imagined that, with how they had treated Chu Feng in the past, Chu Feng would actually not retaliate against them, and instead help them.

At this moment, they were feeling guilt, shame and regret for their past deeds. It was as if a bottle of emotions had toppled over in their hearts.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we…”

“If you want to speak of thanks, then don’t bother. We are fellow disciples, it is only natural for us to work together against outsiders. I merely hope that you all will be able to treat other fellow disciples better in the future.”

Bai Yunxiao and the others wanted to express their thanks. However, before they could say their thanks, they were stopped by Chu Feng.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, please rest assured, we will definitely not bully our fellow junior brothers and sisters in the future.”

“Merely, junior brother Chu Feng, could it be that you didn’t know about this? Because you offended the Nangong Imperial Clan, Lord Headmaster expelled you from our Cyanwood Mountain in order to break us away from retaliations from the Nangong Imperial Clan. Not only that…” Bai Yunxiao wanted to inform Chu Feng.

“Speak no more,” Chu Feng waved his hand. Then, he said with a smile, “Remember this: I, Chu Feng, will forever be a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.”